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Article: 14 Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Ideas You're Going to Love

14  Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Ideas You're Going to Love

14 Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Ideas You're Going to Love

Oversized or understated, contemporary or old-world inspired, maximalist or minimalist, a bathroom's vanity can be anything you want it to be. It can be the place where you spend hours pampering yourself morning and night or a pitstop for a quick refresher. It can be a place you share with your children or significant other or a space you call all your own.

Whatever you need your bathroom vanity space to be, we have the inspiration to help it live up to its full potential. Scroll through for 14 designs you'll want to copy ASAP.


01 Maximize Your Storage

bathroom vanity

Drawers are great for storing smaller items, while cabinets make it easy to hide away taller products. On the other hand, shelves are wonderful for displaying your favorite products. But, when you combine all of the above, it makes for a vanity that holds everything you need to get ready in the morning and wind down at night.


02 Work Your Angles

arched mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror black frame bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Black Frame Arched Bathroom Mirror 


If you're working with an awkward nook or an odd-shaped powder room, do yourself a favor and embrace it. Accentuate it with bold wallpaper and play up the angles with equally angular pieces like a hexagon vanity mirror and pyramid-shaped sconce.


03 Throw Some Stones

Stone countertops are always a stunning addition to any bathroom vanity. With every piece boasting a unique pattern and colors, materials like marble, soapstone, and travertine bring a one-of-a-kind elegance like only stone can.

04 Embrace Some Brass
bathroom vanities

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Rectangular Mirror


When designing a space, the best way to create a cohesive flow is to choose one finish and run with it. This gorgeous bathroom pairs brass sink fixtures with both the mirror and sconces, as well as the exposed pipes under the sink.


05 Have a Statement Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

ANDY STAR 30" Circle Brushed Gold Bathroom Mirror 


A large mirror mounted at your bathroom vanity serves as more than just a tool in your primping routine. Such a large reflective surface also helps create the illusion of a larger space.

If you're limited on square footage, consider adding an oversized mirror over your bathroom sink for a larger-than-life look.


06 Think Of a Themebathroom mirror wall mirror

ANDY STAR Hexagon Brass Gold Wall Mirror

We love a good theme—picking one you love and running with it always makes for a show-stopping design. This powder room is a stunner from the accent hexagon brass gold metal frame mirror.

07 Have Something Old, Something New


We love a transformational before and after, but there are some instances where working with good bones makes for a spectacular finale. This bathroom incorporates both original elements, like a circle antique bathroom mirror with new ones like porcelain tile and modern pendant lights.


08 Tickle Your Fancy

 ANDY STAR Black Frame Circle Bathroom Mirror


It's pretty amazing what some molding, metallic accents, and a deep, opulent shade of dark tile wall can do. Transform even the tiniest, simplest of powder rooms into one worthy of a palace.


09 Warm Things Up

bathroom vanity

ANDY STAR 30" Circle Matte Black Bathroom Mirror 


Incorporating warm tones into your bathroom gives you instant zen vibes. Warm up your vanity with cedar drawers and rose-toned marble countertops, paired with brass fixtures for a space that feels totally spa-worthy.


10 Break Out the Backsplash

ANDY STAR Brush Gold Rectangular Mirror 


While backsplashes are typically reserved for kitchen areas, this vanity proves that extending the material of your countertops up the wall can look incredibly chic, luxe, and doesn't feel the least bit like a kitchen.


11 Create a One-Color Wonder

bathroom vanity

 ANDY STAR 30" Circle Brushed Silver Bathroom Mirror 


Listen, we love a colorful design with an extended color palette, but sometimes, a monochromatic paint job incorporating a single hue feels a million times cooler. A rich tone, like this forest green, on both the walls and vanity looks modern and impossibly chic.


12 Channel Geometry Class

When it comes to designing your bathroom, it's the little details that really count. We love how this design incorporates cohesive geometric shapes throughout. Notice how the square shade of the vanity pairs with the squares on this wallpaper print, while the round mirror complements the half circles.

13 Go for Minimal Maximalism

When you think of maxiemalist style, tons of color, eclectic prints, metallic fixtures, and texture overload may come to mind. However, this space is proof that you can have a maximalist design feel surprisingly understated.

The muted color palette of this vanity downplays the special touches hidden throughout, from the chevron wall tiles to the marble countertops and array of light fixtures to the oversized mirror.


14 Embrace Small But Mighty


You don't need unlimited square footage to create the bathroom vanity of your dreams. This small powder room vanity boasts big-time style from the classic wainscoting and vintage light fixture, to the marble sink and gorgeous floor.

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