Desktop Standing Makeup Mirror With Light Dressing Table Lighted Vanity Mirror with Adjustable LED Light Strip (Black)

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Material 4mm High-quality HD Glass with Silver Coating
Frame Material Sleek Metal Frame
Finish Type Spray Painting
Mounting Type Dresser_mount
Size 14"* 19" *2.4"

Doing your make-up can be a real chore if you do not have the right tools at your disposal. This lighted makeup mirror lets you easily adjust the lighting style in your bedroom while you apply makeup or style your hair. A great makeup mirror can make the difference between a flawless look and a beauty disaster! This LED allows you to see yourself under different simulated natural light.

LED make-up mirrorLighted Makeup Mirror is not only super helpful when applying your makeup look, but it will also look great whether you put it in your bathroom or prop it on the vanity desk in the bedroom. This modern take on the Hollywood mirror looks sleek and stylish and offers better lighting while taking up less space than mirrors with exposed bulbs.make-up mirrorThe light strip is LED, so it doesn’t use much energy, and the touch sensor is easy to use for adjusting the brightness and color to mirror the type of environment where you spend the most time. Because the mirror is about the size of an iPad and just a touch heavier, you can easily pack it for overnight trips without worrying about weighing yourself down.This exquisite mirror in a suitable size, and it is perfect as a vanity mirrors for your room.Meanwhile, we get 4 colors to choose from, making it a fantastic gift idea for your BFFs, relatives, and family members.

ANDY STAR Make-up Mirror

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