MOON MIRROR™ Multifunctional Wall Mirror&Light - LED Aesthetic Mirror Lighted Picture Wall Decor Night Lamp Christmas Gift | Earth

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Mirror Diameter

20/24 Inch or 50/60cm

Frame Material


Frame Color





Mirror / Lighted Picture

Light source



110V/UL certified plug



Mounting Type

Wall Mount

Luminous Picture On Mirror Wall Decor Lighted Image Design Christmas Gift

Do you wish that your mirror would do something at night? When you can’t even see your own reflection, a mirror is just wasting space on your wall. If you want your mirror to transform into a gorgeous lit-up version of the glowing landscape , look no further.

It's a luminous image printed on mirror. When the night comes,It is a corner of the wall where you can see the mysterious natural scenery of Earth.But when the sun rises,it’s function as an ordinary mirror is also commendable which reflecting clear images without distortion.

Reflect beyond your home--It would be a great mirror decoration idea for any space at home for any style.

This outstanding artwork mirror is great ideas to be mounted as a decorative lighted picture. It switches between a usual clear mirror and a lighted nature scenery of Earth just at a click on the button.What's more,it's an amazing mirror which embellishing your living room, bedroom, reading room,bathroom and entry etc.
The creative design makes it a great idea as gift to your friends, family, kids, trust it will be a surprise for most recipients.Pick it up now as a christmas gift giving your love one!

As A Usual Vanity Mirror

Fine Craft

Crystal clear reflection that presenting a beautiful reflection without any distortion of visual, this round decorative mirror can add light and enhance the beauty of any room in your home instantly. Bedsides, each mirror is made by over 50 processes. With 20 years production experience, we are confident of every mirror you received is thoroughly quality-assured.  
Safe and Easy Installation

Safety backing strengthens the glass surface making it less susceptible to breakages. Pre-installed anti-rust D-ring hanging clips for easy to install.

The UL certified adapter and LED lights make it safe to use for long lifespan.

Plug and Play.Easy conversion between a mirror and a led picture.


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