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Article: 6 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

6 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

arched mirro wall mirro bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Arched Bathroom Mirror

Ah, the bathroom. While we utilize this space every day—multiple times a day—it’s often one of the last spaces we consider when it comes to decorating. However, it’s quite easy to transform your loo from a so-so space into something quite luxe looking in just a few simple steps.

Below are some key rules to follow if you want to make your bathroom shine—and best of all, these tips are renter-friendly, too.

01 Add Wallpaper

rectangular mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Modern Rectangular Bathroom Mirror 

Hanging removable wallpaper removable wall paper is easy, renter-friendly, and will make all the difference in your space. The best part about decorating a bathroom is that, because the space is small, you can select a bold print that you may abstain from using elsewhere without having to worry about selecting corresponding furniture or creating a room that’s too busy looking.

If your bathroom has tiles, you can still decorate around them by hanging a border if the walls allow.

02 Decant Your Products

arched mirror wall mirror bathroom arched mirror matte black arched mirror

ANDY STAR Matte Black Modern Arched Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Toss unsightly, crinkly packaging and pick up cute glass or plastic containers that you can use to house bath salts, cotton balls, Q-tips, and the like. In fact, you may notice that stores such as TJ Maxx sell bath products such as these pre-packaged in chic glass jars for just $5 or so, making this look even easier to achieve.

Cluster a few of these jars together on your shelf for easy access or stash them in your medicine cabinet if you’re using them to house products that you reach for less frequently, such as backup beauty blenders or extra lip balms. Your space will look thoughtful and elegant as a result.

03 Showcase Your Pretties

Perfumes on display in bathroom.

Let’s face it: not all bathroom products are super exciting to look at—I’m looking at you, cheap pack of razors—but items such as perfume bottles can be quite beautiful and can make a stylish statement if displayed nicely.

I’m a major perfume enthusiast and enjoy displaying my collections on a marble tray on one of my bathroom shelves. It makes me happy to walk into the loo and spot all of my favorite bottles, and it ensures that I never forget exactly what I own since everything is in plain view. It doesn’t matter whether you purchased your fragrances on sale or have had them for years—glass bottles automatically appear luxe and special.

04 And Hide the Rest

White farmhouse bathroom.

Receptacles such as wicker baskets are your best friend. My bathroom doesn’t have under-sink storage, rather, it has three large medicine cabinets and three small shelves. One shelf is dedicated to housing pretties like the perfumes, but the other two serve a functional purpose.

I repurposed two woven baskets I already owned and put them to work here. Not sure what to place inside? It’s simple: use them to hold anything that you want to keep out of sight, such as backup prescription bottles, feminine products, you name it. On one of my shelves, a basket holds all of my hair tools, my beloved Beachwaver, a hairdryer, a straightener, and the straightener I purchased while living abroad in the UK that I’ve held onto for international travel. Surprisingly, everything fits in a small basket and is easy to grab as needed.

Many people leave hair tools such as these in plain sight—resting to the side of the sink, for example, which can make a bathroom resemble a sorority house all too easily. Curate a sophisticated, adult space by hiding such items when they’re not in use.

As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about accidentally wetting cords or damaging these expensive appliances, either.

Employ Seating

Bathroom with stools.

If space allows, purchase seating or a lidded ottoman—preferably in a material other than fabric, which can easily get stained—and put it to work. Use a piece such as this one to house extra toilet paper or hand towels so that they’re within reach but hidden from sight.

Depending on the setup of your bathroom, you may also be able to use this as vanity seating. Either way, it will allow you to toss unsightly bulk toilet paper packaging which can make a loo look sloppy.

ANDY STAR Modern Bathroom Brass Gold Pivot Mirror

In one of my past rentals, the medicine cabinet came off the wall easily, and my landlord was willing to stash it for me so that I could hang a beautiful vintage mirror that I had thrifted as a replacement. The walls in that bathroom were exposed brick, so I loved how the ornate brass mirror popped against them—it quickly put the old, rusty cabinet that was previously there to shame.

Of course, that meant seeking out other storage solutions as a result—I purchased a small standing cabinet to house my day-to-day products—but, the aesthetic impact was totally worth sacrificing a bit of shelf space.

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