With These 20 Bathroom Shelving Ideas, You Can Finally Say Goodbye to Clutter

bathroom shelves

Whether you consider yourself a toiletry maximalist or you just have a few go-to products you keep on repeat, the bathroom never seems to have enough space to store it all. When your medicine cabinet is too packed to close properly and you constantly find yourself knocking items off your sink, it's time to bring in some additional storage via shelving.

From single statement shelves to built-in cabinetry, here are 20 bathroom shelving ideas that will have you saying goodbye to clutter ASAP.

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Create a Windowsill Shelf

bathroom shelves

A single ledge extended from wall to wall positioned right under a window not only works as a windowsill, it double duties as a place to rest some extra toiletries. Make it pop more when you match it to your window trim that contrasts against your wall color.

Or Try a Cabinet Shelf

bathroom shelves

If you're looking to fill an empty space or need to add more storage in a construction-free, renter-friendly way, consider sliding in a narrow cabinet. We love how this one boasts a glass door to show off your prettiest products and luxe towels.

Install Floating Shelves

bathroom shelves

Floating shelves are a minimalist's dream, and surprisingly, they're much easier to install than they look. Make them work in your space by matching them to your vanity. We love how these darker wood shelves pair perfectly with the wood drawers and mirror frame.

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Hang a Glass Shelf

bathroom shelves

A pair of glass shelves hung next to your vanity mirror serves as the perfect resting place for the products you use every day. And the best part is they're thin and minimal, so they'll never create an eyesore in your impeccably curated space.

Go for a Stylish Shelving Unit

bathroom shelves

Shelving units don't always mean a bulky piece of furniture. This delicately designed piece looks like more of an art piece than a storage solution, but the built-in shelves and towel rack makes it a catchall your bathroom needs.

Decorate Shelves However You Like

bathroom shelves

Every item in your home should reflect your personal style—even your storage pieces. These boho-inspired rattan wall shelves not only hold the essentials, they look right at home in this sunny space. The moral of the story: you can have storage and good looks all in one.

Utilize Your Window Ledge

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If you have a window in your bathroom (which we suspect you do), you have a space to store even more products. A couple of narrow shelves hung inside the frame make for extra space to store those pretty glass jars and vials.

The best part? The sun shining through the window and your products makes for a unique suncatcher.

Add an Over-the-Toilet Ladder Shelf

bathroom shelves

By far the easiest storage addition to any bathroom is the over-the-toilet shelf. It fits in almost any space, makes use of the empty wall area above your toilet, and provides plenty of storage for anything from hand towels to cotton balls. And the best part is it doesn't require a handyman or losing your deposit on your rented space.

Carve an Alcove Shelf

bathroom shelves

If you're working with a new build or renovating an old space, you'd be remiss not to consult with your contractor about an alcove shelf. The recessed compartment provides a ledge to store products, candles, and more, while giving your entire bathroom a certain aesthetic. Plus, it doesn't take up any more room in your small bathroom that you're not willing to part with.

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Reclaim a Shelf

bathroom shelves

If you consider yourself (or a friend) the handy type, do yourself a favor and DIY your much-needed storage area. Crafting a shelf out of reclaimed wood—rather than buying one at the store—provides just the right amount of space and will transform you to a simpler time.

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Stack Vanity Shelves

bathroom shelves

If you're working with a double sink and vanity and can't figure out what to do with the empty wall space in between, a set of floating shelves fills the space and provides even more storage. This setup creates a convenient station for hand towels and anything else you might want within reach of the sink.

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Create a Ledge Shelf

bathroom shelves

If you're looking for something more custom and prefer a built-in shelf, consider a single platform ledge distended from your wall. We love how this one also houses the bath faucet and offers plenty of space to keep relaxation essentials within reach. Plus, the build-in look makes this bathroom feel like an expensive spa.

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Try Cubby Shelves

bathroom shelves

Some bathrooms have an awkward built-in alcove that often feels like a sinking dark hole and seems to serve zero purpose. Consider yourself lucky if you have one too. Install a couple of shelves to fit snuggly in this space, and you'll have yourself some cubby-style shelves to store towels, products, and bathroom essentials.

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Use Cabinet Shelves

bathroom shelves

If you have an empty corner in your bathroom or seemingly awkward dead space, fill it with something you can always use more of: storage. Slide in a cabinet or bookshelf (or build one if you're the crafty type) to double—or triple—your storage space.

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Go Oversized

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For newer and custom builds, we think bigger is better. Plan to incorporate oversized shelves, like these, and store everything from towels to extra toiletries. And the best part is you can plan to use your linen closet for something else altogether.

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Curate Your Shelves

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There's no point in making way for open shelving if you aren't going to give the contents a curated look. Glass jars, matching hand towels and color coordinated products always wow your guests.

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Add a Single Shelf

bathroom shelves

Sometimes, all you need is a single shelf to hold it all together. This minimal design adds texture and interest to a blank wall without turning your bathroom into a utility closet.

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Tier the Shelves

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If you need the storage but would rather not cover up your walls, consider dainty tiered shelves that boast an open design. Perfect for hanging against a statement wallpaper, they hold all the essentials and don't cover up your design with bulky backs.

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Don't Forget to Try Cabinets, Too

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The truth is not all bathroom essentials are pretty. If you need the storage but would rather not have your toilet paper and air fresheners on display, consider a cabinet unit that holds (and hides) your most-needed items. A single shelf below keeps the necessities within reach for guests.

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Contrast Shelves

bathroom shelves

Believe it or not, even the simplest shelf design can make an impact in a bathroom setup. A simple shelf ledge painted in a contrasting color pops off your walls in the best way. Consider pairing the shade to your bathroom fixtures for a cohesive design throughout.

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