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Article: 20 Design Ideas to Make Your Entryway's First Impression a Good One

20 Design Ideas to Make Your Entryway's First Impression a Good One

20 Design Ideas to Make Your Entryway's First Impression a Good One

Studio McGee-designed entryway

If an entryway is a home's first impression, it should get its fair amount of consideration. Whether yours is getting lost in coats and umbrellas or currently feels bare—the home equivalent of never introducing yourself at a party—there are plenty of ways to dress up the space with style.

Storage is a key component of decorating your entryway, so it's important to think about which items tend to land here in your home. In order to nail a great first impression from the moment your guests walk through the door, take a cue from your own personal style and blend it with furnishings and accessories.

To get started, browse design ideas like half-wall entryways, minimalist and maximalist décor, and inspiration from popular designers like MOON MIRROR and more.

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Make Space to Spare


If you have a dedicated entryway in your home, why not use that extra room to its full potential? Take this example from Studio McGee: It shows a wide-set console with two storage bins, a lamp, a vase, and accessories underneath a large mirror. Since all of the items fall within the same color palette, the aesthetic looks intentional and welcoming. When you have the space, make sure to find furnishings that fill it proportionally—these larger pieces appear balanced given the size of the area, but the main console's open front keeps it from looking too heavy.

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Be Airy and Bright


If you like a minimal aesthetic, this option is right up your alley with a continuous color pallete. An entryway serves a utilitarian purpose as a dedicated place to take off shoes and outerwear. This minimalist approach from Katie Martinez Design shows the beauty in a well-designed bench, which can be all you need to define an entryway.Matching sconces provide light, and a basket serves as storage for miscellaneous items while décor connects the bench to the light fixtures and rug.

For more storage, consider placing short and rectangular baskets under the bench in your entryway.

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Meet Function With Style

ANDY STAR Modern Pill-shaped Matte Black Wall Mirror

There's a nice balance between style and function in this space by Willam Hunter Collective and Emily Henderson, which pairs a small console table with an umbrella stand, mirror, and small bowl—all practical pieces for an entryway. Thanks to the plants, stack of books, and framed image, this area is filled with warmth while keeping things functional. Items complement the surrounding textures and colors, which helps this entryway fit in with the rest of the home's design.

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Look to the Floor


Sometimes the biggest statement in an entryway isn't about the furniture at all. In this space by Ashley Montgomery Design, a textured tile floor along the hallway adds dynamic interest while matching dominant colors to the room's trim. The olive green accent color bounces throughout the room, from a throw pillow on the entry chair to palm leaves in the artwork and green cabinetry that extends the space. A warm wood console table creates an abundance of storage, matched with small items like clay pots and woven bowls for keys.

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Try Small Space Solutions


You're short on space, but not on style: For those of us with small or non-existent entryways, it's still possible to create an area that acts as a landing zone in your home. In this space from Lindsey Brooke Design, a blank wall is given purpose with the help of a textured stool, a stack of books, a plant, and matching artwork. This is a great solution for anyone with a half-wall separating your front door from the rest of your living space. If you need more storage, place a basket under the stool and a floating shelf on the wall for keys and other small items.

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Get the Laid-Back Approach

If you consider yourself to be more laid-back than traditional, this entryway from Ashley Montgomery Design is a great fit. It makes use of a long wall with an equally-long console table, and maximizes storage with matching stools underneath. Take stock of the materials you'd like to use in your entryway and pay attention to texture: A patterned rug, linen seating, polished wood table, and leafy accents all add dynamic interest to this fresh, clean design.

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Double Up on Décor

More is more: In this entryway by Pure Salt Interiors, the creative use of matching mirrors and baskets creates an element of symmetry while bouncing light throughout the space. A clear vase decorated with beaded necklaces and lush leaves adds a personal flair of texture, and a simple bowl makes space for keys. The mirrors make the space feel even larger by reflecting shiplap walls, minimalist artwork, and the backside of the vase all while keeping to the color scheme.

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Go Big on Lighting


For a bold statement that doesn't require much décor, opt for a large pendant chandelier that commands attention from the first step inside. Here, a woven light fixture hangs in layered sections to create dynamic visual weight. Matched with a tall indoor tree, black door frame, and marbled floors, this entryway feels sleek and modern—and natural elements like the Southwestern-inspired rug and floor basket bring warmth to the overall design.

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Indulge Your Artsy Side


Let the artist inside you shine through: In this entryway by Brexton Cole Interiors, modern wallpaper transcends a traditional home for a flair of style. Since the hallway is narrow, a minimal entry table topped with marble creates space for small items while adding a bit of texture. A modern pendant light carries the style up to the ceiling, and a simple black and white rug mirrors the colors of the wall.

