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Article: How to mount an ANDY STAR® bathroom mirror?

How to mount an ANDY STAR® bathroom mirror?
mirror mounting

How to mount an ANDY STAR® bathroom mirror?

Why choose ANDY STAR mirrors?

In the past 20 years, we are producing and keep thinking what’s the best mirror for most people. Now we are the top brand in the wall-mounted mirror catalog.

ANDY STAR® mirror highlight:

  1. Excellent quality with premium materials and fine craft for long life.
  2. Simple and classic design can match most house styles
  3. Not a heavy economic burden
  4. Easily become an eye catcher no matter where the mirror is installed
  5. Service is guaranteed.
bathroom mirror wall mirror

Thick and premium-quality mirror is framed in stainless steel for unrivaled strength.
Shape: rectangle, round, oval available
Finish features: matte black, brass, brushed/polished nickel available.
Various size: 20x28'', 22x30'', 24x36'', 30x40'', 18x48'', 22x55'' available.
Mounting hardware is included.

After you buy and get the ANDY STAR Bathroom mirror, you will need take next step.

How to install a heavy metal frame mirror with hardwares?

Please don't feel worry, we will provide clear instructions to make the job much easier:

Firstly, check any missing hardware: Before you file a missing hardware claim,please check the box again carefully,the parts are put in a red bag. If your order arrived without all of its hardware, please contact us and it will be shipped out to you as soon as possible.


Email: /

Then, let's check the sturdy structure of the mirror. The thick MDF board is surrounded by the stainless steel frame and fixed by a lot of nails, which make the full structure stable and safe to use, also the weight can reach to 20LBS or more based on the sizes.

The mounting system is actually simple, 4 hooks on the backboard allow the mirror to be hung by horizontally or vertically.

andy star mirror backboard

1.Position And Outline

Measure the distance between the two holes. Hold the entire

miror at your desired position on the wall and outline the hole

positions using a pencil. Make sure these marks are level.

2. Secure the supplied hooks with nail together to your wall before

hanging the mirror.

3. Raise the mirror above the hooks, carefully lower the mirror to keep

backside D-hooks onto the wall hooks.

Tips: our mirror is hand-crafed at some steps, so the hooks may have

1-2mm level difference in some case, you can adjust the hooks position

accordingly on the wall, it will not affect the mounting and safety. 

The installation guide finish, but if you still feel a little confuse, don't worry,

we also provide the installation video for your watching.

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