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Article: 21 Scandinavian-Style Bathrooms Minimalists Will Love

21 Scandinavian-Style Bathrooms Minimalists Will Love

21 Scandinavian-Style Bathrooms Minimalists Will Love

White and wood bathroom

Slipping into the tub or brushing your teeth calls for a serene environment. No matter how you spend your time in the bathroom, each time you set foot in there, the words relaxing and calming should come to mind. Arguably, the simplest way to make sure that happens is relying on Scandi-inspired design.

Our friends up north know what they're doing when it comes to spaces that feel mindful, and while you might think there's not much you can do with shades of white and wood, these examples will show just how much versatility Scandinavian-inspired bathrooms can bring.

01 Keep It Clean and Simplified
oval mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror interior design modern bathroom design

ANDY STAR Egg-shaped Oval Bathroom Mirror

Wood cabinetry, matte iron pulls, and white walls make this space a top-notch example of Scandi-style. It exemplifies what this style does best: minimalism that never goes anywhere near the word "boring."

02 Utilize the Powers of Asymmetry

White tile shower

The uneven finish of the tiles and the asymmetry of the ladder gives this shower a hefty dose of Scandi charm. When it comes to decorating the perfect place for unwinding, intentional "imperfections" are much more inviting than crisp, clean lines—and it still looks immaculate.

03 Experiment With Bold Color

Blue vanity in bathroom

ANDY STAR Modern Matte Black Circle Bathroom Mirror

Why yes, color does belong in a Scandinavian bathroom, and no, it won't change the theme you're after. A burst of navy blue, such as seen here, is sure to make a statement, but it won't transform your minimalist powder room into a maximalist one. If anything, it just adds a very unique touch.

04 Bring on the Black, White, and Baskets

Black and white bathroom

ANDY STAR Matte Black Arched Bathroom Double Vanity Mirror  

To remove any inkling of black and white feeling sterile, bring in warm textures, which can take the form of things like baskets or towels. You'll still have that undeniably sleek appeal, but you won't charter into cold, unwelcoming bathroom territory.

05 Insert a Slice of Gray

Gray bathroom

To stretch the boundaries and go beyond monochrome, you can bank on gray to make all the difference. It's not too flashy and it provides the eye with just the right amount of visual contrast.

06 Embellish With Green

Green tile bathroom

ANDY STAR Modern Bathroom Brass Gold Mirror Decor Ideas

Behold another essay on why green should most definitely be part of your bathroom. Muted shades of green act like neutrals and pair beautifully with the rest of the quiet colors and textures in your Scandinavian-style space.

07 Sage Your Space

Green shower tile

Adding a little bit of color won't hinder a Scandi-style bathroom, as proven by this stunning shower. Selecting a tranquil palette that'll whisk you away to a more peaceful state of mind is key in any bathroom—no matter the style.

08 Embrace the Foraged Look

White and wood bathroom

ANDY STAR Modern Bathroom Rectangular Mirror Ideas

The white and wood are certainly indicators of Scandi-style, but what takes the spotlight in this bathroom is the vase of branches. Raw, natural materials that look as if they were foraged from a Nordic forest belong on display in the center of your bathroom—and are never a bad idea.

09 Emulate Scandi Farmhouse

Green bathtub in a bathroom

You can almost smell the forest and misty mornings just looking at this light-filled bathroom. For an even warmer feeling, opt for items that are reminiscent of an old farmhouse. You'll want to spend all your hours in the tub after decorating like this.

10 Pare Down With Wall-Mounted Features

Pale colored bathroom

ANDY STAR Modern Bathroom Silver Circle Mirror

Simplicity is no doubt a tenet of Scandinavian style, so if you're busy researching the best hardware, appliances, and accessories, keep the idea of "floating" furniture in mind. This keeps things off the floor and gives a sense of clean minimalism.

11 Splash in Some Black

Gray and white bathroom

ANDY STAR Modern Matte Black Bathroom Mirror

Perk up a stark white bathroom with the boldest contrast in the book: black. You don't need to completely adorn your space with equal amounts of the dark shade, just add in enough to really outline the space and create a few focal points.

12 Don't Underestimate the Power of Beige

Neutral bathroom

One look at this bathroom and you'll never yawn at beige again. This under-appreciated hue is tranquil and sophisticated—and also happens to be an ideal addition to a hygge-friendly bathroom. Mix it with black and white and you'll have a space that is timeless.

13 Opt for the Most Classic Combo

Black and white bathroom

ANDY STAR Modern Bathroom Rectangular Mirror 

What's black and white and chic all over? A Scandinavian-style bathroom, of course. With hexagonal penny tile and matte finishes, creating a space like this means you'll feel supremely on top of your design game every time you spend time in your bathroom.

14 When in Doubt, Grab a Stool

Wooden stool outside of bathroom

You'll find that many Scandi-approved bathrooms feature some variation of a rustic wooden stool or chair. While there may not be an exact science behind it, it's certainly a guaranteed way to make you feel like you can kick your feet up and relax—whether or not it's for utility or display.

15 Try a Touch of Gold

Brass shower bathroom

To add a little variation to that snow-white bathroom, why not throw in some metallic? They're ever-classic, elegant, and perfect for elevating your space without taking a major refresh into consideration.

16 Hold Onto Clean Lines

Light colored bathroom

ANDY STAR Modern Bathroom Mirror Decor Ideas

With the colors down pat, this space fully feels Scandi-inspired thanks to its sharp lines and sleek finishes. The rectangular cabinets, statement mirror, and geometric side table are sophisticated and worthy of a self-care night. *Insert dramatic swoon.*

17 Meld in the Marble

ANDY STAR Modern Brass Gold Bathroom Mirror

The perfect contrast and added depth in an all-white bathroom can be found here: black marble flooring. It gives the space an edge that fits remarkably well into a room that is still comforting and inviting.

18 Test the Waters With Turquoise

Teal tile bathroom

ANDY STAR Modern Brass Gold Oval Bathroom Mirror 

Not everyone with an affinity for Scandi-style wants a bathroom doused in nothing more than snowy whites and warn grieges. You can guarantee that a bold splash of teal will spice up your space but in no way infringe upon its minimalist roots.

19 Go Full Blown Hygge

White Scandi bathroom

You can't consider a Scandinavian-worthy space without at least thinking of hygge. The cozy, warm philosophy, which is most usually applied to bedrooms and living rooms, completely deserves a space in your bathroom. Who wouldn't want to feel their utmost comfiest while soaking in the tub?

20 Warm It Up With Wood

White and wood bathroom

The wood touches mixed with pampas grass and other natural textures from the lamp feel both Scandinavian and slightly modern-bohemian. It's a gorgeous blend that also shows off just how malleable this style is to work with—even in a bathroom.

21 Stick With the Classics

ANDY STAR Modern Matte Black Rectangular Bathroom Mirror

Even if you're feeling devoid of inspiration, ogling over a space like this is sure to cure your designer's block. Putting your faith in a classic color palette will always pay off, especially when you're styling with a Scandinavian mindset. This bathroom is proof you won't be disappointed.

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