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Mix and Match Styles


In this entryway by Ashley Montgomery Design, modern accents blend with traditional and rustic furniture pieces. This space doesn't sacrifice an inch of function, with plenty of drawers in the entry table for hideaway items and a matching wall rack to hang coats, towels, and other essentials. A farmhouse chair is staged alongside the table for seating to take off shoes, while the color scheme carries throughout the design with reddish-brown feathers in a ceramic vase to complement darker wood tones.

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Display Your Favorites


If you have a collection of treasured items, what better place than the entryway to put them on display? In this collaboration between designer Reena Sotropa and the Property Brothers, a colorful arrangement of hats brings multiple uniform shapes to the space, while smaller accents like a white hand décor piece, small planter, and a bowl for keys top the console table. With plenty of storage, the table features a shelf and two cabinet doors for storing those essentials that you don't necessarily want to display.

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Focus on the Architecture


If you're lucky enough to have unique architecture like this in your home, highlight it with details in the entryway. In this space, designer Rikki Snyder exaggerates the shapes of the ceiling beams with a bold black entry table. Designed with matching table lamps, a stack of books, and décor with plenty of personality, this room blends color schemes in style. The use of two identical lamps creates symmetry in the space, which leads the eye upward toward the beams.

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Opt for Built-Ins


This entryway by House Sprucing is as beautiful as it is functional. If you're willing to start a project, building in cabinetry in the entryway can create an excellent opportunity for style and storage alike.Wainscotting along the interior wall adds plenty of texture with golden wall hooks above for hanging purses and clothing, while a long bench makes the perfect place to sit down and take your shoes off to get cozy at home.

For a uniform look, paint your drawers, shelving, and trim the same color as the cabinetry walls.

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Utilize Wall Space

If you're working with an especially-narrow entryway, use your wall space to your advantage. In this entry by Home by Polly, plenty of small accents decorate various levels of the walls to exaggerate height in a space with minimal width. Wall-mounted hanging planters, small artwork, a full-length mirror, and a wall shelf are layered along different tiers. The addition of the wall shelf adds space for small items, while a half-split paint design brings color and vibrance to the space.

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Make a Minimalist Statement


In another great example of the power of flooring, this minimalist design by Cathie Hong Interiors doesn't rely on décor to make a statement. Hexagon-tiled contrast floors bring an abundance of pattern to the entryway, styled with only a small floor vase and thin branches. By installing the contrasted flooring side by side, each step into the home is transformed into a new style that effortlessly blends together.

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Choose Your Theme


Who said maximalist color can't be minimal? In this beachy space by D Burns Interiors, green and pink hues contrast each other for a warm vibe with big impact. The staircase leads up from the landing with a wood railing to match the flooring, which rests perfectly underneath a bright white rug with large patterns of leaves. A simple floor vase lends greenery to complement the cactus artwork, which is styled with a boho woven chair to tie the space together.

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Be Natural


Natural textures and white walls were made for each other (we're sure of it). Pure Salt Interiors highlighted the warm wood tones of this entryway by extending them on the bench, which serves as a surface for three natural linen throw pillows lightly resting and fluffed in a uniform fashion. A large indoor tree brings life and color to the space with vibrant leaves, planted in a woven basket to stay true to the room's neutral warmth.

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Embrace Maximalism


If you can't vibe with the sleek modern designs of many designers, head in the opposite direction by incorporating maximalism into your style. This entryway by M.Lavender Interiors has it all: Checkered tile floors, vintage upholstered seating, polished table décor, and a statement mirror. When you're working with maximalism, be sure to choose a color scheme to stay within—plenty of different colors can work well together, but stray from tones that clash when styled in the same space.

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Decide on Accent Colors

Accent colors can make a major difference in the feel of a space.House Sprucing chose soft clay-colored wood and minimal black décor to bring life to the simple, sleek space. Matching sconces on either side of the round mirror bring symmetry to the textured wall, and paired with black hardware and a moder-industrial pendant light, the darker finishes of the room don't take away from its bright design.

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Stick to Tradition


For a more traditionalist design, stick to the classics: A patterned woven rug brings plenty of warmth to this space, while a simple bench adds seating. By keeping the colors simple and pairing neutral walls with a matching throw pillow, this space feels like home with its inviting nature. Black handrails winding along the staircase accent the dark bench for a modern approach to traditional favorites.

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