How to choose and mount a beautiful MOON MIRROR™ Pivot Mirror for Bathroom

Why choose a pivot mirror?

A pivoting design lets you adjust this mirror so you can maximize the view. Choose from one of our beautiful finishes to best suit your style.

 titing mirror

MOON MIRROR™ titling mirror features:

Thick and premium-quality mirror is framed in stainless steel for unrivaled strength.
Sturdy wall brackets allow it to tilt and stay put at the perfect angle.

Shape: rectangle and oval available
Finish features: matte black, brass, brushed Nickel available.
Size: 20x28'', 22x30'', 24x36'' available.
Weight: 13-19LBS(oval) and 16-24LBS(rectangle)
Mounting hardware is included.

Pivoting wall mirror-MOON MIRROR™

After you decide to buy a MOON MIRROR™ Pivot Bathroom Mirror, you need take next step.

How to install a heavy and more complicated mirror with hardwares?

Please don't feel worry, we will provide clear instructions to make the job much easier:

Firstly, check any missing hardware: Before you file a missing hardware claim,please check the box again carefully,the parts are put in a red bag. If your order arrived without all of its hardware, please contact us and it will be shipped out to you as soon as possible.

Email: /

Ok, now let's start to see how to install:

1.Position And Outline

Measure the distance between the two holes. Hold the entire

miror at your desired position on the wall and outline the hole

positions using a pencil. Make sure these marks are level.

To mount the mounting brackets to the wall use electric drill and the included anchors. 

Mount Brackets + Anchors

a.Drill the 2/9 inch holes(Use the electric drill)

b.Tap anchors ④ into the holes.

c.Place the screws ③ over the mounting bracket ② in securely.

d.Use the electric drill to tighten the screws ③ until they stop.

Attach the assembled mirror to the mounting brackets ② and tighten each side's screws ⑤ firmly using the screwdriver.

Mount assembly to brackets and tighten screws.

4.Pivoting brackets can be tightened or adjusted at your desired angle with the

screws⑤ on the bottom of the hardware. Pivot and tighten at desired position.

The installation guide finish, but if you still feel a little confuse, don't worry, we also provide the installation video for your watching.

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