Moon Mirror Illuminated LED Moon Lamp Mirror That Turn Into Moon

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Mirror By Day,Moon By Night

  • Brand: MOON MIRROR
  • Mirror Diameter: 20/24 Inch or 50/60 cm
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Frame Color: Black
  • Picture: Moon
  • Light Source: LED
  • Power Supply: Plug In
  • Battery:No
  • Mounting Type: D-Ring Wall Mounted

A genius invention and design:

When you can’t even see your own reflection, a mirror is just wasting space on your wall. Our INTO Mirrors can  transform into a gorgeous lit-up version of the glowing moon.

Enjoy a full moon every night when you gaze upon this cool new LED Mirror Moon hanging on the wall. This out-of-this-world mirror has a normal reflective mirror surface during the day, but when the sun sets, a bright illuminated full moon appears.IntoMirror Luminous Moon Mirror Illuminated Moon LED Moon Mirror Big Size Round Vanity Mirror

 Image an Emulational Moon that reflects beyond your home in the night! It is a creative mirror that transform into a gorgeous lit-up version of the moon embellishing your living room, bedroom, reading room, etc. 

Soft Glow for Sleepping Night:

Hanging this piece up in any room and won’t have to worry about getting distracted or losing sleep thanks to the built-in led light source uses the appropriate power. The image of the moon is bright enough to see, but not too bright.So the dreamy moon mirror can keep you company all night long even if you are deep in sleep.IntoMirror Luminous Moon Mirror Illuminated Moon LED Moon Mirror Big Size Round Vanity Mirror

A PerfecPresent for Family, Party, Celebration:

If you struggle to find some gift for your friends this is the best choice for you.It is a good home decor product and also give you a moment to  surprise your friends with this real mirror moon decoration.
What could be more romantic than gifting a moon to your lovers?

Play a role of Early Education for Children

It gives a true image to stimulate imagination of children. We hope it would help children understand the real world on the mirror.Like the little prince own a rose, children own the Moon. May it would give a good company for children at night.IntoMirror Luminous Moon Mirror Illuminated Moon LED Moon Mirror Big Size Round Vanity Mirror

Clear Mirror With Excellent Workmanship 

Made of 4mm polish mirror to deliver clear reflection & 3mm thick TSCA certified anti-corrosion backboard to strengthen the glass for safety and no distortion .Thinner metal frames allow the glowing moon displays in its entirety,just like hanging a real moon in the dark.The size is big enough for vanity.20 inch, 24 inch & 30 inch size are avaliable with the same price of  the ordinary round mirror. 

Safe and Easy Installation

Safety backing strengthens the glass surface making it less susceptible to breakages besides the strong carton packing and pre-installed anti-rust D-ring hanging clips for easy to install.

Using the UL certified adapter and LED lights so it would be safe to use for long lifespan. 

IntoMirror Luminous Moon Mirror Illuminated Moon LED Moon Mirror Big Size Round Vanity Mirror

Producet Advisories

1.In order to prolong the service life of the product, please turn off the power supply every few hours to avoid overheating and burning the lamp belt
2.Plug in the power and press the switch button to display the picture on the mirror.Otherwise, it's an ordinary mirror to the naked eye.
3.The pattern on the mirror may not be obvious in bright light.For a better use,we suggest to switch the mirror to LED mode at night or install the mirror in a dark place.
4.There is some display difference of image due to different brightness of ambient light.
5.Electric item, please don't dip in water.

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