Why Round Mirrors are On Trend

There is one decor trick that never fails to make a room feel bigger. No matter how small or dark, it can transform any room into an airy and bright space: mirrors. Specifically, large round mirrors. Yes, we’re having a round-mirror moment, and as far as we’re concerned, bigger is better.

Large round mirrors can be a statement piece in every room in the house, adding a stunning chic factor to entryways, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms alike. The circular shape takes the mirror from functional to decorative, with a host of frame options, from sleek and chic to vintage and brassy. Mirror, mirror on the wall, which of these 27 rooms is the grandest of them all? Keep scrolling to find out.

Make a Good First Impressioncircle mirror round mirror wall mirror ANDY STAR Modern Circle Mirror 

A large entryway mirror sets the tone for a chic, minimalistic home. With a gorgeous gold border, this round mirror is love at first sight for guests as they arrive. The drama of the mirror balances out simple, tasteful styling with a throw and a little greenery for good measure. 


Fill in the Blankscircle mirror round mirror wall mirror living room mirror

ANDY STAR Modern Circle Mirror 

Sometimes a blank space of wall just needs a little something and you can't quite put your finger on it—enter the round mirror. The large gold mirror in this living room helps contrast the bold graphic patterns and complements the round coffee table. It also gives your eye a place to land visually and, as a bonus, reflects light to brighten the room.


Complete Your Consoleentrance wall decor wall mirror circle mirror round mirror

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Frame Wall Mirror 

Around here, we are suckers for camel sofas, brass accents, and warm wood finishes, so consider us head over heels for this happy, bright living room. The brass-framed round mirror on the entry wall pops off the white walls for a scene-stealing burst of warmth and shine.

Let the Light In
bedroom mirror wall mirror circle mirror round mirror

ANDY STAR Modern Circle Wall Mirror 

The soft white curtains in this dreamy bedroom diffuse harsh sunlight and the mirror reflects that for an ethereal glow. Meanwhile, the aged copper frame and exposed hardware add an industrial touch to the otherwise airy and feminine space.


Use As Artworkwall mirror bedroom mirror circle mirror round mirror

ANDY STAR Bohemian Circle Wall Mirror

In this living room, a large round mirror proves that size does indeed matter: The large scale of the mirror means it instantly doubles the size of the space with its reflection and acts as wall decor. The round shape holds its own among diverse, well-balanced design elements throughout the room, including a sculptural chair, a minimal marble table, and a hot pink moment.


Anchor Between Sconcesbathroom mirror wall mirror circle mirror round mirror

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Circle Wall Mirror 

Nothing sets the stage and frames a mirror quite as well as a pair of sconces flanked on either side. In this mid-century styled bathroom, the light fixtures provide extra light for the vanity and create a total mirror moment.


Balance Out Decorround mirror wall mirror circle mirror

ANDY STAR Fireplace Wall Decor Circle Mirror 

The layers of texture and warmth in this light and airy living room have us California dreaming. To balance out all the textural elements between the woven chairs and coffee table, cushy throw pillows, earthy plants, and stone fireplace, this space calls for a simple yet elegant treatment over the fireplace in the form of a gorgeous round mirror.


Embrace Black and White

bathroom mirror round mirror circle mirror wall mirror

ANDY STAR Modern Bathroom Wall Mirror 

A big mirror completes a bold bathroom design, building on the high contrast between blck and white. A sharp vanity, vertical sconces, and geometric terrariums are rounded out by the perfect circle on the wall.


Jazz up a Dresser

circle mirror round mirror

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Wall Mirror

A round mirror is the perfect starting point to get your bedroom in shape. We love the way the colorful art is reflected in the mirror in this Manhattan bedroom by ASH NYC, creating a sharp, modern feel and turning the dresser space into a complete vignette.

Hang a large round mirror just a few inches above a dresser for maximum impact.




Check Before You Gocircle mirror round mirror wall mirror


ANDY STAR Modern Minimalist Entryway Wall Mirror 

Everyone needs a mirror near the front door for a last-minute check before dashing out. In this elegant entryway, the simplistic mirror is perfectly positioned to be an easy checkpoint and sets the stage for a dramatic floral arrangement.

Double Down
round mirror wall mirror circle mirror bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Double Vanity Bathroom Circle Mirror

Two giant mirrors are definitely better than one when it comes to this vintage-inspired bathroom vanity at London’s Chiltern Firehouse hotel. The big personality of vintage décor pairs excellently with the even bigger presence of these large round mirrors.


Think Outside the Circleround mirror circle mirror wall mirror

ANDY STAR Glass Frame Mirror

Who said circles have to be symmetrical? This funky round mirror adds just the right touch of whimsy to an otherwise sleek, modern entryway. The chunky wood frame echoes the rich wood door while the mirror itself reflects extra light and acts as a perfect checkpoint before stepping out.



Make It Pop With a Moody Backdropbathroom mirror wall mirror circle mirror round mirror


ANDY STAR Modern Brass Frame Mirror 

We're loving the dark and moody green tile treatment in this dramatic bathroom. What we love even more is the way it plays off the massive mirror with its intense color contrast and subtle reflective qualities for a jaw-dropping effect. The mirror perfectly fills the wall and adds a dose of brightness to the room.


