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Article: 11 Mirror Decor Ideas That Will Reflect Your Personal Style

11 Mirror Decor Ideas That Will Reflect Your Personal Style

11 Mirror Decor Ideas That Will Reflect Your Personal Style

Mirror is  an significant decor item in any house, no matter your style, as their designs and functions run the whole environment. Some mirrors are merely used for decorating your space while others are used strategically for reflecting lights, serve as an organizational piece to make a room looks larger. Made with unique materials, colors and shapes, mirrors can improve a room's decoration style in so many ways.There are an inexhaustible number of mirror ideas. So we sorted out 11 ways to utilize these beautiful mirrors, to the greatest extent, to your decorating advantage.

1. Make your room looks bigger by putting up mirrors on the wall.

A mirror can be a small home’s best friend, especially when you’re only working with 360 square feet. Mirrors from Andy Star® feature mirrors in both the bedroom and living area, which can trick the brain into thinking a room is grander than it is—perfect for those of us with big taste on a small budget.

2. Putting mirrors in the place of art.

We love a pop of art on the walls as much as the next person, but the luminoue mirror is proof that a mirror can have just as much visual impact. We brought one gorgeous mirror that serve several purposes in the space and feel right at home with the neutral color palette.

3. Use a mirror to speak for you.

A statement mirror is just the thing to make a room sing—especially when it’s a unique find. This Romantic Moon features a covet-worthy romantic environment by the owner that he found the mirror brings a mod touch to this retro-inspired space. 

4. Create a combination of mirror and green plant.

You may not assume that mirrors and plants go hand-in-hand, but this woderful picture has proven otherwise. Embellishing a mirror with a green plant  and surrounding it with planters is a style choice worth trying.

5. Searching for the light.

Round mirrors aren’t just for looks. Mount one in an advantageous spot on your wall, and it’ll throw natural light around a space unlike anything else.

6. Consider the mirror as an indispensable accessory.

If you don’t have the room to go big, something smaller, like this rounded mirror, also works. It’s just large enough for a last-minute lipstick check!

7. Select a multipuepose mirror.

Find a deep enough rectangular frame for your mirror, and you can use it as a decoration. This kind of setup also works great near a door or in lieu of a makeup vanity in a bedroom.

8. Bring a pop of the unimaginable with a matte iron mirror.

This matte black rounded corner style is a real beauty. These kinds of metal framed mirrors are popping up more and more in bathrooms over traditional vanity mirrors and medicine cabinets, especially in small spaces. The overall look is more modern, even when installed over subway tile. Plus, it’s way lighter and more airy than something bulky and wooden. And again, that little shelf at the base of the piece is a nice little bonus feature.

9. Choose the oversize.

You could also get a big (and I mean HUGE) old mirror, put it behind your sofa, and call it a day. It’s the kind of thing you’d see in a swanky hotel—a real one and done. Plus, it’s a great way to anchor the hanging seat with minimal effort.

10. Go for a unique headboard.

Find the Jupiter mirror, hang it side by side and—voila!—an artsy, one-of-a-kind headboard. Pile on the pillows so you’re not totally sacrificing the comfort of an upholstered headboard.

11. Apply an attraction near your bed.

Larger rectangular mirrors aren’t just for living rooms. This bedside application bedside application is the perfect place to shoot your #OOTD—or just check out what you’re wearing.

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