20 Stunning Black-and-White Bathrooms that Will Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to designing a space, the color palette is usually the first step, and by far the most important element. Off the bat, it sets the tone for your project, whether it be bohemian with a vintage twist, or modern with a hint of glamour. And while large spaces like living rooms and bedrooms can boast a variety of hues, in smaller spaces like the bathroom, the lack of color could actually work in your favor. Ahead, 20 black-and-white bathrooms so good, you won't miss a stitch of pastel or a hint of jewel tones. 

1. Subway Tile with Black Grout

bathroom mirror idea

When it comes to designing the bathroom of your dreams, even the tiniest details can make a major impact. This bathroom utilizes black grout in the installation of the trendy subway tile, and the end result adds to the overall color palette.

2. Less is More

double vanity mirror ideas

If you're into brighter, airier spaces, go with an all-white bathroom and incorporate small infusions of black. In this bathroom, the frame on the mirror is enough to make this vanity pop.


3. Throw in Wood Details

mirro ideas for bathroom

Black and white look incredible with light wash wood detailing throughout. The ceiling in this bathroom is a showpiece, but it doesn't take the attention away from the rest of the space—it just complements it.

4. Use Black Fixtures

modern minimalist bathroom ideas

A bathroom doesn't need to be painted from floor to ceiling in black and white to make an impact. Something as simple as swapping all the fixtures in your white bathroom with black hardware is an easy but visually striking update.


5. Play with Contrasting Tiles

modern bathroom ideas

We love how this bathroom committed to white tiles paired with black grout but didn't get stuck using a single style. The contrast between the subway tiles on the walls and hexagon tiles on the floor adds tons of visual interest without looking too busy.

6. Use Shiny Surfaces

White as a base color can feel flat at times. Incorporating shiny surfaces in your bathroom design, like marble counter-tops, shiny subway tiles, and glass shower doors brings tons of dimension.

7. Let the Light In

bathroom mirror ideas

Most bathrooms have a small window, but replacing it with a large window will completely change the look of your space. With tons of light shining through your new window, even the smallest bathrooms can look large. Extra credit for finding a window that complements your color palette.


8. Install Black Cabinets

bathroom mirror idea

Black cabinets are a hard "yes" for us. They look expensive and totally elevate the look of even the simplest bathrooms. Just be sure to go with white countertops—marble is always a good choice.

9. Go Luxe with Black-and-White Marble

modern bathroom idea

The most popular style of marble right now is of the white and pale gray variety. However, a white marble with black veins makes a major impact. Dressing an entire shower in the luxe material is a bold move that won't disappoint.

10. Swap Your Drawer Pulls

bathroom mirror idea

This is by far the easiest update you can make in any room, but it's a necessary one. Swapping the drawer pulls and knobs on cabinets from the standard white to a contrasting black looks chic and custom.


11. Create a Focal Point

minimalist bathroom idea

We're big fans of the freestanding tub, but until now, we've only ever visualized ours in a bright white porcelain. This bathroom proves a black tub is just as Instagram marble and draws your eye in every time.

12. Create a High Contrast

modern bathroom mirror

Black and white are opposites, so be sure to use that to your advantage. Paint your walls black—or install black wood or shiplap for added texture—to create a major contrast in your bathroom. Keep everything else bright white for a space that screams classic beauty.

13. Incorporate Vintage Pieces

bathroom mirror idea

Source interesting pieces to add to your space from flea markets and thrift stores. This vintage sink elevates this bathroom in a way that a modern design couldn't.


14. Create Beautiful Vignettes

modern bathroom idea

This is by far the most creative display of tile we've seen. The use of white subway tile on the walls, contrasted by the black hexagon tile on the floor, is perfection enough. But the addition of the geometric pattern on the shelf and bench is beyond words.

15. Add a Skylight in Dark Spaces

bathroom wall ideas

This bathroom boasts a beautiful black tile on a single wall, which can feel dark in an enclosed space. The addition of a hidden skylight brightens things up and casts a beautiful light that electric installs just can't.

16. Try Silver Hardware

bathroom mirror ideas

It's common for black-and-white bathrooms to incorporate gold as a third color, but this space proves silver looks just as gorgeous. Gold skews a bit more glam, while silver feels modern.


17. Think Outside the Box

modern bathroom ideas

It's rare to find a bathroom that displays a sink and toilet in anything other than white porcelain. This modern space boasts both a black sink and toilet, and we've never wanted a black toilet more.

18. Create Depth

ANDY STAR Bathroom idea

Black and white do more than create contrast—using the two correctly can create depth. This bathroom incorporates black tile on the floor and back wall while using white tile on the side walls. This creates the illusion that the space is much longer.

We've seen white tiles with black grout incorporated a lot, but this is the first time we've seen it in reverse. The black tiles installed in a chevron pattern with white grout on the walls feel so much more modern.

19. Try Black Tile with White Grout

minimalist bathroom mirror ideas

We've seen white tiles with black grout incorporated a lot, but this is the first time we've seen it in reverse. The black tiles installed in a chevron pattern with white grout on the walls feel so much more modern.


20. Make Everything an Accent Piece

double vanity bathroom ideas

When working with a strong color palette, everything can be used as an accent piece. We love how the molding throughout is painted in a shiny black and how it makes even the toilet cover and radiator look like accessories.


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