Style It With Carecircle mirror round mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Antique Glass Frame Mirror 

A giant mirror makes a great complement to this primary bedroom credenza. The lines of the sleek modern lighting and colorful floral arrangement captured in the round mirror’s reflection create stunning geometry—a testament to the fact that styling your mirror thoughtfully can elevate it to another level.


Primary Bedroomcircle mirror wall mirror round mirror

ANDY STAR Bohemian Bedroom Wall Decorative Circle Mirror 

The term “Primary Bedroom” is now widely used to describe the largest bedroom in the home, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term “Master.” Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.


Dress It Up With Plantscircle mirror wall mirror round mirror

ANDY STAR Modern Entryway Wall Silver Circle Mirror

We'd be hard-pressed to think of a space that doesn't benefit from the addition of a plant or two, and mirror moments are no exception. This streamlined sideboard nearly blends into the wall, allowing the decor and mirror to really sing. The vine-wrapped pipe above is the perfect touch to top it all off and frame the vignette.


Pair It With Graphicscircle mirror round mirror bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Glass Frame Bathroom Circle Mirror

The bold, graphic wallpaper is the real star of the show in this charmingly wild nursery. The matte black frame and clean lines of the mirror allow it to hold its own without competing with the eye-catching wallpaper—proof that XL round mirrors can fill a supporting role when they must.


Lose the Framecircle mirror wall mirror dining room mirror

ANDY STAR Modern Circle Mirror 

If you're having a hard time picking a frame color, why not lose the frame altogether? In this chic dining room, the frameless mirror blends seamlessly with the wall for a sleek look that doesn't compete with the gold light fixture or reflected black banister.


Emphasize Clean Linescircle mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror

ANDY STAR Brass Gold Frame Wall Mirror 

This super clean and classic space is further proof that round mirrors are right at home in bathrooms. The oversized circle helps break up the excess of straight lines and coordinates well with the light fixture globes.


Raise It Up Highcircle mirror round mirror

ANDY STAR Modern Circle Mirror 

The soaring ceilings in this fresh Miami-chic living room could've posed a real challenge for a lesser designer, but Key Biscayne's Maite Granda embraced them. A floor-to-ceiling wallpaper panel, towering tropical tree, and, of course, a massive mirror fill the space perfectly and accent the height beautifully.



Spruce up Your Barcircle mirror round mirror wall mirror


ANDY STAR Modern Circle Mirror 

This is the kind of home bar that dreams are made of. The black mirror adds just the right touch of glam and sparkle to the colorful setup and, dare we say, serves as the perfect backdrop to an Insta cheers moment.


Get Fancy With Itround mirror wall mirror circle mirror

ANDY STAR Antique Glass Frame Mirror 

The etched pattern and mercury glass of this eye-catching mantle mirror refuse to take a backseat to the stunning mosaic tile below. Paired together, they ensure the fireplace is the focal point in this modern farmhouse living room.

Show off your personality with a mirror that speaks to you. Keep it simple and streamlined if it suits you, or get funky with a chunky, decorative frame.



Soften an Industrial Spacecircle mirror round mirror wall mirror


ANDY STAR Modern Industrial Bathroom Circle Mirror 

Set against an industrial backdrop, a round mirror softens the aesthetic of this minimal bathroom. We love the purposefully subtle play of the large-scale round mirror off the small round brass studs in the wall and the repetition of black fixtures throughout the space.


Give Your Guests a Viewcircle mirror round mirror wall mirror

ANDY STAR Glass Frame Entryway Wall Decorative Circle Mirror

Providing your guests a mirror in their room is always a good idea—and this calming guestroom view is all the proof we need. Pure Salt Interiors expertly paired the matte black frame and simple styling with warm colors and woven textures throughout the space in this Southern California home.


Mix Modern and Traditionalround mirror wall mirror circle mirror

ANDY STAR Bohemian Bedroom Wall Decorative Circle Mirror 

This bathroom is positively chic thanks to the circular shape of the mirror framed with diagonal lines created by bright modern lights. Traditional elements like paneling and stone are modernized by the round lines of the mirror and a color palette in shades of cream so the space feels light, flirty, and fresh. 


Bring in Vintage Flairround mirror circle mirror wall mirror


ANDY STAR Entryway Wall Decorative Mirror 

We're always talking about the magic of blending the old with the new.. The beach house experts at LA's White Sands have mastered the technique with this gorgeous vignette—the modern mirror's brassy hue and clean lines contrast the weathered teal finish and decorative carvings of the vintage table perfectly.

Go Bold or Go Homewall mirror bathroom mirror circle mirror round mirror

ANDY STAR Silver Frame Circle Bathroom Mirror

This tiny powder room packs a powerful punch with major personality, and we're here for it. A round mirror reflects the hypnotizing wallpaper for a fun-house-like effect, while the creamy mint vanity and paneling provide much-needed relief for the eyes. Weird and wonderful seems an apt way to describe this stunning space.

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