15 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

beautiful bathrooms

We always like to have a project or two in mind when it comes to home improvement. And this time around, a bathroom remodel is definitely in order. If you're feeling the same way—and aren't terribly inspired by the parade of white subway tile that seems to be ever-present in many renovations—then read on. While any bathroom should be highly functional (especially if it's limited in the square footage department—and let's face it, many are), there's nonetheless plenty of opportunity to play around with print and pattern through the use of tile and wallpaper.

Not feeling on board for something so bold? No worries—we've rounded up inspiration for channeling a serene, zen-like vibe in the bathroom as well. Restrained color palettes and nature-inspired textures are a surefire way to achieve an instantly relaxing space without sacrificing a bit of that "wow factor". So rest assured—whether you opt for statement-making or subtly refined, if you take your cues from these top-notch bathroom remodels, you'll be on the right track.

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Palm Perfection

beautiful bathrooms

Good design is all in the details—as this palm-y powder room proves. While the wallpaper is undeniably bold, the look could have easily tipped toward Traditional with the wide wainscoting...if not for the eye-popping art print. We love how surprisingly versatile even a statement-making wallpaper print can be when anchored in more classic elements like a marble vanity and high-polished silver hardware.

Dark & Dreamy

beautiful bathrooms

Pro-tip: attempting an all-black bathroom is only for the bold (and those with adequate natural lighting). But if you can achieve it, it's sure to be a stunner for years to come. This bathroom is the epitome of luxe with its floor-to-ceiling marble and high-contrast soaking tub. Natural elements, like the rough-hewn stool, keep it from feeling overly "glam"—but there's no denying it's indulgent in its own right.

Nautical By Nature

beautiful bathrooms

Transforming preppy standards—like geometric shapes and nautical hues—into something decidedly rebellious is something of a party trick...and this bathroom has mastered it. By layer classic motifs, you can tip them into maximalist territory. Try it yourself by pairing a stately wallpaper with a gold-framed mirror that's a little "extra"...and then continue with bold pops of color to complete the look.

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Serene Scene

beautiful bathrooms

Sometimes, simplicity is the biggest achievement of all. This dreamy bathroom does so much with the "less is more" look, by layering in natural textures that feel opulent even in their restraint. A neutral palette is perfect for this look, but we love the decision to include just a *hint* of shine with the sculptural faucets—a small detail that really makes the space.

Art Safari

beautiful bathrooms

Looking for an unconventional place to express yourself? Even a minuscule bathroom offers plenty of opportunities—as this space clearly illustrates. An eclectic mix of colors, textures and shapes gives this half-bath plenty of personality. Even the most "blah" rental bathroom can be transformed—if you take a little inspiration from this space. So much of the color and texture in this bathroom comes from easy-to-swap-out accents, like the mirror and light fixture.

Wallpaper can be landlord-friendly, if you opt for the removable peel-and-stick variety (just make sure it's rated to stand up to damp spaces, or save it for the half-bath instead of a room with a shower).

The New Natural

beautiful bathrooms

This subdued space checks every box in our book—from the midcentury-chic chandelier to the clever uses of mixed metals to the richly textural vanity, it's firing on all cylinders. But what we admire most is the ability to balance relaxing natural elements—the wood wallcoverings, the sleek marble tub surround—with more character-filled details like the sconces and uniquely sculptural shower. The result is soothing without ever being boring—a true win.

Room in Bloom

beautiful bathrooms

Even if you're not ready for a full-on remodel, there are ways to make your existing bathroom work for you. We've seen 1960s standards like pink or mint ceramic tile re-contextualized beautifully—it's just a matter of making them appear intentional, rather than outdated. Peppering in bold accents that pick up on the color scheme already present is a great way to start.

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Stand Or Soak

beautiful bathrooms

Soaking tubs are one of our favorite design indulgences, but nobody would call them space-efficient. Until now, that is. This seamless shower-tub combo makes smart use of limited square-footage...to great effect. Not only does merging the shower and tub in this way look beautiful (and allow for even more showing off when it comes to the stunning marble), but we think this design gives the homeowner a leg-up—literally, since the tub sides make for a handy perch for shaving while you shower.

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beautiful bathrooms

We'll always fall for high-contrast black and white, but this sparse space takes it to the next level. A pared-down vanity with bowl-style double sinks makes for a surprisingly compelling focal point, proving that sometimes, less really *is* more.

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beautiful bathrooms

Classic and Eclectic are two looks that are generally at odds with one another—but not here. In fact, the apparent contradiction in terms is the best way we could think to describe this space, which mixes traditional elements like a black and white checkerboard floor and a claw-foot tub with antique wall sconces and midcentury-tinged mirrors.

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Frame Narrative

beautiful bathrooms

We're staunchly in favor of framed artwork in the bathroom—but in this striking space, the bathroom is the artwork. A glamorous gold frame elevates this dazzling shower enclosure to a gallery-worthy view...and raises the question" what else should we be framing as a focal point in our homes?

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Wood & Whimsy

beautiful bathrooms

Now this is how you do whimsical without overdoing it. An unexpected woodgrain motif wallpaper brings just a hint of tongue-in-cheek personality to this understated bathroom, which keeps things traditional elsewhere with simple tile and a timeless white quartz vanity.

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Midcentury Mod

beautiful bathrooms

Another all-black bathroom we love, this space really shines on the vanity front. Midcentury dowel legs hold aloft this substantial marble basin, playing with proportions and juxtaposing the super-sleek look of the surroundings with something a little more quirky.

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Laquered & Luxe

beautiful bathrooms

A masterclass in how to achieve a black bathroom without it feeling dark and dingy, this space uses a bold mix of textures to add depth and visual interest (and definitely keeps things interesting). Gleaming gold accents complete the look, punctuating the "eye spy" game of various geometric shapes you can spot around the space.

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Retro Redux

beautiful bathrooms

If you thought the soft pink bathroom was a thing of the midcentury past, think again. This dreamy space proves it's possible to update the color palette for modern times—with a few thoughtful design choices. Best of all, we love how the blue tile floor grounds the look and prevents it from feeling overly feminine—so take notes, renovation-happy couples.

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