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Article: 32 Coastal Bathroom Ideas That'll Transport You to the Shore

32 Coastal Bathroom Ideas That'll Transport You to the Shore

32 Coastal Bathroom Ideas That'll Transport You to the Shore

A coastal bathroom with woven pendant lights, blue vanity cabinets, and a small brown letterboard that says "brush, floss, rinse, repeat."

ANDY STAR Brushed Nickel Rectangular Bathroom Mirror 

No coastal interior is complete without a decked-out coastal bathroom. Bathrooms may not be the first thing you see when you step foot in a home, but it’s tucked-away places like these that bring your home’s aesthetic together.

What’s nice? Coastal style is sleek, recognizable, and clearly defined, so crafting a coastal bathroom shouldn’t be all that difficult. Stick to beach-inspired colors, optimize for breezy vibes, and sneak in little luxuries that’ll trun your bathroom into a getaway.

With a little care and creativity, you can design a coastal bathroom that feels like its own vacation destination, and the following coastal bathroom ideas will show you exactly how to pull that off.

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Stick to Classic Coastal Colors

a coastal bathroom with white cabinets, light blue wallpaper, and sandy beige accents

ANDY STAR Burshed Nickel Circle Mirror for Bathroom, Entryway

Coastal design is known for its iconic beachy palette, so set the scene with a few seaside colors. Stock up on oceany blues, sandy beiges, and crisp seafoam whites. And if you’re craving a pop of color, a sunny yellow or a playful orange should do.

Let the Outdoors In

A bathroom with a large freestanding tub, a woven pendant light, and a large window that's been propped open

A coastal interior should make you feel like you’re at the beach, so look for ways to let the outdoors in. Maximize the sunlight streaming through your windows by trading curtains for flexible blinds, and capture some of that classic ocean breeze by leaving your windows propped open whenever you can.

Play With Beach-Inspired Prints

A bathroom lined with light pink wallpaper featuring a speckled, sand-like print

Hoping to design a coastal bathroom that isn’t terribly on-the-nose? Use beach-inspired prints to get you there. Look for wallpaper lined with ocean-inspired waves or sand-inspired flecks. Or snag something that reminds you of classically beachy plants, like pampas grass or palm trees.

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Put an Accent Wall in Your Shower

A shower with one beige wall, one bright blue tiled wall, and warm gold hardware

Accent walls make a fun addition to any space—your shower, included. And when it comes to coastal design, you have all kinds of accent wall options. You can line one shower wall with printed titles, or you can stick to a punchy color. Either way, you’re in for something eye-catching.

Put Up Some Playful Wallpaper

A bathroom with bold blue-and-white printed wallpaper, warm gold hardware, and lots of woven decor

Coastal design is inherently pretty fun—it is inspired by the beach, after alll—so get playful with your design choices. Take a risk on some printed wallpaper in a classic coastal color, and don’t be afraid to get kitschy. As long as you love looking at the print you’ve picked, the wallpaper is sure to look great in your space.

Score Some Timeless Striped Towels

An all-white bathroom with a light beige jute rug and warm beige striped towels

Towels are a necessity in any bathroom. And when chosen thoughtfully, they can also double as décor. So snag a set in a classic coastal print, like nautical stripes, and turn your well-stocked towel rack into an accent piece.

Mix and Match Earthy Materials

A powder room with a cement sink, cement pendant lights, wooden shelves, and woven baskets

ANDY STAR Modern Wood Frame Rectangular Bathroom Mirror

“Earthy” may not be the first word that comes to mind when you envision a coastal bathroom. But, beaches are full of organic materials worth using in your space. Pair woven baskets with a textured stone sink, and layer in wood accents that nod to your local boardwalk.

Stock Up on Beachy Photographs

A bathroom wall lined with white wood paneling, and decorated with a framed photo of a shark

One particularly easy way to make your bathroom feel more coastal? Stock up on beachy photographs. Sure, the decorative accent is a little obvious. But it’s a classic for a reason: It will immediately transport you and your houseguests to the beach.

Take a Risk on a Fun Backsplash

A bathroom with wooden shelves, white marble countertops, and a blue herringbone tile backsplash

ANDY STAR Modern Matte Black Rectangular Bathroom Mirror 

There are lots of ways to have fun with your backsplash. And since coastal style welcomes pops of personality, take advantage of the opportunity to get playful. Snag backsplash tiles in a bold print or a vibrant color, or lay out your tiles in a surprising design.

