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Article: 20 Kids' Bathroom Ideas They'll Never Grow Out Of

20 Kids' Bathroom Ideas They'll Never Grow Out Of

20 Kids' Bathroom Ideas They'll Never Grow Out Of

When you have kids, the bathroom situation usually goes one of two ways. The first is having one bathroom you share as a family, working as a communal catchall. It houses everything you need to get ready in the morning and anything the kiddos could want for bath time. The problem with this is kid-friendly-slash-adult-inhabited spaces are often set up to get the job done, even if they're not much to look at.

On the other hand, scenario B might go a little something like this: you have separate spaces, and you avoid the kids' bathroom at all costs. It doesn't match your aesthetic, and you refuse to invest in it because it's likely they'll outgrow that character shower curtain they just had to have in a week.

Though they have a more difficult time pinpointing it, children have a design style, too. And while it may seem like they're okay with a boring bathroom, there's nothing like an eye-catching wallpaper or colorful bathmat to get them excited to brush their teeth at night.

Ahead, these 20 kids bathroom ideas will inspire you to create a space that both you and your little ones will love for years to come. 

Retro Powder Room

powder room ideas

When it comes to creating a space that reflects both yours and your kids' taste, opt for retro designs. Timeless color schemes and patterns never truly go out of style, and thanks to their colorful tones and geometric shapes, they remain age appropriate for every member of your household.

Baby Blue Bathroom

kids bathroom ideas

The color of this baby blue tile is sure to be soothing to your little one, and the perfect shade to create your dream at-home spa. The marble bath and gold accents are just the place to retreat to once you've finally put the kids to bed.

A Lavatory to Love

kids bathroom ideas

Whether you realize it or not, kids spaces have tons of potential to be surprisingly chic and trendy. The lip-print wallpaper, paired with marble countertops and gold accents on the sink, mirror and sconces are all elements we'd love in our bathroom—and we're nowhere near preschool age.

Green Getaway

kids bathroom ideas

The best part about designing a kids' bathroom is you can never go too far with the color choice—just be sure to be strategic in your placement. Especially polarizing shades look best in places like a statement wall or on vanities. For example, even a slime green shade looks surprisingly sophisticated in this space.

A Bright Bathroom That's Anything But Boring

white bathroom ideas

We're just going to come out and say it: overstimulation happens. When younger children are bombarded with too many visuals, it can be overwhelming for them. This bright white bathroom lets in plenty of sunlight—which is important for little ones—and acts as a blank canvas for their growing imaginations. Plus, it's most likely right on brand for the rest of your home.

Vibrant Lavatory

kids bathroom ideas

Our favorite way to keep up with our kids' evolving styles is to make minimal changes as they grow out of their younger design tastes. To create a bathroom space that matures with your little ones, work with a blank canvas and change tiny but impactful design elements every year or so.

Whimsical Water Closet

kids bathroom ideas

Here's a space you can finally tap into your playful side—don't let it go to waste. We love how this gender-neutral bathroom displays a whimsical take on interior design. The colorful gallery wall, the painted ceiling, the neon toothpaste tubes, and printed chair all work together to unite this kid-friendly yet adult-appropriate space.


The Artsy Loo

kids bathroom ideas

Don't be afraid to decorate your bathroom in kiddie-friendly designs, as you can always strike a mature balance with modern accents. The round mirror, penny tile, and industrial sconce add a grown-up flair to this whimsical space.


Nautical Wash Room

powder room decor ideas

This nautical-themed wash room will fit right in with any coastal-themed home. The lifesaver-inspired mirrors, pedestal sink and bright white subway tile come together to create the bathroom of your child's maritime dreams. 

A Powder Pink Powder Room

powder room decor ideas

If this isn't a bathroom for your teenager to lust over, we don't know what is. It's possible you have a kids' bathroom that's already light pink, but if not, a rosy shade is just a paint can away. The addition of fancy gold sconces and framed art transform a basic pink powder room into a the coolest space in your house.

A Lavatory With Lots To Say

round bathroom mirror ideas

We're obsessed with this "no diving" message written in tile on the floor of this swimming-themed bathroom. The best part is it's totally customizable, so you can get creative with any message you tile onto your own bathroom floor.


The Two-Toned Latrine

powder room ideas

With a rainbow of colors to work with, it can be difficult rein in your perfect color scheme. Try working with just two colors and weaving them throughout your design from the shower curtain to your towels, bath mat and stools for a cohesive look.

Wallpapered Washroom

powder room ideas

You can never go wrong with a bold wallpaper in your kids' washroom. A print that incorporates multiple colors and geometric shapes, like this kaleidoscope-looking design, is just what you need to step up your washroom game.

 A Washing Station With a Statement Hue

bathroom ideas

Sometimes all it takes is a statement color to transform your boring bathroom. Swap out your window dressings and towels for a simple upgrade.

 Minimal Decor Washroom

washroom ideas

If you're sharing your washroom with your kids, you might not be willing to fully sacrifice your minimal design sense right now. A couple of bath mats in bright colors make your sophisticated bathroom pop just the right amount.


A Perfectly Lit Loo

bathroom ideas

Even as full-blown adults, we want a neon light as cool as this one. Install a statement pendant ion your kids' bathroom that has tons of personality and is sure to brighten up their days for years to come.

Monochromatic Commode

bathroom idea

While we love incorporating a variety of colors on the spectrum, working with a single hue almost always have a much bigger visual impact. This all-blue-bathroom is sure to be the backdrop to your little one's childhood memories.

A Potty With a Pop of Color

bathroom decor ideas

On first glance, this bathroom can come off as being pretty simple, but it's the creative details that do it for us. The teal robe on these twin mirrors to match the teal grout on the shower's subway tile are enough to make us wish we were in middle school again.

Coastal Water Closet

bathroom idea

We don't know which element of this coastal bathroom design will catch your child's eye firs. If it's not that red-orange lobster-print wallpaper, it's sure to be the rope-embellished mirror or the fish-shaped stool. Either way, these elements all come together to create a space adults can appreciate just as much.

Pattern-Playing Potty

bathroom ideas

There's nothing more childlike—and surprisingly on trend—than mixing patterns. This bathroom gets creative by installing a playful wallpaper on the ceiling.

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