Twinning Is Winning- 5 Double Mirror Ideas for a Beautiful& Functional Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, two is better than one—for the simple reason that multiple people can use them simultaneously. A double-mirror moment like this one is ideal for couples who like to get ready together, but still value a little bit of personal space.

double vanity mirror bathroom mirror wall mirror

ANDY STAR Matte Black Double Vanity Rectangular Mirror

Sometimes one vanity simply isn’t enough. If you share a bathroom with someone else, you might crave your own getting-ready space. And even if you’re flying solo, maybe you just want to take full advantage of the space you have. In either case, a double mirror could take your space from good to even better.

double vanity mirror bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Double Vanity Rectangular Mirror

Since double mirrors can range immensely in terms of size and design, you should be able to find—or curate—one that fits right into your space. Scroll on to see 5 double mirror ideas that will have you craving a bathroom designed for two.

double vanity mirror ideas

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Double Vanity Rectangular Mirror

You cant go wrong with round

round mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror double vanity mirror

ANDY STAR Double Vanity Round Mirror

Two giant round mirrors are definitely better than one when it comes to this vintage-inspired bathroom vanity. The big personality of vintage decor pairs excellently with the even bigger presence of these large round mirrors.




Consider Symmetry

What do you call a bathroom that has two vanities with large round mirrors flanking a bathtub? Goals. The symmetry of the entire room, the colors, and the chic pendant above the tub all seem secondary to the mirrors hanging on the wall.

oval mirror wall mirror double vanity mirror bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Double Vanity Oval Bathroom Mirror

Go Oval for Chic Look

oval mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror double vanity mirror

ANDY STAR Double Vanity Pill-shaped Bathroom Mirror 


An oval provides a fresh twist on the round bathroom mirror trend. The slimmer curved shape leaves plenty of room for chic geometric sconces. Consider us sold on this shape.

Keep it Simple with Rectangular Mirror

All the elements of this double-mirror moment mix together seamlessly: the natural wood finishes, the chic modern chandelier, and the overall simplicity of the décor. That's when bathroom mirrors work best—when beautiful design and flattering lighting give you a perfect daily glow.

rectangular mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror

 ANDY STAR Double Vanity Rectangular Mirror 

Be minimalist with Pivot Mirror

Minimalist is always chic, and particularly handy in small bathrooms. Opt for a pair of simple pivot mirrors to add to the clean aesthetic. bathroom mirror pivot mirror

ANDY STAR Double Vanity Rectangular Pivot Mirror 

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