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Article: 34 Small Christmas Tree Ideas That Bring Major Cheer

34 Small Christmas Tree Ideas That Bring Major Cheer

34 Small Christmas Tree Ideas That Bring Major Cheer

Dresser with a small tree

Living in a small space doesn't have to mean you have to sacrifice Christmas cheer. Whether you have a small apartment or home to decorate or you simply want ideas for adding holiday charm throughout every room in your house, a mini Christmas tree is a great idea.

From bottle brush trees to tiny faux trees, a mini tree can be incredibly festive and of course, adorable. We love finding nooks and crannies to fill with small, charming decorations so can't get enough of these wonderful holiday ideas that add cheer to every corner of the home.

Read on for ways to decorate every room in your house (yes, we mean every room) with a Christmas tree that won't take up too much floor space.

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Add Color

Colorfull mini trees


If you're like us, you love decorating with color whenever the moment calls for it. While a large Christmas tree filled with bold color can overpower a small space, smaller bottle brush trees or ceramic trees are perfect for adding a pop of color to a bookshelf or accent table.

Consider picking a color palette or a few bright hues to weave in throughout your home to add visual interest.

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Update a Guest Bedroom

Bedroom with a small tree

If you have guests visiting for the holidays, you want to create the most inviting, cozy experience for them. Take your guest room to the next level by adding a ton of holiday cheer with a small tree. This is perfect if you're housing multiple generations under the same roof and you want to give your guests the privacy to exchange some gifts alone, without the rest of the family.

Consider a real tree or a faux one perfect for atop a dresser or a nightstand.

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Decorate the Bar

Bar with small christmas trees

Let's face it– the bar cart  is the star of any holiday party so give it a festive makeover. Add sprigs of evergreens and pine alongside tiny Christmas trees. Just be sure that however you decorate it, it doesn't get in the way of the drinks flowing.

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Go Monochromatic

Small Christmas tree on a table

A mini Christmas tree in the corner of the room or atop an entryway table can add a lot of charm, but it can also look too busy if you don't have a ton of space. Consider keeping it simple and opting for a single color such as silver or white so that it won't take up too much visual space.

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Fill a Table

Mini trees on a table

Getting your holiday table just right can be a bit of a science, but we can't get enough of this lovely mini Christmas tree center piece idea. This is the perfect way to fill a rectangular table this holiday and allows you to repurpose decor from around your house when setting your table.

When deciding on a centerpiece, ensure your decor will not obstruct the view between guests. Keep the height no more than roughly 12-18 inches to encourage conversation.

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Fill an Island

Mini trees on an island

Have a big island that you rarely use? Decorate it this holiday with a handful of tiny trees. We love this assortment of bottle brush and woven trees set atop a strand of garland.

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Update Your Porch

Small Christmas tree on porch

As soon as Halloween ends, we're already planning our festive exterior decor.We love these mini Christmas trees that flank a simple black door and holiday wreath. Consider a small potted real tree or opt for faux trees you can use year after year.

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Decorate the Nursery

Nursery with small tree

Christmas doesn't have to be constricted to the living room. A tiny tree is a wonderful way to add a bit of cheer to a kid's room or a nursery, just be sure to opt for child-safe ornaments and trimming.

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Tuck It Away

Rustic small christmas tree

Even if you have the room for a large Christmas tree, we love the idea of adding a few smaller ones throughout the home. Update your reading nook with a tiny tree on a side table to add cheer to all corners of your home.

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Fill an Empty Accent Table

Small christmas tree

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to decorate a buffet or accent table in your home. Keep it seasonal and opt for a small potted tree to fill the space. Go for a real tree if you want to fill your room with that wonderful Christmas-y pine scent.

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Don't Forget the Bathroom

Bathroom with christmas tree

If you haven't considered adding a Christmas tree to your bathroom, think again. How cozy is this bubble bath with the warm glow of a tree in the background? Even if you have a small space, a tiny tree is a great way to update your bathroom this year.

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Light it Up

Tiny tree next to a couch

Even a tiny tree can make a big impact if it glows. String a battery-powered strand of lights around your teeny tiny tree to add a lovely warm glow to your living or family room.

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Fill a Breakfast Nook

Small christmas tree on a table

If you have a lovely little breakfast nook in your house, give it a bit of holiday cheer. A small faux tree with just enough trim is perfect for the center of a table, especially one you don't use all that frequently.

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Use a Tray

Bed with small Christmas tree

Not sure how to display your small tree in a bedroom or guest room? Fill a bamboo tray with the tree and a candle or two to create a lovely (and portable) holiday display.

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Keep It Simple

Bathroom with christmas tree

You don't have to go all out to add Christmas cheer to every room in your house. A tiny tabletop Charlie Brown tree is a great way to spruce up a minimal bathroom or guest room and it won't take up too much space.

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Use a Basket

Small tree in a basket

Most mini or small Christmas trees will be too small to stand on their own. Instead of finding a tiny Christmas tree stand, consider using a basket or a pot to hold your tree. This is perfect for smaller Christmas trees that don't have a lot of bulk or weight to them.

