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Article: The Key Ingredient Your Entry May Be Missing

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The Key Ingredient Your Entry May Be Missing

The right mirror can reflect light, expand your space, bring in style and give you a chance for a last face check.

If you feel as though your front entry is missing something, there’s a design move that could fix it right up. The right mirror can bounce light around, serve as an art-like piece, make the space feel larger and give you a chance to check your teeth before you venture out into the world.

There are so many designers embracing this move with mirrors in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Could one of them work in your entry?

bathroom mirror wall mirror

1. Gilded. In this traditional home, a gilded antique French mirror sets the tone and foreshadows the style that awaits in the rest of the rooms. The scale of this mirror stands up to the home’s high ceilings.

mirror wall mirror hallway entry mirror

A wall-hung shelf saves floor space in this vestibule and reinforces the presence of the beautiful gold-framed mirror.


mirror wall mirror

2. Rectangular. A handsome rectangular mirror complements the rustic finish on this entry’s storage console.

3. Round. Within this Atlanta loft’s open floor plan, a round mirror over a console creates an entry area. Its gold frame picks up the gold in the staircase railing.

mirror hallway decor wall mirror

4. Venetian. The ornate look of a Venetian-style mirror can add a lot of style to an entry. And, as this photo shows, if you don’t have room for a console with a mirror over it in your entry, you can use just a mirror right next to the front door.

mirror wall mirror oil-painting mirror
5. Artistic. A mirror with Monet's Water Lilies frame plays a great role on hallway decoration, providing a romantic and artistic sense. 


mirror big mirror full-length mirror

6. Big. Large-scale mirrors can trick the eye into seeing a more open, expanded room. They also help lighten up a darker area. This mirror, flanked by sconces for another layer of light, is grounded by a handy bench for pulling off or putting on shoes.

What’s your entry situation? Do you have a mirror in it or are you craving one? Not sure of the style or size you need? Let’s figure it out in the Comments.

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