The Best Mirrors for Every Room

Round, rectangular, moon mirror or artistic — find the decorative style that fits your needs.

Mirrors are a decorator’s magic weapon: They can make a room feel bigger, brighter and more stylish, not to mention help you get ready in the morning. Whether you’re on the hunt for a mirror to hang in the dining room, entry, bedroom, bath or over the mantel, this guide will help you navigate the (seemingly endless) possibilities and zero in on one or two smart options for each room.

Is there just one perfect mirror type for each space? Of course not. But when the variety seems overwhelming, these suggestions can help point you in the right direction, so you can find that just-right mirror for your room.

dingning room mirror

Dining Room: Antiqued or Windowpane Mirror

Adding a mirror to the dining room can help the space appear bigger and reflect light — but it can also be awkward to sit at dinner facing a big, clear mirror. Instead, opt for one with a smoky antiqued finish or a windowpane mirror. 

dingning room mirror idea window mirror

A windowpane mirror positioned opposite the dining table subtly obscures the reflection. Windowpane mirrors trick the eye into seeing a window rather than a mirror; your space feels bigger — and your dinner guests can relax.

entry mirror

Entry: Big Round Mirror or Moon Mirror

It’s common for entryways to be a bit dark. A big mirror will amplify what light you do have and can make a narrow space feel roomier. Why round? While other shapes can certainly work in the entry, a round mirror is a sure bet. Its curves are a welcome counterpoint to the straight lines and sharp angles of the doorway, and it works equally well above a console table or on its own.


moon mirror entry mirror

Why moon mirror? Beacuse the magic mirror will turn into a devine full moon once you push the button. The moonlight will gentlely pamper every lonely and tired soul entering home. 

bedroom mirror mirror full-length mirror

Bedroom:  Floor Mirror

In the bedroom, a full-length mirror is helpful for getting ready, and positioned to the side of the bed, it’s there when you want it but isn’t staring you in the face while you’re trying to relax. Opting for a leaning rather than flush-mounted mirror looks more modern; you can still secure the top of the mirror with a wall anchor to prevent tipping.

bathroom decor bathroom mirror mirror wall mirror

Bathroom: Large Mirror, Simple Frame

In the bathroom, a big mirror and good lighting are key. Aim for a mirror close to the width of your vanity. And while frameless mirrors are a popular choice in the bathroom — both for better visibility and ease of cleaning.

powder room decor powder room mirror

Powder Room: Oval Mirror

Unlike the bathroom vanity, which you probably use as a getting-ready station in the morning, the powder room is designed for quick stops and guests. With that in mind, this is a great place to splash out on a fun, statement-making mirror. Still aim for a size that matches (or nearly matches) the width of the vanity, to create a full look.

home office decor home office mirror

Home Office: Oil-painting Mirror

In the home office, a mirror isn’t so much a need as a nice extra: The right one adds a bit of sparkle, extra light and enhances the overall style of the room. Any fun, statement-making shape will work, but if you’re not sure what to choose, go with a oil-painting mirror. These decorator favorites have a long, rich history, and they look just as stylish today.

living room mirror mirror wall mirror

Living Room: Round or Arched Mirror

While a rectangular mirror above the mantel can work, a mirror with a bit of a curve to it will nicely offset the angles of the fireplace. Look for a mirror with a rounded or arched top or a round mirror that fills up at least three-quarters of the mantel width.

If your living room doesn’t have a fireplace or if you’d rather hang art above the mantel, try hanging a round or arched mirror above a credenza instead.

Tell us: What is your favorite way to decorate with mirrors? Would you try any of these ideas?

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