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Article: 12 Simple Bathroom Ideas That Are so Fresh and so Clean

12 Simple Bathroom Ideas That Are so Fresh and so Clean

12 Simple Bathroom Ideas That Are so Fresh and so Clean

simple bathroom ideas

One doesn't need a sprawling bathroom with ornate fixtures and marble everything to have a beautiful and functional space. In fact, sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest: a seamless vanity, a round mirror, minimal wall-mounted fixtures, a single brass sconce. All these details are seemingly simple in style and execution but have the power to entirely transform a room. 

Are you planning a bathroom renovation or simply looking to enhance the look of it with simple cosmetic changes or accessories? Sometimes, a little inspiration goes a long way, which is where we come in. We rounded up our favorite simple bathroom ideas that can give your space a luxurious relaxing space that you feel good in. 

Do you need more storage? Are you switching up your accessories? Maybe you're changing your vanity, floors, or doing a complete gut-renovation? Whatever improvements you're looking to make in your space, we bet you these simple bathroom ideas will get you there.

Minimalist Bathrooms

Small bathrooms lend themselves well to a minimalist décor since a simple clutter-free space always feels bigger. In this Amagansett beach house, interior designer Jessica Helgerson used a minimal wall-mounted vanity with a storage medicine cabinet and minimalist hex and subway tiles. She accented everything with a brass sconce and hook for a fresh effortless look.

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

This minimalist New York bathroom boasts plenty of storage space in a stylish double vanity with seamless blue-gray cabinets that features circular cutouts instead of hardware. The circle shape is used again in the round mirror above the vanity, making this space by Studio DB elegant and striking. 

Best Minimalist Bathrooms

In this large Los Angeles bathroom by Studio LifeStyle, a separate room, divided by an arched double door, is used for the soaking tub. Marble walls and floor are accessorized with magnolia branches, a simple hardwood stool, a Fouta towel, and a single sea sponge creating a dreamy, spa-like retreat.

Minimalist Bathroom Décor

In Malibu, this impressive space by Alexander Design is centered around the incredible ocean views and seagrasses outside. The walls and floor are finished in a cement texture, and the double-shower and soaking tub are in prime position to admire the uninterrupted views. In the back, a large vanity is finished with Apparatus Studio sconces, and the space is softened with a vintage Moroccan rug.

Minimalist Bathroom Design

Down under, this ultra-minimalist bathroom by architecture firm Robson Rark boasts beautiful seamless birch cabinets and a thick marble slab countertop. The room is finished with a light gray finish and black fixtures, creating a sleek monochrome space that still feels warm and inviting. A true masterpiece.

Minimal Bathrooms

Who wouldn't want to start each morning is this stunning marble double-shower? This masterpiece by L.A.-based firm Studio LifeStyle is complete with black shower fixtures, a built-in shelf, and hooks for bath towels, so all the essentials are right in place where this should be. After all, what is luxury if it isn't the meeting of functionality and beauty?

Minimal Bathroom Ideas

With a view like this one, who even needs a complicated design? Studio DB took full advantage of this unbeatable view of the Manhattan skyline to center the freestanding tub and globe chandelier in a calming marble and travertine monochrome environment. We're positively charmed.

Best Minimal Bathrooms

In a Downtown L.A. loft, Alexander Design floated a dramatic marble freestanding tub in the middle of a large bathroom featuring industrial windows, white-painted brick walls, and a concrete floor. The space was accessorized with monochrome Fouta towels, wooden stools, and woven baskets to enhance the welcoming factor.

Minimal Bathroom Décor

In this petite powder room, Studio DB used a simple marble countertop and monochrome light gray walls as a backdrop for simple brass accents. The whole space is finished with a stunning wood and brass wall sconce from Workstead and a couple of simple bath accessories.

Minimal Bathroom Design

This bathroom is a masterpiece if we've ever seen one. Studio DB had the brilliant idea to anchor the freestanding tub against the double shower wall with a marbled floor and wall, creating continuity between the two wet spaces. On the shower side, cream Zellige tiles offset the beautiful antiqued brass fixtures to create a calming and elegant space.

How to Decorate a Minimalist Bathroom

Robson Rak just knows how to make small bathrooms stand out. In this petite powder room, a mosaic of gray square tiles anchors a beautiful wall-mounted terrazzo vanity with wall-mounted brass fixtures. A single pendant acts as a lighting source in lieu of traditional wall sconces, and a narrow brass mirror that complements the vanity perfectly.

How to Decorate a Minimal Bathroom

In this stunning his-and-hers bathroom by Studio DB, the doorway separates the two vanities, creating an inventive layout that's not typically found in bathrooms and creating a beautiful symmetry that makes the space feel balanced and calm. Standout oval brass sconces and rectangular mirrors frame the two walls flanking the door creating the effect of architectural detailing, while the beautiful thick marble slab vanities make a statement of their own.

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