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Article: 20 of the Best Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Huge

20 of the Best Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Huge

20 of the Best Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Huge

So, you've found the perfect apartment or house that ticks just about every box on your list—there's only one little problem: The bathroom is a little too small for your taste. Whether you live in a sprawling abode or a small apartment, most homes have at least one bathroom that's seriously lacking in square footage.

But that's no reason to discount the space: There are actually quite a few ways to make any tiny bathroom feel like a spa-worthy suite. All it takes is a few carefully placed decorations, the right type of storage, and a bit of optimism to make it happen.

Below, keep reading to learn the best small bathroom ideas tips, and tricks to make your space feel larger than you ever dreamed when you first laid eyes on it.

01 Use Light, Bright, Neutral Paint Colorsbathroom mirror wall mirror silver mirror oval mirror

ANDY STAR Silver Oval Mirror 


When it comes to painting a small bathroom, we recommends sticking to light, neutral shades. We find that there is often not much natural light, or [a window] at all in a tight bathroom space, so I like to stick with whites and neutral grays to make the space feel as bright and airy as possible.

02 See Through the Showerarched mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Matte Black Arched Mirror



Your shower takes up the most space in the bathroom, so why close it off with a curtain? We love how this designer opened up the entire room with the simple choice of clear shower doors. With the window tucked inside, there's a clear line of sight to the back wall and plenty of natural light from the moment you enter the room.


03 Decorate With Plantssmall bathroom decorating ideasPlants are a must in the bathroom. There is just something about that small touch of greenery that really brings the space together and invites you in. If you don't have room for a potted statement plant, opt for hanging plants that float in the corner. It also adds a very calming and serene feel for a spa-like bathroom vibe.

04 Utilize Mirrorssilver pivot mirror bathroom mirror wall mirror bathroom pivot mirror

ANDY STAR Polish Silver Pivot Mirror



The right mirrors can work wonders to make a small bathroom feel spacious. Not only do they reflect more light around the space, but they also make it feel bigger overall. large mirrors reflect light to create the illusion of more space in a cramped bathroom.


ANDY STAR Pill-shaped Oval Bathroom Mirror


Narrow rooms are tough to design: We get it. But with the right décor and furnishings, your bathroom can still feel like a suite. Slim cabinetry, wall hooks, and the creative use of a standalone tub with an overhanging showerhead all use negative space to an advantage in this room to leave plenty of walking area.


06 Find Space for a Soaker Tubbest small bathroom design ideas This design works best in squared-shaped rooms. If your main bedroom doesn't have the luxurious en-suite bathroom you hoped for, make the space feel more open by arranging plumbing and cabinetry around the outsides of the room. Here, a small soaker tub carefully placed next to the shower barely fits—but the result is just right.

07 Go All-Whitebest small bathroom design ideas

ANDY STAR Matte Black Rectangular Mirror

While we love to work with light, neutral colors in a tiny bathroom design, the best way to make it feel as open as possible is to go all-white. The variety in texture in this room, from the tilework to the matte walls and plush hand towels, helps break up space in a sleek design.


08 Blend Spaces Togetherbest small bathroom design ideas The floor tile in this bathroom seamlessly blends the shower into the rest of the room. It's not a fully open bathroom, which still leaves space to keep the main area dry after you've showered. But thanks to clear glass doors, this room feels united as one.

 09 Experiment With Wallpaperbest small bathroom ideas

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Circle Bathroom Mirror


On the opposite end of neutral colors, we're opposed to using wallpaper in a small bathroom. I find that wallpaper is a great solution to updating small space bathrooms in rentals. It gives the whole space a facelift while being removable and affordable. 


10 Play Up the Windowsbest small bathroom design ideas Natural light has a wonderful way of making rooms feel clean, open, and airy. Play up the windows in your bathroom to put the focus on the outside—even if you're working with limited square footage, it'll draw attention to the scenery rather than cramped walking areas.

11 Opt for Floating Vanitiesbest small bathroom design ideas

ANDY STAR Matte Black Circle Bathroom Mirror 


Opt for a floating vanity to place beneath a modern mirror that doubles as extra storage space. "You wouldn't believe what a difference it makes not having legs on your vanities or a built-in cabinet-type vanity," Floyd notes. "When you get the vanity off the floor, you'll be surprised how much bigger it makes the space feel."

Use the space underneath your floating vanity to stow storage baskets that can hold towels, extra soap or makeup, and other daily necessities.

12 Think About the Hardwarebest small bathroom design ideas

 ANDY STAR Brass Gold Rectangular Mirror 


Even if your bathroom is small, making it feel intentional and put together can create a more modern vibe. We'd love to get ready each morning in this space: Sleek gold hardware ties the design together to contrast patterned gray wallpaper and add an elegant finish.


13 Keep Accessories Off the Shelvesbest small bathroom design ideas

ANDY STAR Brushed Silver Bathroom Mirror


With limited storage space on shelves and in bathroom cabninets,  it's especially helpful to find efficient ways to stow towels and other accessories. It seems like an obvious solution, but in addition to towel hooks, you can also hang small baskets and jewelry to save space in your main storage areas.

14 Pay Attention to Layoutarched mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror bathroom vanity mirror small bathroom decor
We love how the first thing you see when you walk into this bathroom is the modern vanity and decor. All-white walls get a touch of texture with shiplap, and thanks to the bright design, the small space still feels open and airy.


15 Install Wall Shelvesbest small bathroom design ideas

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Circle Bathroom Mirror


Another key space saver? Wall-mounted shelves above the toilet. "Most toilets are beside the shower or the tub in small bathrooms, so I love to put floating shelves above with rolled-up towels for linen storage and easy access from the shower," Floyd says.


16 Use Every Inchbest small bathroom ideas

ANDY STAR Brushed Silver Bathroom Mirror


When you're lacking storage, it can be hard to find room for larger items like towels. In this bathroom design, a woven basket is cleverly tucked underneath the vanity to stow them in style (and save valuable cabinet and shelf space).

17 Choose a Smaller Vanitycircle mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Matte Black 16” Circle Bathroom Mirror 


While you still need the valuable drawer and counter space, opting for a smallar vanity can keep things functional while preventing the room from feeling cramped. We love the dark design in this bathroom that creates modern vibes with gold hardware. Since it's tucked into the corner, it doesn't take away from the walking room.

18 Tile It Upbest small bathroom design ideas Create the look of cohesion in your bathroom by tiling not just the shower and floors, but the walls as well. An oversized showerhead plays with scale in this bathroom, and small build-in-shower shelving has just enough space to store the necessities. We also love the wooden stool that adds a functional element to the walk-in shower.

19 Make the Most of Your Spacebest small bathroom ideas

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Circle Bathroom Mirror


In this bathroom design, the vanity is creatively tucked in next to the shower. By installing shower doors that swing open rather than sliding, the designer was able to use the extra space for cabinetry and storage. A sleek round mirror helps bounce light across the room and tie the décor together.

20 Embrace Unconventional Layoutsbest small bathroom ideas

ANDY STAR Matte Black Rectangular Bathroom Mirror 


Many of us would be stumped by how to design an angular room (especially a bathroom), but this designer has mastered the art of layout. Rather than using the straight wall for a vanity, they made space for a soaker tub by putting the cabinets along the angular wall. A step-in shower is cleverly tucked into the corner.

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