8 On Trend Pivot Mirrors that will Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom Space

A chic mirror is the easiest way to upgrade your bathroom—no renovation required. Rather than sticking with a basic vanity mirror, consider switching it up. From minimal to ornate, round to rectangular, antique to modern, and everything in between, the bathroom mirror possibilities are endless. Which mirror is the fairest of them all? Scroll for 8 inspiring bathroom mirror ideas.

1. Classic Matte Black Rectangle Pivot Mirrors for Double Vanity

rectangle mirror pivot mirror bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Modern Matte Black Pivot Mirror

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, two is better than one—for the simple reason that multiple people can use them simultaneously. A double-mirror moment like this one is ideal for couples who like to get ready together, but still value a little bit of personal space.

bathroom mirror matte black pivot mirror wall decor mirror

The pivot design not only can add a sleek outlook but also provide the space to show the beautiful tile wall behind the mirrors.

2. Luxury Brushed Gold Rectangle Pivot Mirror

bathroom mirror rectangle pivot mirror wall mirror brushed gold pivot mirror

We've never met a gold accent we didn't like, and it's no exception in the bathroom. Gold is the easiest ways to glam up a neutral bathroom, so add in a brushed gold mirror to make your space feel a little more luxe.

Add depth to your space with our ANDY STAR brushed gold pivot mirror. Held by adjustable wall brackets, the brushed gold pivot mirror slightly hovers against the wall. Sturdy stainless steel wall brackets allow it to tilt and stay put at the perfect angle.

3. Add Clean Aesthetics to your Minimalist Bathroom with Brushed Nickel

rectangle mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror mirror

MOON MIRROR Modern Brushed Nickel  Pivot Mirror

Minimalist is always chic, and particularly handy in small bathrooms. Opt for a simple pivot rectangle mirror to add to the clean aesthetic. The quality products start with the premium materials. That is why we insist to source premium materials and use high-end quality stainless steel frame, no-distortion 4MM HD floating glass, 9mm MDF backboard and pivot adjustable wall brackets for our brushed nickel pivot bathroom mirror.

wall mirror bathroom mirror mirror brushed nickel bathroom mirror

This type of mirrors are also available in 22”x34”, 25”x38” size. Its fabulous design makes a clean modern impact in both small and large spaces. Choose from one of our pivot mirror to best decor your style.(Tips: Make sure you have clearance to the faucet and lights to be able to swivel the mirror because of how the brackets push out the mirror)

4. Go Golden& Go Oval

oval mirror pivot mirror bathroom mirror wall decor mirror

MOON MIRROR Modern Brushed Gold Oval Pivot Mirror

Gold is always a godsend in our book—it can take any room from casual to elegant in a snap. Using a gold-framed mirror is a perfect example of enhancing the charm you already have, especially if you have other gold accents involved. Pair it with a neutral or white color scheme to get the full glamorous effect.

An oval provides a fresh twist on the round bathroom mirror trend. The slimmer curved shape leaves plenty of room for chic geometric sconces, along with enough open space for fabulous wallpaper to shine.

pivot mirror wall mirror oval mirror bathroom mirror

Consider us sold on this shape. Each oval pivot mirror for bathroom is well made according to five-star hotel standard and manufactured through more than 50 steps of processing.

5. You Can’t Go Wrong with Matte Black Oval 

A matte black oval mirror is always a good idea—it's a classic. It's even better, though, when mixed with geometric shapes. This bathroom showcases an expert balance of angles and curves, which is pretty much exactly what we're looking for.

oval mirror bathroom mirror oval pivot mirror wall mirror

 MOON MIRROR Matte Black Oval Pivot Mirror for Modern Bathroom 

6. Keep Everything Minimalist

There's no reason the clean, minimal appeal of an brushed nickel can't extend to the bathroom space. The nickel finishes on this bathroom vanity, mirror, and lighting set a simple, relaxing tone. The oval mirror provides a shapely contrast to the hexagonal tile and linear wood ceiling patterns, but we're mostly obsessing over the perfect proportion play between all the elements.

oval mirror pivot mirror bathroom mirror wall mirror MOON MIRROR Modern Brushed Nickel Pivot Mirror

We get 20"*28". 22"*30", 24"*36, 25"*38" ones to meet all bathroom renovation needs. Just pick up your size to refresh your bathroom. 

7.Keep it Simple

All the elements of this double-mirror moment mix together seamlessly: the natural wood finishes, the chic modern chandelier, and the overall simplicity of the décor. That's when bathroom mirrors work best—when beautiful design and flattering lighting give you a perfect daily glow.

rectangle pivot mirror wall mirror bathroom mirrorMoon Mirror Modern Pivot Swivel Mirror for Bathroom Black Rectangle Wall Mirror, Premium Pine Wood Frame Titling Mirrors Hangs Vertical

8. Pair Gold with Bright White

Pairing it with gold accents and white marble is a simple way to create the high-end hotel look in your own home. Just balance a space like this with white, cream, light wood tones, or gold.

Gold hardware adds a metallic finish to the marble elements in this space. The wood frame mirror's frame ties the white vanity to the light fixtures and towel holders around the sink, while the mirror's placement bounces light from the windows to keep the room feeling bright.

bathroom mirror wall mirror rectangle mirror pivot mirror

MOON MIRROR Brushed Gold Rectangle Pine Wood Frame Mirror

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