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Size& Color Guide of Bathroom Mirrors- Please Read before Purchasing

It’s quite important for all of us to pick up the right size and color mirrors to save the trouble of returning and restocking and accelerate the whole process of renovation. Here is the guide of picking the right size and color.

Pick up the Right Size

First up, decide where you want the mirror and measure the height and width of the open space, staying clear of lamps, shelves, windows, and existing furniture. Here are four simple rules of thumb for bathrooms:

  1. Fine-tuning to fit you How much do you want to see in the mirror? That’s one more thing to think about when you’re choosing the right size. Depending how tall you are and how far back you can stand in the room, you might want to size up a bit to see more of your reflection.
  2. For Single Sinks, the mirror should be 2-8 inches wider than the sink.  
  3. For Double Sinks, do please leave some space between two mirrors.
  4. Please remember to leave a few inches between the bottom of the mirror and the back-splash or counter to avoid water damage.bathroom mirror wall mirror mirror

Pick up the Right Mirror Frame Color

  1. White Vanity To Match

Consider that white is neutral, meaning that it is absent of any actual color. It is also warm in temperature. This means your white vanity is highly reflective, and will highlight any color that is not white. That would draw a serious amount of attention to your mirror’s frame, which isn’t always ideal. In this condition, please match the mirror frame color with the scone or the water tap.

mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror

  1. Gray, And Black matches gold For Cool Contrast

Gray and black are neutrals, just like white. So, they are just as pliable, but they are also much cooler in temperature. This is an effective way to make a bold statement without throwing off the entire room.

You can use a warm color frame in this circumstance to balance the coldness of gray and black.


mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror


bathroom mirror wall mirror mirror For those who like the moody cool color bathroom, you can also maintain the characteristic by picking up the brushed silver frame mirrors.  

mirror bathroom mirror wall mirror mirror bathroom mirror wall mirrorbathroom mirror wall mirror

  1. Brown Or Natural Earth Tones

Wooden frames are available in a variety of styles and stains. You can even find wood with gray tones, which are useful for beach house interior designs. But most wood will have a natural brown foundation.

And fortunately, brown is a “near neutral”, which means it can work with nearly as many colors as pure neutrals. But it still appears to have something of a cooler orange tone. This makes brown a great way to bridge the white vanity’s brightness with the rest of the room.

Also, since many vanities are made from wood to begin with, there is a smooth connection to any brown mirror frame. It won’t be a bad idea to match them with some plants to build the natural sense.

bathroom mirror wall mirror

Testing, 1, 2, 3...

To really get a feel for how your mirror will look and if it’s the right size, test it out first.

Grab some scissors, masking tape, and anything you’ve got that’ll work as a decent placeholder: string, newspaper, wrapping paper, or even a few sheets of paper towel will work.

Cut your materials to the size of mirror you’re considering, and tape it to the wall.

Look good? Place your order! Not quite right? Try another size until you’re satisfied.

Still have questions, or want us to do the math? We're always here to answer your questions and help pick the perfect size. Please contact us: or call us at 513-716-5579



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omoqoxab February 01, 2023

Can the mirror be hung horizontally? In the picture on the site, it appears to be so.
When I received the mirror, the tilting brackets were on the longer side of the mirror. I wondered if they (the tilting brackets) can be switched so the mirror can be hung horizontally


Nancy June 06, 2022

Can this mirror be hung horizontally? It shows it in the picture, but not on how to install it.
I received the mirror and they feel attached so it can be hung vertically.
Without taking off all of the wrapping, I wanted to ask this in case I need to return the mirror.

Nancy June 06, 2022

Can the pivot brackets be moved to to short side of the mirror to be able to have a vertical pivot instead of a horizontal pivot?

Mike May 08, 2022

For the modern tilting pivot bathroom mirror, what is the outside dimension from the two tilting brackets for an overall dimension.

Thank you,

or text 608-712-4011

Laree ALLEN March 02, 2022

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