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Article: 20 Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas to Try in Your Home

20 Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas to Try in Your Home

20 Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas to Try in Your Home

Bathroom with hanging light fixture

When you think HGTV, you probably think " modern farmhouse," but the look is so much more than what you'll find on home renovation shows. Modern farmhouse style is all about creating a warm, welcoming space that feels updated and contemporary without appearing too overly trendy. Often sourcing from other design styles such as minimalist and Scandinavian, a modern farmhouse bathroom is above all calming and serene.

Though there are many ways to incorporate a modern farmhouse look into your bathroom, there are a few key details that often carry across the style. From rustic, reclaimed wood to vintage accents, focusing on the details is important in this universally appreciated aesthetic.

    01of 20 Think Modern, Not Rustic
    Bathroom with a farmhouse bathroom

    Though elements of modern farmhouse may feel a bit rustic, this décor style is definitely its own look. According to Cheri Lingafelt, the founder of Accent Prone, "The modern farmhouse look is a little more refined and contemporary than just rustic."

    It's important to add a few minimal or modern details to your space to avoid any of the farmhouse elements from feeling too country chic.

    02of 20 Try a Barn Door
    Bathroom with sliding barn door

    ANDY STAR Modern Farmhouse Matte Black Metal Frame Rectangular Mirror

    One fun way to add a little modern farmhouse flair to a fairly modern bathroom? "Add a sliding barn door," Lingafelt says. Not only can this give you more square footage to work with—perfect in a smaller space—but it can add the visual interest you need to take a bathroom to the next level.

    03of 20 Go for Matte Hardware
    Bathroom with pig on the wall

    Jade Joyner, the co-founder of Metal + Petal, evokes the modern farmhouse look and feel in her spaces by focusing on clean, simple touches. "Farmhouse bathrooms are best known for having black matte hardware and white subway tile—very Chip and Joanna," Joyner says.

    Don't be afraid to add a touch of nostalgia, Joyner suggests. A country-inspired detail can look modern when paired with clean accents.

    04of 20 Mix It Up
    Bathroom with floral print

    While most modern farmhouse bathrooms stick with neutral colors and simple textures, Joyner says she likes to mix and match décor elements when working with modern farmhouse.

    "I love to push a farmhouse bathroom, since it's usually simple in color, to make it a little bold with a modern color on the walls or a great wallpaper," she says. "No one wants their house to look like their neighbor's. Embrace the style, but make it yours." Add a pop of fun tile or a bold vanity to bring it home.

    05of 20 Add Some Art
    Farmhouse bathroom with starburst tile

    ANDY STAR Modern Matte Black Metal Frame Rectangular Mirror

    Joyner's best tip for homeowners decorating in this look? "Don't go for a farm theme or just one look, as it can leave the space looking flat," she says. "Instead, add textures, layers and incorporate things you've collected with a bold piece of modern art."

    06of 20 Bring Back Natural Wood
    Bathroom with wood tones

    For a while, it seemed as though homeowners were moving away from brown wooden vanities to make room for a clean, pure white look. But Candace Poltz, the Principal Designer and Founder of Candace Plotz Design, says it's time to bring them back.

    "Within the design industry, we are seeing a resurgence of wood," Poltz says. "If you’re looking to add great texture and warmth to what can be an otherwise cold space white oak is a beautiful option for a vanity."

    07of 20 Go Wild With Texture
    circle mirror wall mirror round mirror bathroom mirror

    ANDY STAR Modern Circle Bathroom Mirror 

    Textiles are a great way to add a warm, cozy feel to your bathroom. Here, a blanket ladder is used to showcase Turkish towels that add both a hint of texture and act as visual interest at the same time.

    08of 20 Add a Fun Tile

    Opting for a farmhouse bathroom doesn't mean doing away with fun, patterned tile. Instead, consider keeping it subtle and tiling a small backsplash to freshen up the space without taking away from the neutral elements in the room.

    09of 20 Consider Shiplap
    Bathroom with hanging light fixture

    In the design world, people either love or hate shiplap. But, we think shiplap can get a bad rap. When mixed with other more modern elements, shiplap is a great way to add a lot of texture to your bathroom without overwhelming the space or feeling overly shabby chic.

    10of 20 Think Classic and Timeless
    Bathroom with subway tile

    Lindsey Borchard of Lindsey Brooke Design helped her clients renovate their downstairs bathroom in a wonderfully fresh, modern farmhouse feel.

    "We wanted to make sure this bathroom had modern farmhouse elements but also stayed true to being classic and timeless," she said. "We did that by using lots of white in different shades and patterns and adding in warm wood tones to soften the space and give that farmhouse touch."

    11of 20 Bring in Some Accessories
    Farmhouse bathroom with tile

    One of the easiest ways to introduce modern farmhouse to your home is through objects. A lovely vintage vase or pitcher is a great, simple way to give your bathroom a little hint of rustic feel without picking up a hammer.

    12of 20 Consider Natural Materials
    Bathroom with shiplap

    From wood to marble to concrete, modern farmhouse bathrooms are all about natural materials. Skip the man-made stuff and fill your space with warm accents that feel inviting and will last for years to come.

    13of 20 Make Space for Storage
    Bathroom with floating shelves

    Finding storage in any bathroom can be a challenge, but when you want to add a little extra space for your must-haves, consider some floating reclaimed wood shelves. This provides more space for toiletries while still giving your bathroom that modern farmhouse look.

    14of 20 Mix Gold and Black

    In some settings, black and gold can feel garish and harsh. But in a modern farmhouse bathroom, it provides a simple, classic look that brings the traditional and modern styles together.

    15of 20 Pick Your Color Palette
    Bathroom with wood vanity

    ANDY STAR Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Wood Frame Rectangular Mirror

    A modern farmhouse bathroom can feature color of course, but if you want to keep it warm and simple, consider opting for more neutral tones. Here, various shades of white and gray come together to create enough interest that the bathroom doesn't feel flat or boring but still gives you a great modern farmhouse feel.

    16of 20 Bring Back the Clawfoot
    Bathroom with subway tile

    If you're renovating a bathroom and debating between a walk-in shower and a bathtub, consider a traditional clawfoot. There's just something undeniably chic and inviting about a large clawfoot tub that makes such a statement in any bathroom.

    17of 20 Experiment With Wallpaper
    Bathroom with pink wallpaper

    Considering installing wallpaper in your bathroom? Don't be afraid to put up wallpaper in a modern farmhouse space. Pick a simple one with neutral colors and a subtle pattern for a touch of visual interest that still feels classic.

    18of 20 Expose Your Pipes
    Bathroom with copper piping

    Instead of a vanity with cabinetry, consider an exposed look instead. Here, the rustic gold pipes are exposed to give this space a classic feel and add a lot of interest to the space. This is a great idea for powder rooms where you don't need to hide as much stuff under your sink.

    19of 20 Go for the Farmhouse Sink
    Bathroom with greenery

    One way to take a simple bathroom and give it a touch of modern farmhouse personality is to swap your standard vanity and sink for a metal basin instead.

    20of 20 DIY Your Vanity
    Bathroom with vanity and mirror

    ANDY STAR Modern Farmhouse Brass Gold Circle Mirror 

    We can't get enough of this rustic dresser-turned-vanity. The rich wooden tones make this powder room very inviting and the vintage elements feel classic without feeling outdated or stuffy.

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