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Article: Luxurious Bathroom Chandeliers Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

Luxurious Bathroom Chandeliers Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

Luxurious Bathroom Chandeliers Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

bathroom with decorative chandelier

When it comes to designing a bathroom that doubles as a sanctuary from your daily routine, there are plenty of ways to transform the space into your own personal escape: Collect candles and incense if you love aromatherapy, hang soothing artwork and paint the walls to your liking, or stock up on your favorite bath and wellness products. If you have a taste for the finer things in life, the one piece your at-home spa may be missing is a chandelier. The extravagant light fixture will completely transform your washroom into a luxurious retreat fit for royalty (aka you).

Take a look at these 12 bathroom chandeliers to inspire your next home improvement project.

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Vintage Brass

bathroom chandelier

This bright white bathroom features a classic chandelier to complete the clean look. Though already brimming with natural light, the space is elevated with this elegant light fixture that plays well with the contemporary, fresh design of the rest of the bathroom. It would be all too easy to forget about the rest of the world while gazing at the dreamy print hanging on the wall in the glow of the overhead lighting.

Glass Orb

bathroom decor

For a modern twist on a classic look, take a page from this bathroom and go for an updated hanging light pendant. The iridescent, purple-hued chandelier fits right in with the unique design of this contemporary bathroom. Also, the way the honeycomb tiles beneath the tub taper off into hardwood flooring is stunning.

Matte Black

bathroom decor ideas

Match your bathroom light fixture with your accent color of choice. Here, a black chandelier plays up the black interior french doors and a chic black-and-white bathtub. The contrast between black-and-white design elements works beautifully with the patterned floor tile and pop of color from the potted plant.

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Touch of Floral


A traditional chandelier hangs above the tub in this rustic bathroom accented with a wooden window frame and side table. The bronze light fixture fits well with the brown and cream colors of the intricate floor tile. Along with a statement chandelier, flowers are the perfect accessory for any washroom. They keep the space looking and smelling fresh.

Modern Starburst


This modern chandelier completely transforms this otherwise simple bathroom. Its bold design makes the space come to life, and the gold material perfectly matches the faucet on the claw-foot tub. Just imagine drawing yourself a bath beneath this gorgeous light fixture after a long day.

Hammered Gold

bathroom decorations

A chandelier in a location where it doesn't hang above a bathtub. If you have a walk-in shower, add a dose of glamour with a light fixture hung above the sink. Here, matching bronze accent pieces work together to add something extra to the white bathroom. Get the look by hanging a mirror and pendant made of similar materials across from each other.

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Translucent Pendant


A clear light fixture is just the thing for this moody blue bathroom. Because the walls are already bursting with color, a clear glass chandelier is a divine way to add another décor element without overpowering the room with too many different colors and textures.

Feathery Gold

bathroom design

This ornate gold chandelier plays off of each subtle gold element in the bathroom, allowing all of the separate parts to appear unified and cohesive. The bold, wallpapered ceiling looks elegant and understated above this delicate chandelier.

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Cloudy Orb

bathroom ideas

Aside from the absolutely unreal view offered by this floor-to-ceiling window, the modern hanging pendant adds a simple element of design to the chic and understated bathroom. What more decoration do you really need when you can see the entire city from the comfort of your bathtub?

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Hanging Lantern

bath ideas

This Moroccan-inspired bathroom is full of personality. The blue double doors and intricate wall tiles would transport anyone to a dreamy destination spa. The chandelier only adds to the luxurious retreat fit for a vacation.

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Bright Beauty

lighting fixtures

Go bold with a colorful, modern, iridescent pink light fixture. Although this bathroom already features lavish black-and-gold wallpaper, the funky chandelier adds character and a seriously cool vibe. You could just lose yourself in the enchanting colors and patterns.

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Rustic Crystal


Finally, a classic crystal chandelier adds a splash of elegance to this bathroom with an unfinished wood-beamed ceiling. The juxtaposition of the raw wood with the charming crystal works to balance the space in a way that's both rustic and chic.

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