LED Moon Mirror - Aesthetic Mirror Decor with Lunar Illumination Moon Wall Lamp

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Product Specification

  • Brands: MOON MIRROR
  • Type: Led Moon Lamp
  • Shape: Circle/Round Mirror
  • Framed Material: Metal IronFramed
  • Backboard Material: 9mm TSCA-certified MDF Backboard
  • Mirror Material: 4mm HD GLASS
  • Frame Thickness: 2 inch
  • Mounted Way:  D-ring Wall Mounted
  • Size: 20 inch, 24 inch

Elevate your living space with our LED Moon Mirror, a harmonious fusion of a mirror and the enchanting glow of the moon. Crafted for those who appreciate aesthetics and seek versatility in their home decor, this mirror is a radiant addition to any room.

  • Aesthetic Brilliance: Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of a moonlit night with our LED Moon Mirror. Its soft lunar illumination creates a serene ambiance that transforms your space.

  • Versatile Living: Whether as a mesmerizing centerpiece, a nightlight, or a functional mirror, this product seamlessly integrates the moon's magic into your everyday life.

  • Early Learning Companion: Ideal for children's rooms, the gentle moonlight can comfort and accompany your little ones during bedtime, fostering a sense of security and wonder.

  • Perfect Gift: Searching for a unique and thoughtful gift? Look no further. Our LED Moon Mirror is a perfect choice for birthdays, housewarming, or special occasions.

  • Crystal Clear Reflection: Enjoy distortion-free, high-definition reflections with our premium mirror glass. It's like having a piece of the moon in your own space.

  • Easy Installation: Setting up your LED Moon Mirror is a breeze. Mount it on your wall or place it on a tabletop to instantly add a touch of celestial beauty to your surroundings.

Transform your living space into a realm of beauty, tranquility, and wonder with the LED Moon Mirror. Experience the magic of the moonlight every day and night. Order yours now and bask in the enchantment of the lunar world.

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Product Advisories:

  1. To prolong the product's lifespan, it is recommended to turn off the power supply every few hours to prevent overheating.
  2. To activate the moon image, simply plug in the power and press the switch button. Without activation, the mirror appears as an ordinary mirror to the naked eye.
  3. For optimal visual experience, switch to LED mode at night or install the mirror in a dark area, as the moon image may be less noticeable in bright light.
  4. Please note that there may be a slight difference in image display due to variations in ambient

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