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Article: 25 Beautiful Blue Kitchen Ideas You'll Want to Recreate

25 Beautiful Blue Kitchen Ideas You'll Want to Recreate

25 Beautiful Blue Kitchen Ideas You'll Want to Recreate

baby blue kitchen

While sage kitchens seem to be everywhere right now, there's another trend brewing that we think has some serious staying power: blue kitchens. From bright cobalt to deep navy, blue kitchens can lean cool or warm in hue, meaning it fits with a lot of different aesthetics that one may have.

A classic navy kitchen with wood and copper accents leans farmhouse, but a robin egg's blue kitchen with bright white walls and gold hardware feels utterly modern. No matter what your style is, there's a way to make the color work for you, even though it isn't necessarily neutral.

If you're craving some serious kitchen inspiration, we've rounded up 25 blue kitchens that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

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Use Blue as an Accent

blue kitchen island

If you're not ready to repaint every single cabinet in the room, start by adding just a touch of blue to your kitchen. This island is painted a bright blue that gives a pop of color to an otherwise all-white kitchen.

Go Full Farmhouse

navy blue kitchen

If you have (or want) a more rusic space, painting your cabinets a deep navy blue is a great place to start. Paired with materials like raw wood, copper, and dark stone make the kitchen feel moody, but not heavy and dark.

Use a Contrasting Tile

blue kitchen with white marble accents

Floor to ceiling color can be overwhelming, especially with a deep blue color. The white backsplash in this kitchen pulls rather blue (it has cool undertones), making it a contrasting, not clashing, choice for a counter and tile. A warmer white may have looked off against a cool blue with silver hardware.

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Install Hardware That Pops

kitchen with blue lower cabinets

Blue and yellow are opposites on the color wheel, which is part of the reason they look so amazing together. Adding brass or gold accents against a blue canvas is a beautiful way to make a statement, and it allows your hardware to shine.

Use Wallpaper

kitchen with tropical blue wallpaper

This tropical wallpaper adds some whimsy to the kitchen, hopefully reminding you to not take life (or dinner) too seriously.

Ditching a backsplash in favor of wallpaper won't only save you time and money, but it allows you to get playful with color and pattern.

Subtle Hues Work Too

blue gray kitchen cabinets

Some would call this more of a gray, but we are definitely seeing the blue hues in these cabinets. The darker color against a bright white wall creates contrast, but it doesn't feel jarring or flashy.

Bring in Color With Furniture

gray blue kitchen with white accents

While you won't have a ton of furniture in your kitchen, adding color with things like stools or chairs is a great way to introduce a color without having to fully commit.

Add Color Through Tile

blue tile in kitchen

Paint doesn't have to be the only way to add some blue into your kitchen. A patterned tile creates visual dimension without feeling like an overwhelming burst of color.

Split Your Island

half blue half white counter

If you have a kitchen island or bar that faces another room and you don't want any more blue, paint the opposite half another color. In this instance, a white wall under the counter faces the living room, helping create a visual barrier between two spaces in an open layout.

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Choose Contrasting Appliances

navy blue kitchen

While a stainless steel oven may feel like the default choice, there are plenty of different color options that will look beautiful with blue cabinets or walls. This white oven isn't only modern, but it pulls in the warm tone of the brass cabinet knobs with its copper hardware.

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Mix and Match Cabinet Colors

kitchen with blue cabinets

If you think that blue upper and lower cabinets will overwhelm your space, go for a lighter color on top. They almost disappear into the wall, and they allow the blue to be the star of your kitchen.

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Add in Blue Accessories

blue kitchen

Having an all-blue kitchen doesn't mean you can't add in more color with your décor. Blue dish towels add a different shade of blue to this kitchen without feeling too matchy-matchy or try hard.

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Lean into Cool Color Temperatures

blue gray kitchen with brick

If you want a really subtle look, a very light, almost icy blue color can create a calming and cool space. The hue of these chairs play well with the white counter and backsplash, and they also pull in the stainless steel appliance colors, too.

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Accent an All-White Look

blue kitchen

There's nothing wrong with enjoying a clean white sapce. Adding in some color with barstools, vases, or other items is a great way to create a color story without having to go all out.

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Opt for Modern and Sleek Finishes

blue gray kitchen with white floors and walls

Even with a farmhouse sink, this kitchen feels modern and new. Clean lines and cool colors meet open shelving and sharp angles on the counter, creating a fresh feeling.

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Add Some Punch with Cobalt

blue kitchen island

A punchy color like cobalt can feel overwhelming, but in small doses, it works in just about any space. A bright island adds some color to this beachy kitchen without overtaking the space.

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Go Full Moody

moody blue kitchen

A counter and backsplash with deep, warm tones like brown and black create a moody vibe in the kitchen without feeling dark. We're obsessed with the amber glow the lights above the island create, too.

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Create a Light and Airy Space

robin egg blue kitchen

It's no secret that lighter colors tend to make things feel bright and airy, but in this kitchen, it feels almost unreal. Bright white and robin's egg blue cabinets fit perfectly together in the space, while light wood adds warmth and texture.

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Use Color to Create a Nook

light blue kitchen

Segmenting your kitchen into spaces can help break up the area. While warm wood and stainless steel carry throughout the entirety of this kitchen, blue cabinets create a designated bar area without losing the modern and clean feel of the rest of the space.

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Embrace Floor-to-Ceiling Color

blue and rose gold kitchen

There most certainly is nothing wrong with going full monochrome. By keeping the kitchen a different color from the rest of the house, you'll create a visual separation and eye-catching statement.

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Use Blue Tile

blue gray tile in kitchen

Paint probably seems like the most obvious option for creating a blue kitchen, but blue tiles can add color to the space without feeling gaudy. These glass tiles add a very subtle color to this white kitchen, and the subway style of the tile keeps things minimal.

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Match Your Backsplash and Cabinets

powder blue kitchen

With a sky blue color, you can tend to use more of it without it feeling overwhelming. The cabinets and backsplash of this tiny kitchen are the same color, but the small grout lines create a textured backdrop for décor elements and appliances.

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Have an Anchor Piece

white kitchen with blue accents

If you want to pull color into an otherwise monochrome kitchen, think of having a piece that visually anchors the space. Here, the blue runner pulls your eyes down to the floor, literally anchoring you. But, looking around, you can see small elements that use the color, too, like the pitcher and glassware.

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Use Varying Shades in One Space

blue kitchen island

There's nothing wrong with using more than one shade of blue in your space. Navy can act as a neutral in some cases, and here it plays well with a blue-green backsplash.

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Play With Shapes

blue arch kitchen

Stark contrast gives you the opportunity to really play with shapes and forms in a space. Here, the arched cabinets add an organic element to the otherwise boxy nook, and by painting the space above the arches white, the ceiling seems miles away.

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