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Or Try a Present

Small tree on a gift

Need to give your small tree a little more height? Put your gift wrapping skills to work and use a faux gift to create a Christmas tree stand that makes your small tree look even bigger. This is a great option for small apartments where getting a massive tree into the door just isn't an option.

This small tree feels large enough to host Christmas around but is perfect for small spaces.

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Fill Empty Space

Tiny tree on a ledge

Whether it's a radiator cover that needs a little love or an unused side table, a tiny potted tree is a great way to fill up that unused space. When working with a tree this small, consider keeping it natural and avoiding any ornaments or other trimming ideas to maintain a simple, fresh look.

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Spruce Up the Vanity

Bathroom countertop with tiny tree

Give your bathroom vanity some love this Christmas with a tiny tabletop tree. We love this idea in power rooms or guest bathrooms as a simple way to update the space for the holidays without going all out.

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Stay Neutral

Bed with small tree

If you are into neutral and natural home decor, you can still decorate for Christmas without it clashing with the rest of your home. We love this lovely dried orange garland paired with a small bare Christmas tree as a way to decorate a guest room or a primary bedroom.

Bonus points: You won't have to light a candle to get that lovely pine scent.

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Go Tall and Narrow

Tall tree with a mini bar

A small Christmas tree doesn't have to mean short. If you have a lot of vertical space you want to fill but not a lot of floor space, consider a tall and skinny Christmas tree. This fun tree is perfect for filling an empty corner or acting as your main tree.

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Consider a Scandi Look

Mini tree next to a door

We love the cozy feelings a minimal,Scandinavian-inspired home gives off. This bare bones tree is a lovely way to welcome your guests to your holiday home or fill up some empty space in the bedroom or office. Keep it simple and dim your lights for the ultimate cozy, Hygge experience.

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Hang Ornaments

Basket with small tree

If you have a set of beautiful ornaments you want to show off, consider this little scene. We love the idea of placing a basket of ornaments near a tiny tree and using the tree as a canvas to display your favorite ones. Keep the display the same all season or mix it up whenever you want to change the look.

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Use a Stool

Small tree next to couch

Looking for a simple way to show off your small Christmas tree? Repurpose a stool from around the house or the garage to lift it off the ground and create a small display anywhere in your home.

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Update the Fireplace

christmas decor wall decor wall mirror

MOON MIRROR Christmas Rein Deer LED Wall Decor Mirror

We can't get enough of this midcentury modern living room with a lovely wall decor mirror centered right upper the fireplace. If you have a fireplace you don't use, this is a great way to make your smaller Christmas Wall Mirror the focal point of your living room. 

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Spruce Up Your Home Office

Desk with a small tree

As more and more folks start to work from home, there's no better time than now to give your home office a seasonal facelift. This small potted tree is perfect for decorating an empty desk. Remember, you spend 40 hours or more per week in this room, it should be just as cozy and welcoming as the other rooms in your home.

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Go With the Theme of Your House

White christmas tree in living room

One big rule of decorating for the holidays is to always ensure the decor does not feel "off brand" next to the rest of your home. If you have a simple, monochromatic home, bring in a wildly colorful Christmas tree or it may feel out of place and clash. Instead, keep the same simple colors and themes throughout the home and in your holiday decorations.

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Fill a Coffee Table

White living room with gold tray

A coffee table tray is a great place to sprinkle in a few mini Christmas trees and add a touch of holiday charm in unexpected places. Consider a bottle brush tree or a small wicker one that won't be too top heavy and get in the way of the functional requirements of your coffee table.

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Pick a Color

Christmas tree with blue star

Whether it's all white or another bolder color, consider picking a single color (or two) and sticking with it throughout your holiday decor. Here, a lovely small Christmas tree is adorned with bright white elements and a single blue star to give it a super monochrome feel.

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Swap the Flowers

Table with a tree

A potted tree is a lovely alternative to the traditional floral centerpiece. Use a fun clay pot to add a little bit of color or put a colorful star atop the tree. Either way, we love this unexpected way to decorate a table when you have guests over this holiday.

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Don't Forget the Kitchen

Small tree in a kitchen

We know counter space is a luxury, but if you have a little extra to spare consider decorating your kitchen for the holidays. A rustic, minimal tree is a lovely option for a corner countertop to ensure your holiday festivities continue throughout the home.

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Consider Garland

Garland on a small tree

If you thought garland was too traditional, think again. We love this adorable DIY garland using colorful balls. It's a great way to add a whimsical feel to your home this holiday and works well in nearly any room in your house.

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Consider Wooden Trees

Fireplace with small trees

Finding the perfect fireplace mantle decoration can be a challenge if you want something unique and eye-catching. We love these adorable white wooden Christmas trees that work as the perfect fireplace mantle decor.

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Fill Every Nook

small christmas tree ideas - christmas tree under the stairs

In this sweet, under-the-stairs space, a tiny tree warms up a cozy nook. Paired with a fluffy white rug, this space works year-round, but turns extra festive during the holiday season.

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