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Article: 20 Cozy and Inviting Farmhouse Entryway Ideas You're Going to Love

20 Cozy and Inviting Farmhouse Entryway Ideas You're Going to Love

20 Cozy and Inviting Farmhouse Entryway Ideas You're Going to Love

Farmhouse entryway

Farmhouse style is a laid-back personality in décor form. It’s full of charm and character,neutral color palettes, and carefree vibes. There is no better spot in your house to emphasize farmhouse style than the entryway, which welcomes guests (and you!) into a warm, inviting space—perfect for coming home to after a trying day, or perfect for showing guests what a warm, relaxed host you are.  

Whether that means shiplap walls or wood accents, vintage art, or a place to store your Wellington boots, there are plenty of ways, both big and small, to introduce a farmhouse feel into your entryway. Scroll on for a few of our favorites.

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Create a Space to Sit

Farmhouse entryway

There are two important aspects of any entryway: a comfortable spot to sit and take your shoes off, and a mirror to get one last lipstick check before leaving the house. This Interior Impressions-designed space has both, creating a cozy farmhouse-style entryway that is nothing but inviting.

Stick With a Neutral Color Palette

Farmhouse entryway

ANDY STAR Modern Entryway Wall Decor Circle Mirror 

Shades of grey, sand and natural wood make for an ultra-elegant farmhouse entryway. (Bonus: tonal color palettes are easy to accessorize too!)

Take inspiration from this Styleberry Creative entryway, which employed that palette, as well as an oversized mirror and utilitarian baskets to make for an enviable farmhouse entryway.

Hang Vintage Art

Farmhouse entryway


Wondering what art to hang in your entryway? Here's one great idea: hit up your local vintage shops for painted portraits, just as KT2 Design Group did in this entryway.

They can be framed or unframed—the unframed look of an art piece makes it feel down-to-earth and a bit unfinished, just as a farmhouse entryway should be.

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Keep It Simple

Farmhouse entryway

Sometimes it’s best to pare it back, a motto that can be applied to all parts of your life. Instead of an elaborate entryway set-up,Marie Flanigan Interiors kept this home’s first impression sweet and simple, with just a chair to sit and take off your shoes. Wouldn’t want those rain boots tracking through the house.

Emphasize Tall Ceilings

Farmhouse entryway

ANDY STAR Matte Black Circle Mirror for Entryway, Living Room Wall Decor

If you’re working with high ceilings in your entryway—lucky you!—be sure to highlight them with a light fixture that draws your eye up, like this geometric piece. Designer Michelle Lisac balanced the luxuriously wide space with a heavy console and tall greenery to make the most of the entryway, which has a farmhouse-meets-California-cool vibe. 

Balance Practicality With Style

Farmhouse entryway

This Marie Flanigan design is not only farmhouse style, it’s an actual farmhouse. The mudroom is the first thing you see when you walk in, providing a space to shed outerwear, and next to it is a powder bath that has a dog bath and boot washing station. Beautiful and practical.

Add an Over-sized Wood-Framed Mirror

Farmhouse entryway

Everyone needs that final hair, lipstick, and “did I miss any buttons?” check before heading out the door, and this oversized round mirror in an KT2 Design Group house is the perfect match for a farmhouse entryway. The wooden frame complements the console, which complements the stair rail which complements the farmhouse vibe.

Make Good Use of White Paint

Farmhouse entryway

Sometimes there’s no room for an elaborate chair/console/mirror entryway set up. In that case, a simple Edison bulb and row of handy hooks will do, just like at Lilla Norr, a sweet A-frame cabin that’s available to rent. In a tight area, paint floor-to-ceiling in a wash of white to create an illusion of more space. 

Try Peg Rail Wainscotting as a Storage Solution

Farmhouse entryway

Erin Francois of Francois et Moi’s home has a typical 1930-ers layout. You enter the back hall at ground level and can either go down into the basement or turn the corner and head up to the two floors above. That means a lot of stairs and not much room for the important entryway goods: coats, boots, umbrellas. So, she installed a peg rail wainscoting and a shallow shelf, both of which give her newfound storage options.

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Go for the Classic Ship lap

Farmhouse entryway

There’s a reason Chip and Joanna love shiplap so much. It’s crisp, clean, and is a classic (yet always fresh) take on the farmhouse style. You can never go wrong with shiplap, and Kimberly Neu knows that.

She paired her farmhouse entryway with botanical art, a bench her husband made, and simple hooks that hold all your necessities, from sun hats to farmer’s market totes.

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Go Grand

Farmhouse entryway

This mantle is fit for a French chateau—or a farmhouse-style entryway. KT2 Design Group paired the ornate mantle with a grand mirror and touches of teal, from the textiles to the artwork for an entryway to remember. Still, it’s practical, with spots to take off your shoes and baskets to stash winter scarves. (Or birch branches, up to you.) 

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Upcycle Furniture

Farmhouse entryway

Provincial Farm Touch’s entryway features an unexpected yet perfect match for a bench: a church pew. It makes for a brilliant place to sit and throw down your bags, and almost as importantly, it’s quite the conversation starter. Scour antique stores and estate sales for something similar to fit in your farmhouse-style entryway.

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Turn to True Farmhouse

Farmhouse entryway

No better place to look for farmhouse décor inspiration than an actual farmhouse. Dan and Carla Lee are restoring a 1911-built farmhouse in Indiana back to its original glory, and that includes this fun yet functional entryway. Wouldn’t you love to walk into your home to this view? We would.

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Stock Up on Storage Solutions

Farmhouse entryway

Hooks and baskets: an entryway’s best friends. That’s how designer Michelle Lisac kept this entryway organized and simple—just the necessary space to take your shoes off and hang up your coat—and jazzed it up with patterned tile to give it a farmhouse nod.

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Go All Wood, Everywhere

Farmhouse entryway

A non-traditional Marie Flanigan-designed garage apartment deserves a non-traditional entryway, like this wood-clad one. You enter the space through this gardening room, filled with tools and food storage, then the stairway leading up to the rest of the space is outfitted with shiplap with vintage botanical artwork. Cute dog optional, but encouraged.

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Repurpose a Closet

Farmhouse entryway

Hannah Joyce is to credit for this brilliant idea: remodel an entryway closet to make a full-on farmhouse entryway space, with a spot to store boots, a bench to sit, and plenty of hooks and hanging storage. Simply take off the doors, paint the interior a bright white and get styling. You won’t even miss the closet space—promise.

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Save Space With a Built-In Bench

Farmhouse entryway

A built-in storage bench is an unsung hero of entryways, providing both a place to sit and a spot to stash ice skates, winter gloves and other seasonal musts. What a cozy spot to kick off your shoes each night. 

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Create a Makeshift Entryway

Farmhouse entryway

If your home lacks a formal entryway, make the most of any transition space. Designer Michelle Lisac did just that in this landing space at the bottom of a staircase, where a slim bench allows for a spot to slip on or throw off shoes while running from activity to activity. The various wood tones and array of pillows gives the entire space a down-home farmhouse look that we love.

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Use the Best Materials

Farmhouse entryway

The newly opened Bovina Farm & Fermentory reminds us how sweetly simple a farmhouse entryway can be, with just the necessities made out of the finest materials. Plus, is there anything more farmhouse than a slamming screen door? We’ll wait.

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Mix ‘n’ Match Styles

Farmhouse entryway

Townley Terrace, a renovation project of a 1820-built home in Kent, oh-so brilliantly compliments a pared-back farmhouse entryway with modern art, an unexpected pairing that works.

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