ANDY STAR Matte Black Oval Mirror Bathroom Vanity Mirror Tiles Glass Surround Wall Mounted Mirror

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Material MDF,Glass
Framed Material EPA Approved MDF
Finish Type Matte Black
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Framed Depth 1" 
Mounted Way Vertical or Horizontal
oval mirror wall mirror modern mirror bathroom mirror

Probably, the bathroom is the room that is most small or narrow at home. An oval provides a fresh twist on the round bathroom mirror trend. The slimmer curved shape leaves plenty of room for chic geometric sconces, along with enough open space for your wallpaper to shine. 

mirror oval mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror modern mirror

Because of its very simple and minimalist shape, the oval mirror is suitable for use in all bathroom designs, especially bathrooms with a minimalist or modern design. The lines in the room with a minimalist or modern concept will look too clear and firm, by hanging the oval bathroom mirror on the wall, the curved lines from the mirror will give a softer effect to this room.

bathroom mirror oval mirror wall mirror

Crystal Clear Reflection

Upgraded 4MM HD polished mirror is presenting a beautiful reflection without any distortion of visual, adds light, and enhances the beauty of any room in your home instantly.

oval mirror mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror


To ensure your home safety, we used four metal hanger ring that are securely welded to the back of the metal frame , which sit on top of the frame for easy hanging. Simple design & compact frame & strong backboard endow the mirror anti-water, shockproof, more stable & longer working life.


2mm thick fingerprint-proof stainless steel frame+upgraded no-distortion 4MM HD mirror to deliver clear reflection+TSCA certified backboard, same level material for Five Star Hotel.

oval mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror wall mirror


20 years production experience with more than 50 steps processing of a finished mirror ensure surface evenly colored, smooth, corrosion-resistant, anti-fingerprint & prevent scratching.

oval mirror wall mirror mirror bathroom mirror

Other Oval Mirror Choice

Silver Frame Mirror

silver oval mirror

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Consider a sleek and intimate black bathroom with our silver and nickel frames which complement lots of hardware and provide a pop of brightness on walls. Hanging the silver ones on the bathroom wall can create an elegant space that not only feels elevated, but can also make a small bathroom feel wider and more spacious.

Gold Frame Mirror 

gold oval mirror

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Amazingly versatile, our gold frame mirrors is popular in modern, traditional, and maximalist designs. With a gorgeous gold border, this round corner mirror is love at mirror balances out simple, tasteful styling with a throw, pops off the white walls for a scene-stealing burst of warmth and shine.

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