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Article: 20 Contemporary Bathroom Ideas to Modernize Your Space

contemporary bathroom ideas

20 Contemporary Bathroom Ideas to Modernize Your Space

Contemporary style can mean different things to different dwellers, but generally speaking, modern design incorporates of-the-moment materials and up-to-date design trends. If you can find it all over your Instagram feed and flooding your Pinterest boards as of late, chances are it's current, aka contemporary.
As if creating a space that's worthy of posting isn't renovation motivation enough, opting for a modern bathroom design aesthetic—think sleek lines, natural materials, a neutral color palette, gilded finishes, and minimalist undertones—is the best way to balance today's trends with elements you'll love for years to come. And the best part is the look is one that suits spaces and budgets, both large and small. 
Whether you're planning a total overhaul or you just want to update your bathroom on a limited budget and schedule, these modern bathroom design ideas inspire your next makeover.

1. Stick With A Neutral Color Scheme

bathroom mirror

This bathroom is the epitome of a contemporary color scheme. The bright white base, accented by cool grays and blacks, and tied together with warm woody shades will remain on trend for years to come.


2. Use Black Fixtures

minimalist bathroom decor idea

A bathroom doesn't need to be completely gutted and renovated from floor to ceiling to make an impact. Something as simple and swapping all the fixtures in your white bathroom to black hardware is an easy, but visually striking contemporary update.


3. Get Creative With Tile Layouts

rectangular mirror ideas

We're huge fans of the subway-tile look lately, but this bathroom displays a new way to lay the classic porcelain look. Installing them in a basket weave layout (mixing vertical and horizontal application) looks fresh and new.


4. Mix Metallic Accents

silver nickel rectanguar bathroom mirror

Who said you can't mix metals when designing a space? This bathroom seamlessly combines brass fixtures with a silver mirror frame and gold lighting accents, making this a modern retreat.


5. Try Floor-To-Ceiling Tile

tiled walls for bathroom

Aside from your kitchen, there are few rooms in your home that can handle a floor-to-ceiling tile installation. When's the last time you saw tiled walls in a living room? Do yourself a favor and use that to your advantage. The end result will look so expensive and totally polished.

6. Paint Your Bathroom Black

black bathroom ideas

There's no better way to modernize a space than to paint it in the darkest shade of black. Shiny surfaces and metallic accents bring light to this moody space, making it feel so luxe and not the least bit washed out.

7. When In Doubt, Choose Marble

bathroom decor ideas

It's no secret, marble is the material of the moment. While expensive, this floor-to-ceiling install is one-way ticket to the contemporary bathroom of your dreams. If the budget allows, you can add a contrasting black marble to the floors for a design that will impress guests for decades to come.


8. Let Your Tile Do The Talking

tile for bathroom

If there are two things that scream contemporary design, it's chevron application and marble material. This shower incorporates both in the most modern display we've seen in a while.

9. Stick With Clean Lines

modern bathroom mirror ideas

This bathroom reigns supreme in the clean-lines department. From the vanity to the shower, to the mirror, every angle in this bathroom sits neatly at a 90 degree, and it's satisfying every ounce of our contemporary cravings.

10. Install A Striking Shower Setup

bathroom mirror ideas

Glass shower doors are a modern step up from the traditional shower curtain, but this French-inspired industrial look with black metal window panes screams contemporary design.


11. Incorporate Cool Tones

modern minimalist bathroom ideas

This light and airy bathroom is proof that color can still feel contemporary. Work with cool tones like this forest green vanity and deep navy tile floors to keep things looking fresh and new.

12. Give Your Vanity A Refresh

black white bathroom mirror

It doesn't matter what era your bathroom vanity is from, a simple paint job and some new hardware is all you need to breathe new life into it. We especially love this modern black and white color combo.


13. Mix Materials

modern bathroom mirror ideas

Picking the materials of your bathroom renovation is a delicate dance, but when working with a contemporary space, the sky is the limit. Mix metals with stone, glass, and wood for an end result that is undeniably modern.

14. Keep Things Minimal

modern minimalist bathroom decor ideas

Whether you're working with a ton of square footage or a small powder room, keeping things minimal will instantly modernize a space. This achromatic space with a tidy setup is all the inspiration you need for a simple weekend refresh.

15. Stick With Black And White

modern bathroom mirror ideas

This super simple color scheme is anything but boring. From the black vanity to the matte faucets and mirror frames, paired with clean white walls and countertops, this contemporary space proves less can sometimes be more.

16. Skip The Clawfoot Tub

bathroom tub ideas

We love a clawfoot tub as much as the next interior enthusiast, but when you're going for an updated look, skip the classic go-to. Instead, install a more modern-looking freestanding tub like this one.

17. Invest In Unique Pieces

illuminated bathroom mirror

The right purchase could change the entire look and feel of any room. This lighted mirror that doubles as a faucet is not only contemporary, it's totally unique and eye-catching.


18. Keep It Simple

modern bathroom mirror ideas

If we're being totally honest, a bathroom doesn't need a whole lot to look Instaworthy. Set out only the essentials for an overall clean and simple (almost-Scandinavian) style.


19. Let Your Textures Do The Talking

bathroom ideas

You don't need a ton of color to give your space the visual interest you're seeking. If you're sticking with shades of white and grey, choose your textures wisely. The vertical subway tile, paired with woodgrain floors and shiny glass shower doors do the trick, without the need for loud hues.

20. Show Your Guests The Light

bathroom decor ideas

It seems lighting fixtures get much more love in spaces like the dining room and kitchen. However, this setup is a reminder that the bathroom is equally worthy of displaying a beautiful pendant light.


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