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Article: 27 Unique Bathroom Sink Ideas That Are So Fresh and Clean

27 Unique Bathroom Sink Ideas That Are So Fresh and Clean

27 Unique Bathroom Sink Ideas That Are So Fresh and Clean

Modern bathroom with cream and peach accents

Never underestimate the transformative power of unique bathroom sinks. While we strongly believe interesting tiles, unexpected hardware, and chic shower stalls will elevate any bathroom, there's nothing quite like the wow factor a trendy washbasin and vanity brings. And while installing a new sink can require some serious (and costly) renovations, it's still a cheaper option than a total overhaul, and it really turns up the style dial. 

Opting for little fixes and low-maintenance upgrades can make a bathroom appear hip yet timeless (which means you can put off any large-scale renovations). So if you're looking to give your washroom a modern overhaul, scroll through our roundup of 27 statement sinks that will give your bathroom the royal flush. 

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Take Traditional up a Notch

Modern take on a classic bathroom with antique wood vanity, white sink, and brass accents.

Here's a clever and approachable take on the aspirational glamor of traditional design. This bathroom makes a strong case for mixing unexpected combinations fusing classic looks with a modern twist. We love the way this round porcelain sink protrudes from the traditional wood dresser, accessorized with gold décor and a modern light fixture.

Give It an Edge

Clean and industrial modern bathroom with concrete vanity

Floating concrete is the coolest kid on the block. If you want to achieve a cosmopolitan edge, here's your inspiration. The matte black details and sharp edges continue the edgy vibe, while bright white tile and a woven basket keep it feeling light. 

Keep It Minimal

Minimal, chic bathroom with a floating stone vanity, round mirror, and wood stool

If you want a bathroom that feels elevated and chic (but also feels like it belongs in an actual home), take notes from this elevated and minimal washroom. The polished stone sink gives it a formal feel while a textured wall and wood stool add warmth back in.

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Marbleize It

Fresh, modern bathroom with repeating marble

Nothing is sleeker than marble on marble. This room feels clean and pristine, as any bathroom should. The repeated marble from the sink to the shower to the floor gives this room a luxurious feel while the light wood vanity and simplistic decor bring it back down to earth.

Mix Materials

Contemporary bathroom with marble and chrome vanity

Pay close attention to the details when picking out finishes. For example, we notice the faucet here is polished chrome, which matches the chrome vanity legs and sconces. This isn't necessarily a combination you'd expect when paired with the classic marble vanity top and rustic leather wall detailing. The takeaway? Play with unexpected combinations to get a beautiful and unique outcome.

Break the Color Mold

Ditch the white sink and opt for something more out of the box, like these peach vessel sinks. The wood vanity here plays off of the peach sinks, while the rest of the room is colored in shades of beige for a peaches 'n' cream effect that is simply stunning. Matte black finishes give this room a graphic pop for extra chicness.

Glam It Up

Bold bathroom with bright wallpaper, mint vanity, and metallic sink


For those of you who prefer a little more sparkle, you might consider a metallic sink. A metal sink like this is durable and attention-grabbing. It can be the dash of personality your boring bathroom needs or the finishing touch that puts an already bold room over the top, like in this tiny powder room with major drama.

If you're having trouble committing to a statement sink, you can look to light fixtures, accessories, and decor for a little extra bling.

Hint at a Theme

Modern, nautical bathroom with luxury touches

Perhaps it's the blue-and-white color scheme that makes us want to go sailing, or the rope-wrapped mirror. Whatever it is, we're into this bathroom with just the right touch of nautical style. Don't be afraid to inject your space with a subtle theme—just try not to go overboard.

Double Up

Chic double vanity with navy cabinets and stone top

Who doesn't love a double vanity? Practical and pretty, this modern take on the double-wide uses perfect symmetry to achieve a high-end feel. Black and gold finishes and an extra large round mirror take this space from grand to truly luxe.

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Go Black

Chic mostly black bathroom

This sleek black bathroom sets the scene for a cosmopolitan atmosphere. With the elegant monochrome vanity, inky black walls, and fancy gold details, this would be an impressive guest bathroom.

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Remember the Power of Paint

Modern bathroom with French country vibes

This vanity stopped us in our tracks—between the curvy lines, pastel paint, and simple hardware, it's a totally unique take on the dresser-turned-vanity trend. The way it pairs with rustic and organic touches throughout the room is giving us French countryside vibes, and we're here for it.

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Step Away From Symmetry

Modern bathroom with offset blue tiles and stone floating vanity


Maybe you're someone who likes a little funk in their design—if so, take inspiration from this one-of-a-kind bathroom. The bright blue asymmetrical tile behind the mirror draws your eye first, followed by the chunky floating vanity. The unexpected combination is what makes it so brilliant and aesthetically pleasing.

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Emphasize Industrial Elements

Industrial bathroom in black and gray


The designer behind this moody bathroom took cues from the exposed plumbing and sharp lines of the wall-mounted sink and carried the look throughout the rest of the space. The result? An industrial-chic space with just the right touch of grunge.

