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Article: 25 White Tile Bathroom Ideas That Are Far From Boring

25 White Tile Bathroom Ideas That Are Far From Boring

25 White Tile Bathroom Ideas That Are Far From Boring

Tidy, trendy, and totally in vogue, white bathrooms check all the boxes. No matter the styles, colors, or textures you crave, white tiles provide the perfect canvas. Layer a vibrant Persian rug over petite hexagon tiles for a boho vibe or simplify the space with matte black fixtures and minimal décor. You can arrange classic subway tiles in a playful pattern like herringbone or alternate them with additional colors like gray or sage to create a design that's truly one-of-a-kind.

There are a number of ways to style your white tile bathroom, and the list below touches on some of our favorites.

1. Use White Grout for a Seamless Look

bathroom design idea

Don't spend all your time and attention on the tile. The right color grout will add to your aesthetic or distract from it. Choose a pale grout color to create a minimal, sleek design.

2. Limit Yourself to Black and White

black white bathroom design

You can't go wrong with this classic pairing. Black-and-white bathrooms are simple, sophisticated, and easy to style. Select plain or understated white tiles and matte black fixtures and decor.

3. Work in Some Vintage Accents

modern bathroom idea

White tiles create a perfect canvas for any design preference. If you love antiques and heirlooms, add them to your bathroom for a little vintage flair.

4. Add Dimension With a Bold Wallpaper

bathroom wall paper ideas

Smaller bathrooms can look flat and plain with white alone. For a dash of depth and drama, try a printed wallpaper. This is one tip that's sure to transport your tiny bathroom from drab to fab.

5. Use White as a Border

bathroom design ideas

For those who prefer bolder shades, make white tiles the border for your vibrant design. This inviting bathroom  gives deep teal tiles a polished finish using slender white tiles around the edge.

6. Consider a Dotted Design

minimalist bathroom ideas

Squares and rectangles are common tile shapes, but they're certainly not the only option. Use hexagon tiles or petite penny rounds to create an eye-catching design—don't be afraid to step a little outside the box.

7. Create a Custom Look

bathroom mirror ideas

White tiles offer us permission to pursue our own creative endeavors. Beyond the choice of color and shape, you can also arrange your bathroom tiles to fashion a look that suits your unique style.


8. Pick a Playful Pattern

bathroom idea

If you're not a fan of the traditional off-set pattern for subway tiles, adopt a new arrangement. This sleek and simple bathroom, for instance, uses a basket weave variation with long, slender tiles arranged in stacks of three.

9. Mix in a Little Marble

white bathroom ideas

All white tile offers a minimal, clean aesthetic, but if you're craving some subtle variation, marble is the way to go. With fine strokes of gray, you'll elevate the design from basic to beautiful.

10. Mix and Match

bathroom ideas

Can't settle on a tile? Pick both. Try a marble slab for your vanity backsplash, petite penny rounds for your flooring, and a classic subway tile for the shower. Because if there's any color that leaves room for multiple prints, patterns, and such, it's white.

11. Keep it Neutral

modern bathroom design

To keep your white bathroom from looking too cold and sterile, add some warmer elements like light woods and houseplants. The neutral elements offer some balance to achieve a more inviting design.

12. Throw in a Fun Focal Point

modern bathroom ideas

As with paint, use tile to express your personality. With white as the backdrop, you can create a striking piece of art in your bathroom, like this one. Play with shapes, colors, and arrangements until you find a look you love.

13. Marry White with Navy

white and navy bathroom design

If you love the classic black and white look but want something a little softer for your bathroom, try navy. While navy is a brighter choice than black, it works well as an alternate neutral, adding a hint of visual interest without overpowering the room.


14. Have Some Fun with Herringbone

minimalist bathroom ideas

You can't go wrong with a simple stacked, off-set arrangement for your tiles. However, the herringbone pattern has an upscale vibe for folks who want to "ooh" and "aah" every time they enter the room.

15. Go Easy on the Decor

modern bathroom ideas

No one likes a cluttered counter, especially not in the bathroom. However, the right décor can invite you to relax and unwind. Be intentional with each piece you select.

16. Select Square Tiles

modern bathroom ideas

White square tiles provide another subtle twist on a fan favorite. Choose tiles with a gloss finish to create a luxurious look and feel.

17. Turn Up the Tiles

white bathroom design

Looking for an elegant approach to average white tiles? Turn them. A simple tweak like this defies expectations without overwhelming your petite bathroom.

18. Get Edgy with Dark Grout

bathroom design ideas

To really make your white tiles pop, surround them with dark grout. With this tip, the style of your walls will feel similar to a printed wallpaper or a painted mural.


19. Incorporate Shiplap minimalist bathroom design

Tile can be spendy, but shiplap can provide a similar textured surface for those who want an affordable alternative. Limit your tile placement to the areas that need it most, then use shiplap to continue the look elsewhere.


20. Let Your Design Shine

bathroom wall

Even adults can appreciate a little glitter here and there. This stunning bathroom features hints of gold and silver in the tilework and wallpaper. The large off-white tiles offer the perfect canvas for these little details to truly shine.

21. Consider a Colorful Rug

bathroom design ideas

A little pop of color goes a long way, and this exquisite design proves it. Use a bold patterned rug to balance your bright white tile and warm up the space.

22. Opt for a Raw Stone Look

bathroom design ideas

While glossy subway tiles and matte black fixtures are certainly trendy, they also aren't every homeowners cup of tea. For those in search of a more rough, natural look, a mosaic stone tile may better satisfy their taste.

23. Get Classy with Gray

bathroom ideas

If you love the marbled look, complete your bathroom design with alternating whites and grays. Mixed metal accents like silver, bronze, and even rose gold can elevate the look and add a touch of class.

24. Add a Fun Shower Curtain

minimalist bathroom ideas

Decorative accents like mirrors and plants stand out against white tile bathrooms. Instead of installing a glass shower door, save some money and have some fun with a printed shower curtain.

25. Alternate White with Color

modern bathroom ideas

Mix white tiles with an opposing color to create a unique pattern or even a message with tiny penny rounds. This bathroom takes an even simpler approach, alternating slender tiles in white and blue for a design resembling rain.

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