5 Full-Length Mirrors That Are So Pretty They Double as Art

Mirrors play an important role in any home—and perhaps no mirror is as important as the full-length mirror. Sure, over-the-sink mirrors are vital additions to bathrooms, and decorative mirrors have their strengths. But the full-length mirror does something no other piece of home decor does: It gives you a head-to-toe glimpse of yourself while also making your whole space appear larger—and it looks really good at it.

While many home goods are either pretty or practical, the full-length mirror manages to be both at once. Its imposing size makes it a striking addition to any space, but it never feels out of place. Plus there are so many styles to choose from, each offering function and form in equal measure.

Here, the best full-length mirrors.

Minimalist Rectangular Full-length Mirror

rectangular floor mirror, full-length mirror

When it comes to full-length mirrors, function is just as important as form—and the rectangular full-length mirror from ANDY STAR offers both in equal measure. The sleek mirror is a little more than 4 feet tall, so it's the perfect size for mounting on your wall. Hang it in a spot that feels a little sparse, or make it the focal point of a gallery wall. Because the mirror’s silhouette is clean and graphic, it’ll fit seamlessly into just about any space.


Monet Water Lilies Hand-painted Frame Full-length Mirror

hand-pained frame mirror, monet water lilies hand-painted mirror

If you like the artistic look, you'll love this Monet Water Lilies leaning mirror from MOON MIRROR. Crafted by artisans, this mirror is made of wood with an aesthetic hand-painted finish, giving it an attractive look that's especially suitable for small spaces.

Of course, that means it's also impressively versatile. Use this mirror as a complementary piece to bright colors and bold patterns elsewhere in the room. Either way, this mirror is a winner.


Van Gogh Series Floor Mirror

floor mirror, full length mirror, hand-pained frame mirror

If you’re a fan of Van Gogh, you’re at the right place, we put Van Goth’s Starry Night, Cafe Terrance at Night, and Irises into the frame of our mirror, making it an attractive home decor piece. Displayed art is home decor's cherry on top, here, the combination of mirror and Van Gogh’s masterpiece guarantee a stuuning result. 





Classic Gold Full-length Mirror

gold frame floor mirror

Looking for a classic gold full-length mirror? You can’t go wrong with ANDY STAR’s Gold Frame Floor Mirror. This versatile piece is exactly 4 feet tall, and its sleek gold frame is crafted from hand-sculpted steel. The mirror’s frame is indented, but not ornate, making it feel like traditional-meets-mid-century modern. But because the design is so understated, you could just as easily pair it with another aesthetic.


Sleek Black Frame Floor Mirror

black floor mirror full-length mirror

ANDY STAR’s black-frame floor mirror is an easy addition to any space. The 4-foot-tall piece is crafted from metal, giving it a minimalist yet contemporary look. The round corner and sleek frame details complement each other beautifully, making this mirror a particularly versatile find.


This mirror would be right at home next to a collection of plants, a vibrant armchair—even a sleek, mid-century bed. So put it wherever you need it, and rest assured knowing it’ll fit right in. 

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