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Marketing Invitation

Authorized Dealers

Although we have produced and wholesale mirrors to worldwide, but online we're mainly a retail brand based on Amazon and our own store, estimate with a 5%-10% market share of the high-end mirror. However, we love designer and offline stores. We think stores are the backbone of the entire mirror industry while designers are the soul.

While we think that dealing direct to customer has its advantages (delivered straight to your door, cost savings, etc.) we also think mirror stores have their advantages too! (Don't have to wait for shipping, can see before you buy, etc.) And the designers can provide professional suggestion to the end customers and feedback for our next improvement.

Now we are building a dedicated network of dealers and designers around the USA that we will  constantly try to expand and improve.

Know more about ANDY STAR / MOON MIRROR.

Benefit of join in:

Catch the trend: we analyse the market trend everyday, and launched many popular style online with high rating from end customers. You can keep the same pace with us for the new styles after join in our network to get more success business offline.

Cost saving: for a small store owner, it’s too complicated to import directly and the cost would be high due to the quantity limitation. In most condition, you can’t evenly buy from an importer directly with same cause, but have to buy from a middle man. So the cost would be high. We can provide you better price as no more middle man between you and me, we can discount the online retail price by up to 30%.

More shipping option: you can choose to stock the mirrors in your store, or just have some sample in your store, then choose drop-shipping from our warehouse if customer orders, means you can pay less prepaid payment to reserve the stocks.

For designers: 

For designers, we are open to talk about any cooperation method, including but not limited to pay for design, market analyse, bulk discount, brand joint, etc.

Meanwhile we also provide customization. We have many new designs for your reference when you are designing home decoration for your clients to win the projects.

Becoming a dealer

We're constantly looking to expand our global network of dealers and service centers to offer the best service to our customers. If you're interested in becoming an authorized ANDY STAR/MOON MIRROR dealer, please introduce yourself to us via email to: - we look forward to hearing from you.

ANDY STAR Business Invitation