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Article: 20 Breathtaking Front Entryways to Welcome Guests in Style

20 Breathtaking Front Entryways to Welcome Guests in Style

20 Breathtaking Front Entryways to Welcome Guests in Style


Is there anything more inspiring to your inner designer than falling in love with a space the minute you walk in the door? The front entryway is the first place that greets your guests when they step inside, so you'll want to ensure it makes a good first impression. Depending on the rest of your home décor and personal style, you can design a beautiful foyer that exudes a sense of your personality and the atmosphere you want to foster in your home.

Large mirrors, plants, console tables, artwork, rugs, and pendant lighting are a few key elements to consider when selecting decor for beautiful entryways. Lead guests into your home with a colorful runner, make a statement with a jaw-dropping piece of artwork, or stay organized with a console topped with decorative (and functional) trays.

Get inspired with 20 breathtaking front entryways that range from the minimal and understated to the luxe and highly-designed.

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Double up With Mirrors


A pair of hanging wall mirrors with leather straps is the focal point of this stunning entryway. With a sense of depth in the already-beautiful design, these mirrors complete the space featuring a modern console table, a traditional rug, a pendant light, and small potted plant. By painting the trim the same color as the walls, the space is filled with texture without feeling too busy.

Go Natural


There's nothing like warm, earthy vibes to make a house feel like home. Keep things natural like Cathie Hong Interiors did in this entryway, blending soft white walls with a large mirror and textured wooden tones. A large dragon tree serves as the focal point in this beautifully-styled foyer, growing upward and drawing attention to the custom wood ceiling.

Highlight Simple Details


You don't need wall-to-wall décor to make a statement. This minimalist front entryway is chic and rustic, thanks to a simple cowhide rug, dark hardwood floors, and architectural details. A clay-colored door adds a pop of color to the room while bringing out its natural accents.

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Use Traditional Style


This entryway by Calimia Home is the perfect intersection between traditional design and modern, airy vibes. With a classic rug and wall-mounted sconces highlighting photographs, wood accents bring a natural warmth to the room's white walls. Plus, who wouldn't want to curl up on that woven bench with their favorite book?

Paint Your Ceiling


With such breathtaking design, this entryway doesn't need much else to make a statement. The gold ceiling paint and intricate overhead light fixtures are enough to catch anyone's attention—and it's a simple look to bring to your own home. Choose a color (or stay bold with gold) for the ceiling that contrasts doors, trim, or other decorative accents for a finish that's certain to wow your guests.

Get Contemporary Glam


This larger-than-life foyer is contemporary with a touch of glamour. An ochre bench creates a cozy feel, while a disco ball-like chandelier takes center stage. The addition of a patterned rug in this space brings personality to the design while rounding out the trim color.

Choose Wallpapers


If you like playful colors, patterns, and textures, take note of this modern foyer complete with bright pink accents. The wallpaper creates interest while gold accent pieces tie it all together. Natural, dark wood grains contrast the pop of color, while softer hues blend the room together in the wallpaper.

When working with maximalist design, pick a few complementary colors to focus on like the blue, pink, and brown tones that tie this entryway together.

Find Eye-Catching Details


With Mediterranean architectural elements, this foyer looks like a dreamy vacation escape. Even if you don't have these stunning doors and archways, you can get the look with a festive, colorful rug and wood-stained trim. If you're looking for more texture in your space, try dressing up your entryway with natural wood furniture or wall décor.

Get Simple and Southwestern


If your space is limited, it doesn't take much to make a statement. In this entryway by Blue Copper Design, a Southwestern vibe blends with patterns built into the walls. Adding a small indoor bench, cowhide throw, and floor plant brings a simple-but-clean feeling to the space without sacrificing walking room.

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Go Boho


A colorful rug and patterned pillows are giving off serious bohemian vibes in this space. With floor-to-ceiling windows and white paneled walls, what else could you need? Matching the door's hardware to the foyer's window trim ties this look together.

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Get Creative With Lighting


Pendant lights, sconces, and even unique floor lamps can change the feeling of a small room. The right lighting can dress up a classic entryway. In this space, metal lamps frame a twisted railing that leads guests to the staircase while adding an interesting visual element as they walk in the door. Pendant lights, sconces, and even unique floor lamps can change the feeling of a small room.

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Be Light and Airy


This easy-breezy entryway starts with a casual rug that leads towards a natural wood chair. Calimia Home styled this space to combine a bright feel with a touch of Spanish style. With a black hanging pendant and matching window frames, the room is decidedly modern, but still feels relaxed and inviting.

Choose curtains that reach the floor to maximize visual height, hanging the rods close to the ceiling.

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Show Off Your Plants


When your house is filled with lush, green plants, why not show off your favorites to guests right at the door? In this space, a winding tree is paired with a simple cabinet and natural accents. Thin tables and chests of drawers make great storage solutions as you enter the home, and placing a bowl on the surface helps keep keys and other small necessities organized in style.

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Embrace the Rustic

Walking into this entryway is like being transported to a chic cabin in the woods. Exposed wood-beam ceilings, a rustic bench, and stacked logs add to its cozy feel. Painting the stairs, walls, and ceilings in the same shade of white creates a uniform look that makes natural wood grains stand out.
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Lengthen With Runners


If you're working with a narrow front entryway, you can always incorporate a stylish runner rug to add a pop of color and style to a space. This foyer feels like it goes on for miles as a blue traditional rug leads into a long hallway. Choosing blue as the focal color in the rug softens up the room's warmer wood tones.

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Use Antique Aesthetics


As you walk through this front door, you're met with an immediate view of a towering staircase. Traditional decor pieces like an antique console and a rustic chair sit comfortably across from the stairs beneath a classical work of art (and space for your best four-legged friend to greet you, of course). Gold accents in this entryway's lighting hardware match the painting's frame to create visual depth as you continue down the hall.

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Play With Patterns


In this space, patterns are everything. Because the colors of the entryway are simple leading into the living area, marble checkered floors don't stand out too much—but they make a statement against black, white, and gold accents. If you're not afraid of going bold, using patterns in your flooring can have an impact from first glance.

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Stay Simple and Chic


An understated California-cool look, this front entryway has just the right amount of design to make a statement. Aside from the intricate wooden door, a contemporary gold chandelier draws the eye upward and a curved bench fits perfectly nestled against the rounded wall. Greenery and a modern, geometric pendant light add a touch of contemporary flair to this style.

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Make Space for Seating


Your entryway may not be as elaborate as this stunning space, but we can all take a cue from its design. For larger spaces that feel too open for minimal decorations, create a seating area to welcome your guests. Even a few cozy chairs or wide bench seating along the wall can make a difference (and make space for hanging coats, changing shoes, or storing purses and other commonly used items).

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Style Your Storage


Storage can be stylish, and this design is here to prove it. By pairing patterned floors with floor-to-ceiling cabinets, this entryway has plenty of room as a landing area for bags, shoes, towels, coats, and more. Soft green tones in the cabinetry paint dim down the maximalist tile, while natural tones in decorations bring warmth to the space.

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