Modern Tilting Pivot Bathroom Mirror Rounded Rectangle Vanity Mirror Matte Black Metal Framed Adjustable Swivel Wall Mirror

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black frame pivot mirror

Material 304 Stainless Steel,Glass
Frame Thickness 1''
Finish Type Matte Black
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Size Option  Framed Dimension Overall Dimension(Includes pivot grommets)
20"W x 28"H 20" x 28" 23.75" x 28"
20"W x 30"H 20" x 30" 23.75" x 30"
22"W x 30"H 22" x 30" 25.75" x 30"
22"W x 34"H 22" x 34" 25.75" x 34"
24"W x 36"H 24" x 36" 27.75" x 36"
25"W x 38"H 25" x 38" 28.75" x 38"
36"W x 24"H 36" x 24" 39.75" x 24"

Featuring a sleek look and functional details, our matte black pivot mirror has a straightforward style that's incredibly everlasting. Our classic black rectangle bathroom mirror is now available in a tilting angled design. Sturdy stainless steel wall bracket lets you adjust the angle of the black rectangle mirror based on your preference and height.


The best products start with the best materials. We insist to source premium materials like high-end quality stainless steel frames, 4MM HD glass, and MDF backboard for our pivot bathroom mirrors. 

black frame pivot mirror


Our included premium quality stainless steel pivoting brackets can be tightened or adjusted at your desired angle with the screws on the bottom of the hardware, which is extremely easy to fit any height and any person.

  • With upgraded pivoting brackets, you will simply use a screw to install the mirror.
  • For all-in-one convenience, all mounting hardware(2 brackets, screws,2 anchors ) and a detailed template for installation are included.
  • Note: 1. Professional installation is recommended If this is the first time you use the electric drill. 2. Pivots vertically 3.Mounting hardware included.


pivot mirror bathroom mirror

Features in black, gold, brushed silver, or polished silver finish. Also available in 20'' x 28'',24” x 36” size. 

With a simple, wide design and functional details, this pivot bathroom mirror brings a designer look to the bath. Choose from one of our mirrors to best decor your style. 

Silver Frame Mirror

silver frame pivot mirror

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Consider a sleek and intimate black bathroom with our silver and nickel frames which complement lots of hardware and provide a pop of brightness on walls. Hanging the silver ones on the bathroom wall can create an elegant space that not only feels elevated, but can also make a small bathroom feel wider and more spacious.

Gold Frame Mirror

 gold pivot mirror 

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Amazingly versatile, our gold frame mirror are popular in modern, traditional and maximalist designs. With a gorgeous gold border, this round corner mirror is love at mirror balances out simple, tasteful styling with a throw, pops off the white walls for a scene-stealing burst of warmth and shine.   

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