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Article: High-quality Mirrors Can be That Expensive? We Don’t Think So.

High-quality Mirrors Can be That Expensive? We Don’t Think So.

High-quality Mirrors Can be That Expensive? We Don’t Think So.

20-Year Experience on Mirror Manufacture and Marketing

We ran a small mirror factory since our grandparents. Our grandparents and their five children ran a mirror factory. After my grandpa retired, my father and uncles took charge of the factory. The whole family focus on the quality of each mirror and survived the tough financial crisis.We resist using high-quality materials and handcraft on our mirrors and provide meticulous mirrors to our dealers- some of them are interior designers and others are home furniture shop, they bought mirrors from us and sell that to their customers and clients.

wall mirror bathroom mirror

The Whole Collections of Our Mirrors 

All Started from a Renovation

One day, our grandpa decided to renovate the whole house, and to save time, he hired some people from the interior design studio to do the design and renovation job. When they finished the renovation work and provided us with a bills, we’re shocked to discover the ordinary metal mirror they used on the list is 5 times more expensive than we sell to our clients!

double vanity mirror ideas vanity mirror bathroom mirror mirror pivot mirror

ANDY STAR Double Vanity Pivot Mirror

We’re sure that the mirror on the wall was the mirror we manufactured. We purchased our own mirror in a 5 time higher price!

What Happened to the Price of the Mirrors?

The transaction dealer purchases the mirrors from us in a low price and sell that to customers in a high price to get many merits.

Meanwhile, to make the mirror known to more customers, they must spend a lot of money on propaganda. They made advertise, they renovate their stores, they hire salespeople.

Then, Who paid for the extra fee? The answer is the customers who purchase mirrors for the renovation of their home!

mirror wall mirror bathroom mirror

Save Money for People!

Have you ever wondered that mirror can be less expensive with the same high-quality? This is also our wish to let our cost-effective mirrors come into more and more ordinary families. We decided to sell directly to our customers.

We sell our mirrors first on Amazon and we have cultivated many customers who praise us for the quality and sleek outlook of the mirrors, it’s just as we wished.

The price of our mirrors are only 1/5 of the mirrors with the same quality, we let the quality do the talking rather than the expensive brands and propaganda.

What Makes a High-quality Mirror?

We have spent 20 years focusing on the quality of our mirrors, no one knows better about mirrors than us. We know the actual cost of the materials, the mirror glasses, the backboard, and frame. Furthermore, we know what makes a classic high-quality mirror. Let's take our classic rectangular mirror for instance: 

rectangular mirror metal mirror bathroom mirror wall mirror
rectangular mirror wall mirror mirror

ANDY STAR Matte Black Frame Rectangular Mirror

First, the high-silver content of our mirror class, we use multiple coats of protective paint on the back to air from the silver, which will make it tarnish.


Second, we use high-quality materials of the frame to enhance the life of the mirrors dramatically- every piece of our mirror hanging in your bathroom will last at least 10 years without rust, deform and tarnish if used properly.


Third, the thickness of our mirrors, all of our mirror glasses come in 1/12” thickness and thinner, making the reflection clearer and crystal.


Fourth, the package. All of our mirrors are delivered by our selected partners. Our expert packing and dropping tests are carried out to ensure at it’s the best your mirror arrives with you in perfect condition and is everything you would expect from us. Enjoy piece of mind with completely free delivery to the mainland US and no questions asked free returns / exchange.

We Cherish the Words from Our Customers

We believe there is always room for improvement. We rely on customers’ feedback, our teams’ ability, and instinct; we have come this far thanks to the people who have told us where we can improve. We reinvent ourselves and keep going. 

mirror wall mirror

Authentic Pictures from Our Customers

We hope that you enjoy our store and mirrors. Should you have anything to ask or suggest, please email us at or call us at 1(513)716-5579Please note that all of our staff will go to the warehouse to pack up and send out the mirrors in the afternoon, call us in the morning or after 9 p.m. and please be nice on the other side of the phone, no one want to start an angry morning or sleep angrily or sadly, right?  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

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