Figuring out the Perfect Spot for Your New Wall Mirror

Often, our experience with customers when they buy a new mirror is that they come in one of two flavors: 

The first is the analyst - the person who perfectly measures their space on the wall and knows precisely where and what they’re going to buy. 

The second is the free spirit. This person usually buys a mirror pretty quickly. In fact, they typically buy so promptly that they haven’t even thought about how their new mirror will fit on their wall!

round mirror wall mirror circle mirror

ANDY STAR Circle Decorative Wall Mirror

This blog, as you probably guessed, is not for the first person. This guide is for the second person because while it’s super exciting to buy a new mirror and have it delivered to your house, it’s equally important to know where the heck that mirror will go!

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ANDY STAR Modern Arched mirror

So, just how does one figure out the best spot in their house for a brand new designer wall mirror? Well, we’re glad you asked; keep reading and find out!



Choosing the Right Room 

In our opinion, any mirror is appropriate for just about any room in the home, with the right surrounding décor. However, if there is one thing that can potentially be a deal-breaker, it’s size

rectangular mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror gold mirror

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Rectangular Mirror

The wrong-sized mirror can make or break many rooms, so make sure you’ve got something suitable for the size of the room in question. An antique-style french mirror looks excellent in many rooms in the home, but it’s probably not great as a bathroom mirror unless you’ve got the requisite space. 


Wall mirrors are the perfect tools for creating a more significant visual space in a room. Mirrors brighten up the area they’re in by reflecting any light coming towards them. This makes them perfect to open up an otherwise cramped room and make space more visually attractive. Click to see how to pick up the right size mirror. 

Windows are Your Friends 

On the subject of how mirrors brighten rooms, one of the best ways to ensure a window catches a lot of light while also opening up a space is to place your mirror next to a window. 

mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror rectangular mirror

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Rectangular Mirror

Wall mirrors are fantastic at creating an illusion of added space in a room, and when placed next to a mirror, this effect is enhanced dramatically. Even better, that illusion of more significant space is made more effective as the addition of a mirror next to the window allows the mirror to essentially act as a second “window”.

Bedroom Rules

Mirrors are fantastic additions to bedrooms, though there is at least one thing to keep in mind when finding the right spot. It’s often said that mirrors “create energy” in a room, often because they create a reflection of whoever is looking at them, creating the illusion that another person is in the room. 

circle mirror round mirror wall mirror mirror

ANDY STAR Modern Circle Mirror

As a result, it’s best to make sure you palace your mirror so that you can not see your own reflection when sleeping, as this creates the impression that you’re being watched in the night!



If you would like some more help choosing the perfect mirror for your home, don't be afraid to give our team an email at Our friendly group of experts would be more than happy to provide some advice and recommendations!

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