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Nordic Imitation Marble Framed Arched Wall Mirrors

Prix de vente$169.35 USD Prix normal$259.95 USD

Product Information

  • Brands:  MOON MIRROR
  • Type: Wall Mirrors
  • Shape: Arch
  • Framed Material: Anti-Rust Imitation Marble Metal Frame
  • Backboard Material: 9mm TSCA-certified MDF Backboard
  • Mirror Material: 4mm HD GLASS
  • Frame Thickness: 1 inch
  • Mounted Way:  D-Ring Mounted Vertically

Finish Type:  Black Marble

Item Size: 20" W x 30" H ; 22" W x 35"H ;

More Product Details

Our arched wall mirror collection presents an on-trend silhouette and a variety of colors to harmonize with your decor. The ceramic and marbling of the frame add a touch of uniqueness, creating an elevated look above your fireplace, vanity, entryway, bathroom, or living room. Our black arch wall mirror pairs well with any style, including organic modern, eclectic, or coastal.


Aesthetic Design

          This Imitation Marble framed arched mirror features a tasteful combination of modern and classic design elements, making it a great choice for any interior decor. Its elegant styling adds a luxurious touch to any room and pairs nicely with both contemporary and traditional design elements, such as tile sinks and bathroom walls for a high-end hotel look.

    Meticulous Craftsmanship

             Meticulous attention to detail is evident in the intricate marble pattern that adorns the frame. The realistic and seamless finish showcases the expert craftsmanship that goes into creating this arch mirror, ensuring it will be a standout feature in your space.

      Crystal-Clear Reflections

            Enjoy unparalleled clarity and distortion-free reflections with our high-definition archtop mirror. Designed to deliver an impeccable viewing experience, it ensures that every detail is crisp and sharp. No more compromise on visual perfection.

        Stability & Durability Structure

                The sturdy metal frame provides stability and durability, making this marble-arched mirror suitable for everyday use. Its square shape adds a contemporary touch, while its size makes it a statement piece that commands attention on any wall. The mirror itself offers a clear and accurate reflection, enhancing its functionality.

          Easy Installation

                  The Marble Patterned Arched Mirror is designed with convenience in mind, including all necessary mounting hardware for a quick and uncomplicated installation. The streamlined setup ensures you can begin to appreciate its beauty right away.


            Nordic Imitation Marble Framed Arched Wall Mirrors
            Nordic Imitation Marble Framed Arched Wall Mirrors Prix de vente$169.35 USD Prix normal$259.95 USD