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Article: 5 Ways to Use Mirrors to Make Your Space Look Bigger

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5 Ways to Use Mirrors to Make Your Space Look Bigger

Mirrors can transform a room, boosting the feeling of space and adding a cool flash of glamour.

Mirrors are standbys in bathrooms and bedrooms, and they’re often found over the fireplace, but their role in a home can be far greater and more dramatic than that. Though essential for checking your appearance, they can also radically boost the sense of space in a room. Used creatively, mirrors can create fascinating optical illusions, seeming to expand a cramped nook or endow an already generous space with the ultimate wow factor.

wall mirror

1. Prop and go. A huge free-standing mirror propped against a wall will brilliantly boost the sense of space in a room. Plus, you can reposition it to refresh the look and take it with you if you move. Placing some furniture in front softens any glare and adds to the reflection interest.


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2. Fill the alcoves. Mirror tiles fitted into the alcoves on either side of this fireplace give a compact living space a gloss of elegance and a roomier feel. A further genius touch is the symmetrical arrangement of the seating, so that it’s perfectly aligned to create long reflections in each alcove. These mirror tiles have a soft, roundfinish, providing a gentler, warmer feel than a single piece of super-shiny mirrored glass.


dining room mirror wall mirror

3. Reach to the top.This narrow living room has a oil-painting mirror stretching high above the bed. It gives the room a feeling of depth without disturbing the warm, cozy feel with too many sparkly surfaces.

hallway decor wall mirror mirror hallway ideas narrow hallway ideas entrance way ideas

4. Boost a hallway. Add depth and brightness to a hallway by attaching a gold fram mirror on one wall. Halls often feel gloomy or cramped, but a simple round mirror will bounce the light around and brighten the space.


bathroom ideas master bathroom ideas bathroom design bathrooms bathroom mirror wall mirror minimalist mirror

5. Enlarge even the smallest room. Prevent a petite powder room from feeling too pint-sized by installing mirrors on one wall. The mute black frame mirror used here turns the mirrors into a modern and chic feature rather than a purely practical one.

Tell us: Have you used mirrors to increase the sense of space in your home? Tell us about it in the Comments.

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