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Article: Why Design Loves a Mirror

Why Design Loves a Mirror

Why Design Loves a Mirror

These versatile surfaces reflect and deceive in equal measures. Here are some of the things they can do for your space.

Mirrors date back to ancient times when shiny metals and still pools of water were used to see one’s own image. However, mirrors are more than shards of glass that reflect the image in front. Designers long ago discovered the wonderful properties of mirrors and have used them not only to reflect but also to hide and even deceive.

The modern-day silver glass mirror, invented in 1835 by German chemist Justus von Liebig, allows for the mass use of mirrors at an affordable price and has unleashed the imagination of designers ever since. Here’s why designers love them.

bedroom mirror mirror wall mirror


1. They magnify space. Mirrors are an excellent way to make a small space feel larger. The interior designers have used a variety of techniques to give this bedroom more visual space. The mirrors are installed floor to ceiling and in slim vertical panels. This technique is important as the mirror will reflect the floor and the ceiling, giving the illusion that the space is larger than it is in reality.

mirror wall mirror kitchen mirror

2. They reflect views. Most kitchen designs place the sink on the counter adjacent to the window, providing light and a view to the outside world. However, there are times when design dictates that the kitchen is situated in a corner devoid of outside windows. A mirrored back-splash acts as one long window, reflecting a view and allowing light to bounce off for the task at hand. You can also cook while looking into the mirror and having a conversation with guests seated at the island bench.

mirror wall mirror entry mirror


3. They add interest.  The moon mirror in the entry providing cthe hance to check your teeth before you venture out into the world, as well as turns actually into an entry light, heling lighten up the darker entry area. 

mirror bedroom mirror


4. They create a stunning backdrop. When the practice was commissioned to modernize this period home and open up dark rooms without losing the essence of its history. A technique we used and discussed previously was to install full-length mirrors on either side of the bedroom lamp. The mirrors provide a transparent backdrop to display the beautiful lamp while also reflecting light into the now bright room.

mirror wall mirror home office mirror


5. They can reinforce a style. To enhance the architectural features of a space and complement the style of this home office, we selected a mirror with oil-painting frame. The mirror, along with the drawings on the wall and the floor light, was enough to provide the artistic atmosphere.

gym mirror mirror wall mirror

 6. They motivate. This gymnasium is not designed to make the room feel large, but to allow users to reflect on their exercise technique and gain inspiration at the results they have achieved.

full-length mirror


7. They give you a preview. There is nothing more functional than a full-length mirror  to let you stop, admire, contemplate and change your mind about that perfect outfit. At their most basic, mirrors allow you to see yourself exactly how you are. They are functional and add a bit of that glamorous clothing store couture appeal.

mirror moon mirror wall mirror

 8. They bring surprise to a garden. Mirrors in gardens are like small portholes to a hidden world. Although seldom seen in gardens, they’re very effective at camouflaging themselves into the landscape, adding visual interest and curiosity, and extending the boundaries of any garden space.


Tell us: Have you used mirrors in your home in an interesting way? Attach a photo or share your thoughts in the Comments.

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