Moon Mirror Led Moon Wall Lamp Light Decor Luminous Moon Round Mirror for Bedroom,Living Room,Entryway Large Size

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"We dream the moon,we dream the stars,the astronauts can arrive the Moon,everyone can bring the Moon to home in the mirror."

Just imagine what it would be like to have the moon inside your bedroom while you sleep.

With the Moon Mirror Night Light, that will be made a reality. It serves as a sparkling clear mirror during the day and turns into the moon at night.

  • The Moon Mirror Night Light is a two-in-one mirror that is perfect for your bedroom. It is an ordinary mirror that could serve as a dresser mirror during the day. But at night the LED lights behind the mirror senses that it is time to come on and it transforms into a full beautiful moon.
  • It serves as a mirror and will also make a unique night light. You wouldn’t want to use the Mirror Night Light to read or work at night though, because the light from it the not too bright. Since it was designed to be a night, the light was made to be very mild to the eyes so you can fall asleep and sleep through the night without any difficulty. You will only have the moon watching over you.
  • Wherever you decided to put the mirror it will illuminate and beautify that room at night. You could put it in your bedroom where it could serve as a makeup mirror during the day and a nightlight at night. Then, there is the living room where it would beautify and make your guests feel like they were in outer space. The dining room is also a perfect place where the Mirror Night Light would look particularly charming and lovely. Have that romantic dinner with the moon by your side.

Do a good job as a clear wall mirror

With crystal clear reflection that presenting a beautiful reflection without any distortion of visual, this round decorative mirror can add light and enhance the beauty of any room in your home instantly. 

Product Details:

    • Brand:MOON MIRROR
    • Frame Material:Stainless Steel
    • Frame Color:Black
    • Function:Mirror / Lighted Picture
    • Light source:LED
    • Voltage:110 V/UL certified plug
    • Battery:No
    • Mounting Type:Wall Mount

    Easy to install:

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