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Keep It Airy With White Walls

A coastal bathroom with wood-paneled walls that have been painted white, white marble floors, and a white sink

Capture coastal design’s classically breezy feel by painting your walls white. This simple choice should leave your bathroom feeling bright and airy—and it should give you the sleek backdrop you need to play with vibrant colors and beachy textures.

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Turn Your Structural Beams Into Statement-Makers

A bathroom with wood-paneled walls that have been painted white and exposed structural wood beams left naturally stained

Structural beams may seem like an accent fit for a farmhouse—not a beach house. But if your beams are distressed enough to look like driftwood, they’ll evoke visions of the sea. Consider leaving the wood beams in your bathroom exposed.

If you’re second-guessing the pop of texture, you can always paint the beams to match your ceiling.

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Decorate With Pampas Grass

A white-filled bathroom decorated with a beige pot containing pampass grass

Flower-filled vases put the finishing touches on any space. But since you’re crafting a coastal bathroom, consider trading garden-picked flowers for a beachier plant, like pampas grass.

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Snag a Rustic Bath Stool

A tiled bathroom shower adorned with a rustic bath stool

Looking for a way to add flexibility to your bathroom? Snag a bath stool. The shower-friendly stools are perfect for seating, storage, and more. And if you score a particularly rustic option—one that resembles driftwood—you’ll end up with an accent that ties your beachy space together.

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Add Texture With a Woven Lampshade

A bathroom decorated with light pink textured wallpaper and a wall sconce with a rattan lampshade

No coastal space is complete without a few woven accents. So ground your floors with a jute rug, store your essentials in seagrass baskets, or swap your bathroom light fixtures for rattan-lined pendants.

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Paint Your Cabinets

A bathroom with a white tile backsplash, white countertops, and bold navy cabinets

ANDY STAR Modern Circle Matte Black Frame Bathroom Mirror

Remember that your bathroom walls aren’t the only thing worth dressing up. If you’ve decided to keep it simple with white walls and a white tile backsplash, consider adding a pop of coastal color to your bathroom cabinets.

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Put Woven Baskets Everywhere

A bathtub lined with shelves topped with potted plants and woven baskets

Every bathroom deserves a solid organization system. And if you want a storage set-up that can double as décor, consider stocking up on small woven baskets that you can stack, place on your shelves, or tuck inside your drawers.

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Mount Some Nautical Sconces

A coastal bathroom featuring printed wallpaper, a cement sink, and black matte cage sconces

Commit to your décor scheme by ditching your basic bathroom lights and replacing them with classical nautical fixtures. Cage sconces look like the kind of thing you’d find by a dimly lit dock—and they’re sure to make your space feel beachier.

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Cozy Things Up With a Rug

A bathroom featuring tiled floors topped with a red printed rug

Bathroom floors can get incredibly cold and slick—offering your toes a rude awakening the moment you step out of the shower or bathtub. So treat yourself (and your feet) to a cozier atmosphere with a printed bath mat or a waterproof woven rug.

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Sprinkle in Some Kitschy Accents

A coastal bathroom with woven pendant lights, blue vanity cabinets, and a small brown letterboard that says "brush, floss, rinse, repeat."

ANDY STAR Modern Rectangular Bathroom Mirror

Your coastal bathroom can tolerate as much—or as little—kitsch as you’re in the mood for. So feel free to sprinkle in a couple tongue-in-cheek accents, like a letter board that playfully reminds your guests to brush and floss.

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Favor Lighter Wood Tones

A beachy bathroom lined with light-stained wood paneling

Wood accents are available in a range of different shades—some dark and rich, some warm and bright, and some light and subtle. And though you can probably pull off just about any wood tone in your space, consider keeping your coastal palette crisp and sticking with a sandier stain.

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Add Drama With a Beachy Chandelier

A bathroom with a bold black tub, an ornate white fireplace, and a beaded chandelier

A bathroom chandelier may seem entirely out of place in a coastal interior. But snag a fixture made from textured wooden beads, and you’ll end up with something that doesn’t just suit your beachy bathroom—but that actually brings it together.

