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Article: How to Choose a Wall Mirror for Your Bathroom

How to Choose a Wall Mirror for Your Bathroom

How to Choose a Wall Mirror for Your Bathroom

oval pivot mirror

Brushed Nickel Oval Pivot Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Bathroom mirrors have the unique ability to completely transform a space. With one piece of décor, you can change your bathroom from a space that's small and outdated to a space that's fresh and unique. Choose a wall mirror that best complement your bathroom.  

Wall mirrors are also the centerpiece of elegance in any home and have played both decorative and functional roles since the 19th century.

However, the bathroom wall mirror is a design element often overlooked. Don’t make the same mistake. Read on to learn how to choose a wall mirror that beautifully complements your bathroom.

6 Handy Tips on How to Choose a Wall Mirror for the Bathroom

The size and proportion of your mirror choice are so important. Ideally, you don't want to distract from the functional or decorative point of the mirror. 

But when it comes to choosing a mirror, remember to keep your aesthetic preferences and budget in mind in equal measure. Here are a few more pointers that could help: 

1. Should You Hang One or Two Bathroom Mirrors?

pill shape mirror

Contemporary Pill Shape Mirror Capsule Wall Mirror Bathroom Vanity Mirror

The size of your bathroom will determine whether to hang one or two mirrors. If your vanity takes up most of the wall, two vertically long wall mirrors can create a taller, more vertically-inclined space, especially if your bathroom has a high ceiling. For darker or lower-ceiling bathrooms, a wide single wall mirror above the vanity is a better choice.

2. Should You Size up or Size Down? 

Building on from the above point, the size of your bathroom mirror(s) is absolutely crucial. Sizing has a way of completely throwing off the entire proportion of your bathroom.

The size of your wall mirror(s) is crucial. A wall mirror that's too big can overwhelm the space, while one that's too small can lose its function.

Ideally, your bathroom vanity mirror should match the width of the vanity, creating a perfect sense of symmetry. If not, a slightly shorter wall mirror can still work, allowing for creative additions like light fixtures or sconces on either side.

3. Don't Rule out the Full-Length Mirror  

If your bathroom space allows, a full-length wall mirror can add a grand and elegant feel. Full-length wall mirrors above your vanity can make a large bathroom appear even larger without overwhelming the room. 

But if you're going for a full-length mirror, it may be best to opt for a frameless version. A large, bulky frame may overcrowd the space and take away from the point of the mirror itself. If you're looking to create a more modern, contemporary bathroom, frameless mirrors are good for this. 

4. Choosing the Ideal Mirror Frame

For wall mirrors the width of your vanity, frameless or simple designs are best. If the wall mirror is shorter, a frame can fill the negative space. Match the mirror frame to existing cabinetry or décor for a cohesive look. Ornate frames suit traditional-style bathrooms, while simple or frameless mirrors are ideal for modern touches. 

pivot mirror

Brushed Gold Rectangle Mirror Modern Tilting Pivot Bathroom Vanity Mirror

If you're going for a more modern touch, stick to frameless or simplicity. Textured mirror frames that are roughly 10-15 centimetres wide are ideal. 

5. Mirror Lighting/Sconces

While a mirror can reflect light and make a bathroom look taller or wider, mirror lights/scones can make a real impact.

oval pivot mirror

Brushed Gold Oval Mirror Tilting Pivot Oval Bathroom/Vanity Mirror

Mirror lights or sconces can significantly impact the look and feel of your bathroom. Modern, frameless wall mirrors with back-lit LED lighting offer a sleek touch, while traditional mounted wall lights or sconces on either side of the wall mirror create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Ensure the wall mirror is 60-70% the width of your vanity if you intend to hang wall-mounted lights beside it for a balanced look.

6. When in Doubt, Go Round 

Most people tend to default to the standard rectangular mirror shape. But the round mirror is probably your best choice if you just can't decide. 

Rounded mirrors bring an element of softness to a room, and help to create a more relaxed atmosphere due to their organic shape. If you want to create a bathroom sanctuary, a large round mirror would be a smart choice.

round mirror

Round Wall Mirror Brass Gold Metal Modern Circle Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Opt for a round mirror that hangs from a strap or chain so that it's easier to mount. Round mirrors are also a brilliant choice for smaller bathrooms with pedestal sinks.  

Find Your Perfect Bathroom Mirror With MOONMIRROR

Now that you know how to choose a wall mirror for your bathroom, explore our range of beautiful, premium quality wall mirrors. Whether you’re looking for simple, chic, ornate, super modern, or custom-made wall mirrors, MOONMIRROR offers a huge range of choices to suit any style of bathroom. View our collection for more!


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