Arched mirror- A Simple Way to Add a Bit of Drama to a Room

Mirrors are a favorite for framing the perfect selfie or OOTD snap, but they're also incredibly functional in many other ways. Whether as the perfect wall hanging above a dresser, a focal point of a gallery wall, or a space-defining accent, mirrors can add to the architecture of a room as much as they serve as works of art. If you're searching for a new reflective piece in your home, the arched mirror trend is one to consider for optimal freshness.

 arched mirror

ANDY STAR® Gold Arched Full-length Mirror

Interior designer Timnothy Brown says, "Arched mirrors are a simple way to add a bit of drama to a room. The arch creates the illusion of a higher ceiling, and of course, a mirror always opens up a room." Eneia White, the owner of Eneia White Interiors, tells TZR that an arched mirror brings a softer side to reflection, too. "Most of my clients want personality without reinventing the wheel, so the arched mirror is a fun way of mixing it up a bit."

 arch mirror

ANDY STAR® Black Arched Full-length Mirror

The arched mirror trend runs the gamut with options for every interior aesthetic from sleek and minimal to rustic and contemporary. "What's great is that while the arch is a classical reference, it can work seamlessly into interiors of any style," Brown explains. "An arched mirror above a console is instant streamlined elegance; I also love mirrors in rooms that don't get a lot of light as they'll bounce what light does come in and instantly brighten up a room."

arch mirror

ANDY STAR® Arched Wall Mirror

In addition to arched wall hangings and floor options, White says, "I'm especially noticing the trend showing up in bathrooms." For function and style, the interior designer suggests ANDY STAR‘s Arched Metal Framed Mirror. "[It's] clean, delicate, and looks great against just about any tile you select!"

arching mirror

Ahead, discover an edit of arched mirrors for every taste, whether you're ready to shop or merely here for the inspiration. A hot tip for distinctive style and those looking to invest in a more luxurious design: Keep an eye on vintage styles from ANDY STAR- you'll discover a treasure trove of options, from minimalist, industrial,  modern to art-deco style and beyond.


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