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What's a LED Moon Mirror?

Take a look at our new style LED moon mirror, which can switch between a normal mirror and a lighted lunar simply by tapping the buttton!

First of all, it's a high quality mirror with fine craft and clear reflection as we always do!

wall mounted mirrors

But of course, it has more interesting function, yes, it can turn on as a lighed lunar! Is it wonderful?

A mirror or a moon?Where it should be hung?

It’s absolutely breathtaking!!! Making this a perfect addition to your home decor.
As someone who absolutely loves everything moon related. The mirror transforms from a regular mirror to a light up moon - excellent to turn on at night, read a book and enjoy some quiet time.

led moon lamp on desk

Add a lunar luxe to any space with this LED moon mirror. Perfect as a functional decor piece in a living room or bedroom and anywhere you like!

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Check out the mirror details at: LED moon mirrors

Now let's do the  dropping Test, how strong is the packing of the mirror? Are you ready to get one for your home improvement? Go.

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