Organic Shaped Asymmetrical Irregular Wall Mirror - Aesthetic Decor Bathroom Mirrors | Stainless Steel Framed

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Our organic shaped mirror is a standout piece that adds visual interest to any large space. Its curved shape gracefully frames corners or large bedrooms and entryways. Made of stainless steel, this versatile mirror looks like it naturally grew out of the wall of your home. The dewy finish, achieved through special mixtures, adds to its organic appeal.

Premium Quality Material

Add a unique touch to your space with our ANDY STAR organic shaped irregular wall mirror. Made from premium SUS304 stainless steel, 9mm thick TSCA certified anti-corrosion MDF, and 4mm no-distortion HD floating glass, this mirror is built to last. Its dewy finish and exceptional materials give it a weight of 15.32LBS, making it stand out in large spaces and beautifully curve around corners or frame bedrooms and entryways. Don't settle for lesser quality mirrors - upgrade to the ANDY STAR.

Natural Aesthetic Design

Our Organic Shaped Mirror is a stunning and unique piece that brings a touch of organic beauty and flow to any space. The irregular shaped frame is made of metal and exudes a sense of natural movement. Hang it on any wall to create a stunning focal point.

Easy installation& Safe packing

The large irregular mirror comes with four pre-installed reinforced D-ring hanging clips that are sturdy enough to handle the mirror both horizontal or vertical. Every nickel mirror is carefully packed with a PE bag, polyfoam, and master box to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

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