The Supreme Guide to Mirror Cleaning: Master the Art of Sparkle & Shine

Mirrors provide both function and aesthetic benefits. Small spaces become wide open spaces with the proper placement. Mirrors refract light bringing natural light into any home or office. Beautiful mirrors create the feel of elegance and relaxation. In addition, we rely on mirrors daily from the moment we wake up till our bedtime routine.

But nothing can ruin a room like a dirty or tarnished mirror. With our steps to caring for and cleaning, your mirror can continue to bring beauty to your space for a long time.

Bathroom Mirror Care

The bathroom is filled with steam, humidity, and moisture. While a hot shower or steamy bath can warm you in the chilly winter weather, it can also wreak havoc on your creatively designed mirrors.

Along with the damp environment, your efforts to keep the mirrors clean can also cause issue. Stay away from tarnish and black spots with these simple steps:

1. Don’t get the mirrors wet. Avoid damage from direct water contact and keep your mirrors dry all the time.

Remember to leave a few inches between the bottom of the mirror and the back-splash or counter to avoid water damage. 

mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror

Use glass-walled shower dividers or close the curtain (if you don’t have a shower enclosure) to keep water away.bathroom mirror wall mirror rectangle mirror wall decor mirror

2. The safest cleaner for a mirror is clean, warm water applied with a soft cloth. Be careful not to allow the edges of the mirror to remain wet over a period of time. Do not use any acidic or alkali cleaners or cleaners with heavy ammonia bases. They can attack the surface and edges as well as the backing of the mirror. 

3. Never spray any cleaner directly on to a mirror. Instead, apply the cleaner to a soft cloth and then wipe the mirror. This will also prevent “puddling” at the mirror edge where the cleaner could attack the backing.

mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror clean

4. Always use soft, grit-free cloths when cleaning a mirror to reduce chances of scratching the surface.

clean a mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror

5. Be sure to dry all joints and edges thoroughly to be certain no cleaner comes in contact with the edge and backing.

mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror round mirror

Living Room& Entryway Mirror Care

While a living room typically doesn’t have the moisture issues a bathroom has, you still need to care for your mirrors.

How can you make the most out of your custom living room mirrors? Keep these creative pieces of glass clean and:

1. Avoid smoking. Smoke can dull and damage mirrors. Never smoke in or around the area.

2. Clean often the right way. Like with other rooms, spray cleaner on a soft towel and wipe down the mirrors carefully.

3. If you have children or pets, avoid high-energy, high-contact activity near the mirrors or install them higher up in the living room space. This can reduce the risk of breakage or other damage.


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