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Rewind Time

Elegant bathroom with wainscoting and a brass console sink

Console sinks have been around nearly as long as plumbing itself, and there's a reason they're still popular today—just take a look at this stunning powder room for proof. This bathroom builds on the vintage feel of the console sink with traditional beadboard, wallpaper, and shiny brass accents. A round mirror adds just the right modern touch.

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Get Really Rustic

Rustic bathroom with antique trough sink, weather doors, and graphic tile

This bathroom really caught our eye—the antique trough sink is unlike anything we've seen before, accented by unique custom plumbing and set off against a bold graphic tile. The crystal light fixture and distressed doors echo the idea that this room is from another time that we'd be delighted to visit.

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Channel Island Vibes

Beachy bathroom in mint hues with wood accents

Who wouldn't want these serene, feel-good vibes at home? If we could jump through the screen right now, we'd happily take a nice long soak in this bathroom. With the cheerful mint walls, island-inspired fixtures, and touches of wood, it's like being on a permanent holiday.

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Stack Whites

Modern powder room with blue graphic tiles and white on white sink

ANDY STAR Modern Matte Black Rectangular Bathroom Mirror

Sometimes you just don't want to draw attention to your vanity. A white sink on a white countertop is the perfect clean base to let an eye-catching graphic tile wall take center stage. Leather and woven accents plus a playful print keep this space casual and refreshingly fun.

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Run With Retro

Mid-Century forward bathroom with dresser vanity, hex mirrors, and graphic tile

You don't have to rewind time completely to get inspired—this retro-chich bathroom takes cues from Mid-Century Modern design. A vintage dresser-turned-vanity, graphic tile, and overall clean lines contribute to the Mid-Century factor, while hex mirrors, industrial-style lights, and fresh white walls and sinks bring this room back into this century for a timeless blend.

Upcycling a dresser into a bathroom vanity is a great way to save money and keep it out of the landfill, not to mention the extra storage you'll gain.

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Think Pink

Girls bathroom with blush vanity, gold accents, and patterned wallpaper

This girl's bathroom proves that pink is just as capable of chicness as the next color. This vanity setup pairs sleek stone, subway tile, and delicate wallpaper with a blush vanity and gold accents for a look that's right out of a storybook. The vintage rug really puts this space over the top with charm.

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Warm up With Wood

Bright bathroom with a chunky wood vanity

Infuse your space with warmth in the form of a wood vanity. We're floored by how this chunky wood cabinet adds immediate character to this otherwise sterile space, striking the perfect balance between modern and rustic vibes.

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Be Whimsical

A modern, colorful, artsy bathroom

Now here's a wall-mounted sink we can get behind—it reminds us of those in art studios and farmhouse-style classrooms. This kid-friendly bathroom is insanely chic with a grown-up twist. We love the gold accents and double faucets, but what really blows us away is the colorful and artsy geometric tile. Flawless.

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Tuck It in the Corner

Dark bathroom with a wall-mounted corner sink

Sometimes you just don't have space for a big sink and vanity, and that's okay—enter the corner sink. We love how this wall-mounted sink makes the most of a small space while dark paneling keeps it cozy and a large mirror reflects light to brighten it all up.

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Put It on a Pedestal

Bold powder room with graphic wallpaper, brass accents, and pedestal sink

Never underestimate the power of a pedestal sink. They may be common, but there's a reason for that—they save on space and budget while being incredibly durable. This playful bathroom is proof that the humble pedestal can be both chic and practical. Swap out the builder-grade faucet for something a little more personal and you're in business.

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Go Au Natural

Plywood clad bathroom with blush and gold accents

The designer of this modular bathroom had a point to prove—with the right treatment, plywood can look just as high-end as any other material. Paired with a vessel sink, blush tiles, and terrazzo floor, this plywood-clad bathroom is a modern dream.

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Take in the Falls

Elegant bathroom with black stone waterfall vanity

Take in the view of the falls—waterfall counters, that is. Nothing exudes luxury quite so much as a waterfall countertop, especially when it's made of stone. Paired with fish scale tiles and gold and black accents, this bathroom feels straight out of a luxury hotel.

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Get Back to Basins

Modern white basin vanity

The vessel basin sink can be one of those polarizing design choices—you either love them or hate them. But we're loving the dimension it adds to this modern bathroom, where the designer wisely chose to keep it classic with sleek white porcelain and satin nickel finishes. A bold, graphic wallpaper modernizes the space for a balanced feel.

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Reclaim Materials

Modern vanity with round basin sink and reclaimed wood countertop

ANDY STAR Modern Matte Black Pill-shaped Bathroom Mirror 

Think outside the box when it comes to materials for your vanity. Reclaimed products like wood and concrete make great (and usually cheap) materials for a DIY vanity. This weathered wood counter is the perfect base for a chic and sleek vessel sink and herringbone tile wall, adding just the right touch of rustic.

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