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Article: 20 Pink Bathrooms That Feel Anything But Dated

20 Pink Bathrooms That Feel Anything But Dated

20 Pink Bathrooms That Feel Anything But Dated

pink bathroom

It takes a special kind of person to make a bathroom pink, and those who do venture into pink bathroom territory emerge with spaces that can only be described as impressively lovely. Some use paint and tiles to coat their walls in pink. Others take advantage of the wonders of wallpaper, adding texture and color to their bathrooms in equal measure. And some creatives use lightbulbs to establish a rosy ambiance.

"Consider subtle pink details in a bathroom through fresh-cut blush blooms or a pink veined white marble countertop," says interior designer Jenn Pablo. "Thoughtful details can go a long way.”

These design decisions vary in their commitment to the color pink, but all achieve the same aim: to transform an oft-neglected space into something truly special—to make every corner of the house somewhere worth spending time.

Read on for 20 inspiring bathrooms that make great use of the color pink.

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Try a Textured Backdrop

bathroom with pink wallpaper

Subtle wallpaper can be a great way to introduce color and texture to a space without overwhelming it. Here, a pink cross-hatched pattern echoes a woven lighting fixture, making the room feel brighter, prettier, and more dynamic.

Add Hints of Warmth

pink bathroom

Some shades of pink are so light they’re almost white. These aren’t the bold, rich pinks that transport you the moment you see them. But they’re lovely, and they offer a subtler way to transform a space. "A subtle and soft pink with some warmth in it for walls can be both calming and serene for a bathroom," Pablo says. "I use Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground alongside a warm white trimming which really elevates the room."

Incorporate a Blush Rug

bathroom with pink carpet

Want to transform your bathroom without committing to new tiles, paint, or wallpaper? A statement rug can do exactly that, allowing you to reinvent your bathroom without a renovation.

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Add Bold Wallpaper

pink bathroom

If you want a bathroom that’s eye-catching and bold, wallpaper can be a great way of getting there. And don’t be afraid to play with a print that’s particularly daring—you can always take the wallpaper down if you decide you don’t like it. 

Consider Color Cabinets

pink bathroom


Painting your walls is a classic way to add color to a space. But what if you inverted that idea and painted your cabinets, instead? They’re just as much of a focal point as your walls are. Plus, the counterintuitive approach will surely earn you some compliments.

Add a Vibrant Bath Mat

pink bathroom

In a monochromatic space, a vibrant rug can make a big difference—even if it’s tiny. So inject a little color into your space by adding some plush texture to your floors. Your toes and eyes will thank you.

Use Vivid Tile

pink bathroom

If you’re committed to crafting a truly bold, truly special pink bathroom, go all-in on pink tile. Yes, renovations can be expensive and time-consuming. But if you know you want a daring pink bathroom, a vibrant pink shower is the most effective (and impressive) way of making that happen.

Try a Muted Runner

pink bathroom

Minimalism and color don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Light pink accents—like runners and lighting fixtures—can warm up your space without ruining your muted aesthetic. And the great thing about runners is: They’re temporary. If one doesn’t fit into your color scheme quite the way you imagined it would, you can always swap it out with another.

Add in Floral Prints

pink bathroom

Solid colors are one way of curating a pink bathroom, but they’re certainly not the only way. Floral wallpaper can achieve the same aim, while adding a little visual texture to your space—leaving it feeling pink, but not only pink.

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Swap Your Light Bulbs

pink bathroom

If you want to take the pink bathroom idea for a test run, consider swapping your light bulbs out with rosier options. They’ll lend your bathroom a little ambiance without requiring you to do much work—or spend much money. And they’ll still leave your bathroom feeling decidedly (though perhaps subtly) pink.

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Add a Touch of Texture

pink bathroom

No bathroom is complete without a bath mat, so why not invest in one that’s pretty? Light pink rugs, in particular, can add vibrance to a room without throwing off an existing color scheme. Consider light pink a slightly more vivid neutral, and use it accordingly.

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Layer Color

pink bathroom

There are tons of beautiful shades of pink, and there’s no real reason to limit yourself to just one. Consider combining tiles, works of art, and other accent pieces to create a truly dynamic array of colors from within the same family.

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Use Pink Sparingly

pink bathroom

A bathroom doesn’t have to be entirely pink to be considered “pink” by those who see it. Plenty of prints feature pink heavily without making it the only thing on offer, allowing you to curate a space that’s vibrant but not necessarily loud.

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Consider Pink as a Neutral

pink bathroom

We tend to think of pink as being a bright, vivid color. But it can be incredibly grounding when paired with earthier shades, like brown. Investing in pieces that pair these colors can keep a space feeling both cozy and light—a particularly great combination for a bathroom.

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Paint Your Door

pink bathroom

Doors can make great accent pieces—whether they’re on the outside or inside of a house. If you can’t conveniently paint your bathroom walls or cabinets pink, consider rendering your bathroom door in the shade. It’ll set the scene in a bold, fun, and genuinely surprising way.

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Choose a Soft Shade

pink bathroom

Many bathrooms feature a dynamic range of colors, including brown, beiges, grays, and more. Pink can make a vibrant addition to these spaces. Or it can make a softer one, adding another layer to a beautifully balanced palette.

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Try a Two-Toned Wall

pink bathroom

The simplest way to do a pink bathroom is, of course, to paint your bathroom pink. It’s a little more time-consuming than buying a rug but way less effort-intensive than a renovation. And you’ll have total control over how it turns out. (If you decide you want a two-tone pink wall, for example, you’ll get to make sure it looks exactly the way you want.)

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Add Pops of Blush

pink bathroom

Pink can be a prominent color in your space without being the only color in your space. Here, blush serves as a complement to darker shades, like emerald green and black. Even just in pops of color, pink feels like a worthwhile addition to the room.

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Play With Color Combinations

pink bathroom

Don’t be afraid to play with counterintuitive color combinations. You’re already starting in a pretty bold place—why let the experimentation stop there? Daring pairs, like rich reds and baby pinks, can sound awful in theory and look absolutely delightful in practice.

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Go Multicolor

pink bathroom

Many pink prints feature arrays of other colors, like sky blues and light lavenders. These multicolor takes allow you to craft a lovely pink bathroom without taking the cue too literally.

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