Vintage Rectangular Wall Mirror Abstract Colorful Painted Wooden Framed Bathroom Mirror Irises


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Mirror Size


Frame Size 5"x5/8"(Width&Thickness)

Frame Material

MDF (Wood)

Pigment Material

 Water-based Acrylic 

Finish Type


Surface Finish

Raised or Rough Textures



Anti Embrittlement




Mounting Type

Wall Mounted or Lean on the Wall



Original Painter

Vincent Van Gogh

Wood mirror, hand painting in oils with raised or rough textures on frame surface. Ready to hang vertically or horizontally. With a mirror size of 24"W x 36"H or 30"W x 40"H, perfectly suitable for any humid space as it's waterproof specifications. The mirror surfaces are smooth and clear to offer a spot to stop and reflect, literally. Works from great artists as well as exquisite wooden frame texture and high-quality sanding craftsmanship,our mirrors are perfect to mounted on the bathroom, leaned on the living room, or even used as a vanity mirror.

Go for it and put the mirror in your bedroom, living room, or entryway, it will be an eye-catcher at any place.

Mirrors For Art Deco 

If you like the artistic painting, you'll like our wall mirror with the IRISES of Van Gogh on the frame. These masterpieces resonate with so many people, affirming how their beauty is timeless and universal. These artistic and functional mirrors combined with oil-painting masterpieces will add an artistic atmosphere to your home.

Crafted by artisans, the mirror frames are made of wood with an aesthetic hand-painted finish, giving them attractiveness. Most of our customers indicate that the pictures on the screen do no justice to the beauty of these oil-painting mirrors- they look even more marvelous than pictures.

Details Determine

The thickness& transaction of Mirror glass will determine a high-standard mirror. We focus on every detail of our mirrors such as the high-silver content of our mirror class, multiple coats of protective paint on the back, materials of the frame, and the most important- thickness of our mirrors, all of our mirror glasses come in 1/4” thickness and thinner.

It is a special promotion product. It cannot be returned unless there is a quality issue.

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