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Layer Earthy Textures

A powder room lined with two kinds of peach-colored printed wallpaper and decorated with textured dried plants

From the grainy sand to the smooth shells to the dappled water, beaches are absolutely packed with texture. And by mimicking these layered textures—through printed wallpaper, woven rugs, and plants—you can craft a bathroom that feels decidedly coastal, even if you forgo the classic blue-and-white palette.

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Load Up on Greenery

A bathroom lined with off-white tiles, white decor, and a series of potted succulents

The best coastal spaces make you feel connected to nature even when there’s no beach in sight, so stock up on greenery, and bring the outdoors to you. Obviously, featuring beachy plants is the easiest way to capture some seaside ambiance. But even less traditional plants can feel beachy when surrounded by classic coastal colors.

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Hang a Rope-Lined Mirror

A bathroom decorated with a woven mirror

Nautical accents are a surefire way to make your bathroom feel more coastal. And if you want to keep things from veering too on-the-nose, you can always stick with a referential rope mirror—rather than a wall-mounted anchor, ship wheel, or oar.

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Keep Your Neutrals Warm and Earthy

A light blue bathroom filled with neutral accents, like a light wooden shelf, a light gray cement sink, and a white vase holding pampass grass

Neutrals hold any palette together, giving you the flexibility you need to play with brighter shades. And though you can’t really go wrong with a neutral, keep the focus on warmer, beachier options—like sandy beiges, stone grays, and cloudy whites.

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Have Fun With Your Floor Tiles

A bathroom with printed tile floors, black hardware, and a warm-toned wooden bath stool

If you have the wherewithal to renovate your floors, consider springing for an eye-catching option. Snag a printed tile, and cover your floors with it. The choice will be decidedly bathroom-appropriate—and it’ll add some welcome fun to your coastal decor scheme.

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Add Ambiance With Woven Blinds

A bathroom with marble walls, printed tile floors, a woven chandelier, and matching woven blinds

Choosing window treatments for a coastal bathroom can be tough. On the one hand, you want something that’ll let in plenty of light. On the other, you want something that’ll give you the privacy to bathe in peace. Woven blinds strike this balance masterfully. The textured pick should give you the flexibility to adjust your ambiance on the fly—and it should fit right into your coastal decor scheme.

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Let Your Space Feel Casual

A bathroom with wood-lined walls adorned with several towel hooks

ANDY STAR Modern Matte Black Wood Frame Rectangular Bathroom Mirror 

Coastal interiors should feel warm and welcoming, so look for places to make laidback choices. Could you trade a neat-and-tidy towel rack for more casual towel hooks? Little touches, like these, can give your bathroom the by-the-beach feel you’re looking for.

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Sneak in Pops of Personality

A bathroom with a black bathtub and several wooden shelves backed by printed wallpaper

Being playful isn’t just about snagging the kitschiest décor you can find—it’s about making surprising choices that’ll put a smile on your face every time you see them. So line the back of your shelves with printed wallpaper, or tuck pretty rocks next to your vases and towels.

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Add Contrast With a Few Dark Pieces

A bathroom with printed tile floors, white walls and cabinets, and charcoal marble countertops

Coastal spaces are often bright and white-filled, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little contrast—so sprinkle in a couple of bold accents. A thoughtfully chosen charcoal countertop will bring out the white paint on your vanity, and a  few matte black drawer pulls will, too.

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Give the Room a Sense of Place

A coastal bathroom with printed tile floors, a potted fern, and a framed poster of a boardwalk

Coastal interiors naturally have a sense of place. But if you want that sense of place to be more specific than “beachy,” add touches that are specific to your particular locale. Hang photos of nearby places, feature locally made pieces, and snag plants you can only find in your part of town.

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Invest in Your Finishing Touches

bathroom mirror wall mirror mirror rectangular mirror

ANDY STAR Modern Brushed Nickel Pivot Rectangular Mirror

Bring your bathroom together with a few finishing touches that’ll make you feel like you’re at a 5-star hotel. Adorn your sink with a matching hand soap and lotion set, invest in a pretty hand towel, and keep extra linens at the ready. These details will make your bathroom look even lovelier—and they’ll make it feel better to be in, too

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